Day: January 22, 2019

How to put laminate on wooden floor

After leveling the floor and cleaning it from debris, a springy damping tape is laid to damp sounds along the walls. So that the seams of the substrate do not fall on the joints of the boards, sheets or roll substrate roll out across the floor across the direction of the laminate lamellas.

It fits only the smooth side up and is interconnected end to end, without overlap. To avoid shearing the substrate, all sheets are fastened together with building tape. If the damper tape is not used, you can put the edges of the substrate a little to the wall a couple of centimeters. In the future, the excess is cut off. In order not to crush the porous material while walking, it is not recommended to lay the entire substrate at once – it is better to lay it out as needed.

Laying laminate step by step


Leveling wooden floor with plywood under laminate

For the installation of flooring you will need: a tape measure, an electric jigsaw and a hammer drill.

First of all, install restrictive wedges against walls 1 cm thick, and then you will be helped by the general technology of laying laminate to plywood:

  1. Lay the laminate substrate, and glue its compounds with building tape.
  2. Lay the first row of slats along the wall, connecting them with the ends.
  3. Connect strips row by row according to the scheme attached in the store, because the locks of the laminate are different. Connecting slats, knock them with a hammer, putting an unnecessary piece of laminate.
  4. The slats at the wall opposite to the one from which we started can be trimmed, keeping the clearance at the wall of 1 cm.

More detailed instructions for laying laminate you can easily find on our website. (more…)

How to make a column foundation of blocks

  How to make a column foundation of blocks

If it is necessary to build a bathhouse, garage or an economic building, and the project is limited both in terms of implementation and in financial possibilities, then the columnar foundation will be the best solution. It is suitable for any other small building, in addition, construction can be completed as soon as possible. You can use not only blocks, but also bricks, wooden poles and asbestos-cement pipes. Such bases have a high bearing capacity and durability. You can use PBS, which are presented on the market with reinforced concrete or claydite-concrete products of factory production. They are manufactured by vibropressing and are excellent for this purpose.

Preparatory work

If you decide to build a columnar foundation of blocks, then first you need to prepare the site, for this it is leveled, freed from debris and removed the top layer of soil. (more…)

How to build a frame house with your own hands

  How to build a frame house with your own hands

The frame of the house with a window

Inserts are small pieces of timber used for additional strength of the frame.

Cross-bars – is a timber laid horizontally in a strictly horizontal position between vertical posts. They are fixed on the rack.

Corners of a frame house with hacks

Racks should be knocked down with nails of 80 mm, at a distance of 450 mm from each other. They are nailed to the trim by 2 nails 120 mm from the top and 2 from the bottom. Using metal corners, the design can be made stronger. All materials used in construction must be treated with a septic tank.

Special attention must be paid to the corners. There is mandatory reinforcement racks.

Frame Wall Cake Scheme

Do not forget to check the geometry of the house after each stage – all horizontal bars should lie horizontally, and the vertical bars should be exactly up. (more…)

Staircase in the house with their own hands made of wood

Bowstrings are attached to the floor with screws using a screwdriver and galvanized metal corners.

6. Cut a step with a circular saw from a board with a minimum width of 250 mm. The thickness of the steps depends on the width of the span, but not less than 25 mm.

The ends of the steps for better connection with the string are processed with a grinder.

Connect the steps and the string with wood glue, spreading the ends of the steps and grooves in the string.

7. Assembling a wooden ladder in our case requires that it be tightened with galvanized rods with threaded connections at the ends, on which nuts are screwed with wide gaskets.

8. In the above example, demonstrating the installation of a wooden staircase, the distance to the wall allows you to arrange excellent wooden shelves for things and books that are suitable for the design. (more…)

How to equip the cellar inside

See the photo below for an example of a vegetable pit in the garage:

  How to equip the cellar inside

Until late spring, winter harvesting is maintained in excellent condition. But it is worth paying special attention to ventilation. Natural, often consisting of 2 pipes, one of which is displayed above the floor, and the second – above the ceiling, does not always save the situation. It is better if these are modular systems controlled by a mini-computer. Then the conditions in the basement can be adjusted artificially.

Cellar arrangement

Shelves can be placed along the entire wall (as a rule, in this case they are not portable) or take up only a part of the space near it (this is a non-bulky portable structure).

The floor in the cellar should be 25-30 cm above the bottom of the foundation pit – this allows you to build a sand “cushion” and cover the base of the floor with waterproofing material (mostly roofing material is used in 2 layers, sheets of which are glued together with molten bitumen). (more…)