Day: January 26, 2019

How to drill a well on water

Thus, any well is an individual project, which is influenced by such parameters:

  • geological structure of the soil;
  • selected drilling method;
  • requirements that apply to the quantity and quality of water;
  • the requirement to maintain the necessary distance to the places of pollution (arrangement of the “sanitary zone”);
  • depth of the aquifer. Moreover, I mean not the first vein to which the drill reached, but the one that will meet the conditions of use in terms of ensuring the debit of the well.

4. Water Well Drilling Tools

Since the hammer-drill method of manual drilling is described, its advantages should be noted:

  • preservation of most of the useful soil layer in the original state. Those. heavy machinery does not damage plantings on the site;
  • no restrictions on the drilling site. Manual drill can be drilled in almost any part of the site;
  • simplicity of equipment and minimum requirements for the qualification of the driller.


How to insulate the walls from the inside

Warming of apartments from the inside, as a rule, becomes a necessary measure in the houses of panel blocks. Firstly, the wall ceilings in such structures are very thin, which leads to a rapid cooling of the premises. Secondly, centralized heating systems do not cope with the heating of the dwelling, since the rate of heat loss exceeds the rate of heating of rooms by radiators.

  How to insulate the walls from the inside

The key to a comfortable temperature is not the time and intensity of heating, but the quality of thermal insulation. How to insulate the wall in the apartment from the inside, and what materials will be needed for this, you will learn from our article.

Wall insulation from the inside – a necessary measure

Insulation of the walls from the inside in the apartment is not a popular option, but at the same time it has its advantages:


What is a rough floor in a wooden house

The system consists of the following elements:

  1. Lagi
  2. Cranial bars. Support for the boardwalk, crowded along the bottom edge of the lag.
  3. Flooring subfloor. It is made of planks or sheet wood material.
  4. Waterproofing layer. The heat insulator protects from moisture.
  5. Insulation. Mounted between lags.
  6. Steam insulation layer. Interferes with moisture penetration in a heater.
  7. Counterstrike. Stuffed along the logs or beams lengthwise to create a ventilation gap – this prevents rotting of the upper flooring.
  8. Flooring. Mounted from ostrugannye boards or sheet material, on top of it you can lay the finish coating.

  What is a rough floor in a wooden house

Before you make a rough floor in a wooden house, you should provide ventilation of the space under the future lower flooring. To do this, in the base must be available. If they are not, you will have to drill large holes in the corners of the base of the building. (more…)

Warming the house with mineral wool sequence

  Warming the house with mineral wool sequence

House of expanded clay blocks: what is it and how to assemble the material with your own hands? Exterior finish of the house: what materials are needed for a quality repair of a wooden structure?

Reliable and affordable warming of a mineral wool house

In order to reduce the level of heat loss, which is especially important in a private house, it is often necessary to heat the house with mineral wool. This is due to the tightening of energy standards, as well as a variety of insulating materials offered to customers. Mineral wool, attracting its relatively low price and high thermal insulation characteristics, allows you to fully perform the insulation of the house with mineral wool.

The procedure for warming the walls of mineral water

The order of warming the walls of the house with the help of mineral wool is not complicated and consists of the following steps:


Wiring electricians in the house with their own hands

They are attached with screws or with the help of KNE-2/60, BMK-5 glue. The sockets are attached to the box with two screws, the switches are installed in the break of the phase cable, which ensures safety when replacing cartridges and lamps.

  Wiring electricians in the house with their own hands

Hidden sockets and switches are mounted in plastic or metal box type KP-1,2, U-196.

When buying, read the certificates of conformity. Boxes should be made of fireproof materials. Cables are connected by welding, crimping or clamps.

It is important!
The cable entry points in the installation boxes are protected with non-combustible material bushings or pieces of PVC tube.

In rooms with low humidity, you can place the wires in the voids of floors and niches of the walls. The walls of the nests should be without roughness, the cover – of non-combustible materials. (more…)

How to waterproof the basement from groundwater

For the treatment of the walls of the basement inside the roofing material is not used. First, it lags behind the surface as a result of the pressure of the water outside. And secondly, with its application in the future it will be problematic to perform a fine finish. However, waterproofing the basement floor from the inside using roofing material can be quite a good solution.

In order for such protection against moisture to turn out to be of high quality, first excavation is carried out to a depth of about 20 cm. Next, rubble and sand are laid into the resulting pit with careful tamping of each layer. Roofing material is laid on top with an overlap on the walls to a height of 20 cm. Further, the material is coated with bitumen mastic. Then another layer of roofing material is laid. At the final stage, the basement floor is filled with a cement screed with a thickness of at least 5 cm. (more…)