Day: January 27, 2019

How to fill the strip foundation

So that the strip foundation is well taken, it is necessary to install formwork and additional reinforcement. The formwork is done to get the shape of the casting, protruding above the surface of the trench. Decking can be used to prevent trench walls from falling, strengthening them.

You can use your own (homemade or ready) or rent it. From the point of view of economy, it will be correct to make it with your own hands from any scrap materials available on any construction site – plywood, boards or metal tiles. To fasten the formwork panels, you can use screws or nails. The rule should be followed: the heads of the screws or nails should be located inside the formwork. This will help make the walls of the foundation structure as smooth as possible.

The formwork is installed before pouring so that its upper edge protrudes at least thirty centimeters above the surface of the trench. (more…)

Installation of electrical wiring in the house with their own hands

They are attached with screws or with the help of KNE-2/60, BMK-5 glue. The sockets are attached to the box with two screws, the switches are installed in the break of the phase cable, which ensures safety when replacing cartridges and lamps.

  Installation of electrical wiring in the house with their own hands

Hidden sockets and switches are mounted in plastic or metal box type KP-1,2, U-196.

When buying, read the certificates of conformity. Boxes should be made of fireproof materials. Cables are connected by welding, crimping or clamps.

It is important!
The cable entry points in the installation boxes are protected with non-combustible material bushings or pieces of PVC tube.

In rooms with low humidity, you can place the wires in the voids of floors and niches of the walls. The walls of the nests should be without roughness, the cover – of non-combustible materials. (more…)

Roof do-it-yourself drawings

Recommendations! Hammer nails not in the middle of the crates, but near the edges. Drive the caps deep into the tree so that they do not damage the roofing material.

Duplex roof do it yourself video

Below is a video of how to make a gable roof with your own hands. Following the instructions, you do the installation yourself.

Duplex roof DIY drawings

We offer you to view or download designs of houses with a double-slope roof and drawings of a dual-slope roof.

Projects of houses with dvukhskatny roof

Drawing dvukhskatnoy roof

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