Day: January 23, 2019

How to build a house with a loft

* Insulation must withstand high humidity. Ideal foamed polystyrene. It is better not to use mineral wool, as it easily absorbs moisture and quickly collapses.

* Between the insulating layer and the roof ventilation must be done. having various extracts and airs.

* A vapor barrier must be present.

* The outer side of the rafters is additionally covered with waterproofing and sound insulation layers.

Independent construction of the attic begins with the installation of dalok around the perimeter of the house. After that, proceed to the construction of the frame of the future premises. Frame racks can be both from a bar, and from foam concrete or even metal. Vertical racks are located in the corners, beams are installed between them. Details are fixed with metal corners, nail plates or screws. (more…)

How to build a house of foam blocks with your own hands

For this and subsequent rows, a special type of glue is used. The blocks are laid in staggered order, starting from the corner. The technology provides for the displacement of elements of each top row by 10–20 cm. This will allow building a more solid wall. Dressing is also used for docking external walls and internal partitions.

  How to build a house of foam blocks with your own hands

In the process of a dense arrangement of blocks, “cold bridges” are formed. Builders in certain places make gaps for seams:
• a narrow board with a square section of 1.5 cm is placed on the block;
• put a layer of mortar or glue on top and let it dry;
• remove the rail and get a hollow space in the middle of the block filled with solution.

Places of the expected openings (doors) are determined immediately after the foundation is poured, or after the first row of masonry. (more…)

How to build a house in stages

A neat square-shaped house is inexpensive, economical in maintenance, and easier to equip it inside. Therefore, if you do not need an area of ​​more than 100 m², then you can stay on such a one-story house. It is especially convenient for old people. Two-storey house is built when you want space, but not at the expense of the site. Three floors will be appropriate when the area is small, and the area of ​​the house should be large. On the upper floors they make rooms where they are not often. Guest rooms and bedrooms for old people occupy part of the first floor.

Build a house not only in height but also in depth. It is about the basement. When setting it up, consult a specialist – what if you have close groundwater at your site? If the relief of the soil allows, you can make a spacious basement, arranging in it a billiard room, sauna or workshop. (more…)