Day: January 24, 2019

How to make a change house with your own hands

Planning to seriously engage in the construction business, one cannot do without such temporary housing. There are two main subspecies – wood and metal.

  How to make a change house with your own hands

Woods differ from their non-movable counterparts in the absence of decorative trim, simpler interior trim, and a thick frame. For the main frame beams, timber is taken 150×100 mm and more. The installation of such structures does not require special preparation and rigid attachment to the ground.

Metal, or construction trailers, are a modular analogue of factory container change houses. A well-assembled structure of this type can last more than 15 years, constantly moving from place to place. The frame in this case is made of profiled pipe 60×40, logs – from pipe 40×40.

The walls are supplied with hydro and heat insulation and sheathed with profiled sheeting on the outside and chipboard from the inside. (more…)

How to level the floor with plywood

Before proceeding to leveling a wooden or concrete floor, a set of preparatory work is carried out, including the following steps:

  • Preparation of the working space – the room is freed from furniture, interior items and other things that may make it difficult to perform finishing work;
  • Determining the height difference – readings are measured over the entire area of ​​the room using a building or laser level. In the course of measurements, the highest point on the surface is determined, on which it is necessary to orient when installing the lag;
  • Preparation of the floor structure – in the presence of severe damage, the existing floor structures will be enumerated, panels replaced, additional fixation of boards, etc.;
  • Purchase of material – the purchase and delivery of plywood to the work site. The thickness of the paintings depends on the flooring, which will be laid in the future. For rolled and soft coatings – 10-12 mm, for parquet or laminate – 12-14 mm. As dimensions, it is better to use sheets with sides of 1525 × 1525 millimeters.
  • Preparation of the tool – in the course of the work, an electric jigsaw or a handsaw is required, a building level and a tape measure, a screwdriver and galvanized screws.


How to grind a concrete floor with your own hands

  How to grind a concrete floor with your own hands

As a result of long-term operation of the coating, small gaps and cracks may appear on its surface for a number of reasons. In this case, you must immediately repair and grind the concrete floor grinder.

When a pothole is found, the damaged part of the coating must be cut out of the floor to a depth of 20 mm, using a diamond-tipped disc on the stone. After cutting through the edges of the problem area, its contents should be removed with a punch or chisel. The resulting cavity must be freed from dust, primed with a penetrating compound and sealed with a repair solution using a metal spatula.

After this, a small rule or lath should align the sealing area flush with the floor surface. After setting the repair mixture, the disc on the “grinder” needs to be changed to an abrasive-coated bowl and the problem area must be carefully polished. (more…)

How to build a house with a basement

The tape and slab construction is distinguished not only by the materials used, but also by the cost. The latter has a higher price, but it fully justifies itself in building on soils with poor characteristics.

These include peat, clay and heaving soils. They are distinguished by instability and excessive content of groundwater. As a result of this situation, their natural shrinkage and movement periodically occur. With the usual basics, it is difficult to protect the building.

  How to build a house with a basement

Plate construction is characterized by a large pressure distribution area. Therefore, the building acquires sufficient stability. This is of particular importance in the construction of the foundation with the basement under the house with his own hands.

You will learn the nuances of the construction of a monolithic basement from the basement by watching the video:


Stages of building a house frame do it yourself

In general, it is possible to lay one beam 100-150 cm, but its price is much higher than two boards, which together give the same thickness, and correctly fastened two boards have a greater bearing capacity, although it takes more time to lay them. So that they work as a single timber, they are knocked down with nails in increments of 20 cm in a checkerboard pattern.

We put the strapping and logs

Next to the rail board is attached strapping. Its size is also 150-50 mm, but it is placed on the edge. It is leveled at the outer edge of the foundation, and is nailed with long nails (9 cm) to the sunbath every 40 cm.

  Stages of building a house frame do it yourself

Installation of the harness: according to the instructions, the assembly of the frame house continues with the installation of the harness to which. will lag the floor

The next stage – installation and installation of the lag. (more…)

Laying the subfloor in a wooden house

First of all, you should level the surface of the base:

  1. Clean the base from dirt.
  2. Knead the solution.
  3. Fill the solution, observing the horizontal.
  4. Wait until the end of the drying of concrete (about a month). You can check the dryness of the concrete by putting polyethylene on it: if after a day you find condensation, then you should wait some more time.

The next stage is waterproofing. Overlap the special material mentioned above and glue the joints with building tape.

  Laying the subfloor in a wooden house

Completes the process of laying soundproofing materials, such as cork or polyethylene foam in places under the logs.

Having prepared the base, you can proceed to the installation of the log. When laying the lag on a concrete base, you can not worry about the fact that the logs do not correspond to the length of the room, because you can fasten them with ends at any place, but this is better avoided. (more…)

The device of overlap of the second floor on the wooden beams

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  The device of overlap of the second floor on the wooden beams

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How to put tile in a wooden house

Laying tiles begins with the second row of the wall. Need to move in small areas. It is recommended to increase the layer of glue, causing it not only on the walls, but also on the tile itself, this will provide him with additional space for movement. Fix the seams with crosses; on average, their thickness should be 3 mm. Seamlessly laying in a wooden house – taboo. In this case, the elements can come over each other when the volume of the base changes. The first row fits last, often it consists of threaded elements. Seal the joints with silicone sealant, and seal the joints with grout.

Facing a bathroom or kitchen with a tile in a wooden house is not a problem if you know all the details of doing this kind of work. At observance of the norms and rules the coating will be reliably fixed on the surface and will not worsen its condition over time. (more…)