Day: January 21, 2019

Warming the house with mineral wool

To fix the mineral wool slabs, the surface is covered with a special glue with a spatula, a sheet is applied and it is well pressed. Such actions are done exclusively for additional fixation.

At the next stage, it is necessary to make holes in the center and in the corners of the plates where the umbrellas will be inserted.

Try not to ignore all sorts of techniques for fixing the material, because additional measures will ensure that after several seasons experienced as a result of compression and expansion of the material of the plate will not move and there will be no cold bridges between them. This will allow you to avoid cracking the finish decoration.

Just want to note that the plate of mineral wool has a fairly large weight, so additional fasteners eliminate the likelihood of material sagging in the future. (more…)

How to conduct the wiring in the house

The need to conduct electrical wiring in the house may arise in some situations – when repairing, building a new home, replacing outdated electrical equipment. The main requirement for installation is to have experience working with electrical networks and tools used.

  How to conduct the wiring in the house

Ignoring safety and negligence in handling electrical appliances and equipment can lead to serious consequences. Particular attention should be paid to fire safety when working in wooden houses.

How to start wiring?

wiring diagram in the apartment

house wiring diagram

For a more accurate arrangement of wiring throughout the house, it is necessary to draw up a detailed diagram, and preferably two. One is electrical, in order to determine all types of electrical devices, their power, connection methods, and the second installation, in it indicate the location of the outputs of cables of the electric wire for each device throughout the house. (more…)

How to make a waterproofing cellar from groundwater

The most reliable thing is to make the protection outside, then the rising liquid will press it towards the building, providing reliable isolation. If necessary, the barrier from inside from seepage through small pores or cracks use two types of insulation – vertical and horizontal. The quality of the barrier is influenced by errors in the performance of work:

  • processing only walls and floors, without overlaps;
  • lack of natural ventilation.

Vertical waterproofing basement walls

If the waterproofing of basement walls is required from inside from groundwater, a vertical method of protection is applied. It is used in a situation where the fluid seeps through cracks, the joints of the foundation, while the walls of the basement room are at the level of the aquifer. For the vertical barrier against flooding, the following methods are suitable:


Mansard roof do it yourself step by step

The upper rafters of the attic roof can be an L-shaped structure. Truss legs between themselves can be joined end-to-end with the use of wooden or metal fixing lining, or by cutting in half-wood, using a bolted connection. It is recommended to fit the first pair of rafters in place, which is then dismantled and used as a template. Prepared trusses are installed in the standard order – first extreme, then the rest with constant leveling.

At the last stage of the creation of the roofing structure, the installation of the batten, the installation of waterproofing, the creation of the ventilation clearance, the installation of the roofing covering are carried out with their own hands. On the inside, heat insulation and vapor barrier are fixed, and sheathing is mounted. In the video you can get acquainted with the technology works. (more…)

Warming of the ceiling with mineral wool

The floor must be cleared of debris and metal particles that can break the delicate cloth.

First, using a level, you need to measure all the angles in the room, as this will affect the profile docking. As soon as the zero level is determined, you can begin to mount the profile rail on the wall with dowels or self-tapping screws. As a result, we get a room with a fixed profile around its perimeter.

Before installing the canvas room must be heated with a heat gun. It is necessary to ensure that the indoor temperature was around + 40 ° C. Only after that you can gradually unwind the film, making sure that it is not too close to the heat source. The material is removed from the packaging, not forgetting that it should be taken with clean hands.

At the stage of fastening the canvas should be heated to + 60 ° С. (more…)

Ondulin roof with their own hands

  Ondulin roof with their own hands

Cutting ondulin To work at height did not create inconvenience, you need to pre-cut ondulin on certain blanks (in case the cottage has broken chutes). You can cut ondulin using an electric jigsaw, a grinder or a hacksaw.

In order not to get confused where to attach a sheet, you need to number them and put numbers on the drawings.

Council To prevent the saw getting stuck in ondulin, it should be oiled.

How to mount ondulin correctly?

For this you need to adhere to technology. First, proceed to the installation of the first sheet. Work is recommended to start on the leeward side. Then the covering wave will not be subjected to wind load.

The sequence of laying sheets ondulin taking into account wind load

In addition, due to some properties of ondulin in the process of its installation, it is necessary to withstand a certain temperature regime. (more…)

How to build a frame garage

  How to build a frame garage

Work on the device frame takes several days. Once the frame is ready, proceed to the device of the roof. It is necessary to build it according to the rules, since the roof will have to withstand windy load and the load of snow.

Proceed to the construction of truss system. To do this, you need 100×25 and 100×50 boards. The entire structure is usually assembled on the ground and only then installed on the garage and fastened to the base of the walls. Use for this all sorts of connecting elements.

It is better to make a roof dvukhskatny with identical slopes. Fix it must horse. Next to be from the smaller bars to make a crate. Any material convenient for you is attached to it:

As such, the roof of the garage does not require insulation. The overhang of the roof must be at least 40 centimeters. (more…)

How to put plastic windows in a wooden house

Plastic windows with special fasteners are installed in the finished mowing system. To facilitate installation, you can remove all the sash from the hinges, to do this, simply remove the retaining pin. Thus, the weight of the window overlap is significantly reduced, and installation is easier.

The installation of this element should be monitored using a building level to prevent skewing. The installation procedure is as follows:

  • fasteners connected system okosyachki;
  • a small distance is left at the bottom using a wooden wedge, which will be removed later;
  • the window frame is installed in the system of an okosyachka and is securely fixed by means of fasteners;
  • window sash set in its place;
  • the gaps and gaps are filled with foam, the wooden wedge is removed.

Of course, installation of plastic windows in a wooden structure – both new and old – cannot be called simple and easy. (more…)