Day: January 25, 2019

The scheme of building a frame house with their own hands

Frame house can be built in two months

Next, fix the timber to the foundation with studs or bolts. Drill holes in the timber and in the cap of the foundation. Speakers attachment points as possible deepen. The joints are fixed with nails. The foundation binding under the internal partitions is performed in the same way. For reliability it is recommended to fix the joints with metal corners.

Visually familiarize yourself with the implementation of tying the foundation can be from the video “Frame houses with your own hands.”

Device flooring frame house do it yourself: step by step instructions

Installation of the floor begins with fixing the log to the bars of the finished trim. A log with a cross section of 10×20 cm can be used as a log. In this role, the board can also act, but then it is necessary to install two boards together for rigidity. (more…)

How to conduct wiring in a private house

  How to conduct wiring in a private house

In the case when the wiring will be installed in your home specialist, this information for you will not be useless.

Such knowledge you need in order to monitor whether the installation is carried out correctly and efficiently, as well as help you understand what is needed to carry out such work: materials, tools and equipment.

In addition, when living in a house, there are situations in which repair or replacement of individual parts of electrical wiring in the house is required, but it is not always possible to call an electrician. In this case, you will need this information. Knowing how the installation of electrical wiring was carried out, you will definitely have an image, the path, where it is laid, from what material, what cross-section of wires, and what load they are designed for. (more…)

How to decorate the facade of a frame house

Step 2. Glue is applied on sheets of extruded polystyrene foam or foam plastic – this is convenient to do with a notched trowel. Then the sheets are carefully pressed against the wall – from the corner. The material must be supported on the starting rail. After that, the sheets are fixed with self-tapping screws (on a tree), and the subsequent rows move a little: the seams should be like brickwork. We cover the building’s facade with material completely, fix the seams.

Step 3. Fasten the reinforcing mesh to the foam sheets, carefully glue it with glue: a layer of rough putty should appear on the surface (it looks very similar to plastered concrete).

Step 4. Water is poured into the bucket (1/3 volume) and the mixture is poured to make decorative (facade) plaster. With the help of a drill with a special nozzle (“mixer”), the solution is well stirred. (more…)

Warming the windows with their own hands

This is one of the most effective ways to insulate using a compactor. The difference lies in the technology of its installation. In this case, before you install the seal, you need to make a groove in the frame and place the seal in it.

As you can see, the Swedish technology is, in fact, a partial restoration of a wooden window. And, ordinary wooden frames in their heat-saving properties are close to metal-plastic.

The Swedish technology of insulation of wooden windows is in demand in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where residents of old houses that are part of the historical heritage. Many do not want to switch to plastic and try to warm wooden windows with high quality without changing their appearance.

Warming of wooden windows with sealant or silicone

Transparent sealant (acrylic) or silicone (silicone sealant) is applied either between the window frame and window sill, or between the frame and glass. (more…)