Day: January 19, 2019

How to build a frame bath yourself

  How to build a frame bath yourself

These floors are good for a waiting room, but they are not suitable for washing. Where water will flow, do the following:

  1. An internal, separate room foundation is being constructed.
  2. Inside it, a layer of soil is removed, sand and gravel are poured onto this place. This layer should be 10 centimeters or a little more.
  3. Asbestos-cement pipes with a diameter of 100 will be needed again as a lag. They lie on the foundation and are poured with concrete.
  4. To lay the floor need rounded edged board.

Indoor work is best done from aspen. From it make good lining. In the steam room, place under the inner lining.

Decorating frame bath

In addition to clapboard bath clapboard, you can use other materials to choose from:

All of them are perfect for this building.


Now that the bath is ready, you can invite your friends to take a steam bath and drink tea in nature. (more…)

How to properly warm the attic from the inside with your own hands

Warming the roof of the attic with the hands of one person is quite realistic, the main thing is to take into account the climatic conditions of the region and the purpose of the room, on average the layer thickness is within 15-20 cm. When laying the material in one layer, a large number of joints may form, to prevent this, it is recommended to stack thinner foam overlapping on the principle of brickwork.

  How to properly warm the attic from the inside with your own hands

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How to build a house of foam blocks

The project is a two-story house of 95 square meters. The house has an open veranda and a balcony on the second floor. On the ground floor there is a living room and all utility rooms. Including kitchen and one of the bathrooms. On the second floor there is a spacious parent bedroom and two relatively small children’s rooms.

How to build a house of foam blocks?

To build a house of foam blocks with your own hands, you first need to lay the foundation. The classic version of a country house – with a basement. Laying the foundation with your own hands under the foam concrete block house with a basement begins with earthworks.

house of foam blocks with their own hands. A photo

Dig a pit. in which the basement will be located. Be sure to perform high-quality waterproofing of all surfaces, otherwise moisture will destroy the structure and rise in the living room. (more…)

How to insulate the house from the inside and what

  How to insulate the house from the inside and what

Experts recommend laying foam and mineral wool in two ways:

  1. Standard. This option is no different from the insulation of the outer side of the walls. You need to pre-clean the surface, hold the material, reinforcement and decoration.
  2. With the use of the frame. First, you should make a frame of metal or wood. Further, the process of insulation are performed in the same way as described in method 1. The use of the frame allows to avoid the formation of condensate, because the material is not attached “tightly” to the wall.

Still experts advise to think over to create removable panels. This will give you the opportunity to observe the appearance of condensate and take the necessary protective measures.


Fiberboard (Fibreboard) is most often used for finishing the outer side of the walls. (more…)

Marching stairs do it yourself

To build a flight of steps on the second floor with your own hands, it is necessary to prepare the thick bars needed for the steps, and the edged board. First of all, you need to calculate everything and make a drawing of the stairs. It is better to do this in the program on the computer, accurately measuring the height, angle, width and the desired number of steps. The photo shows that such a product must have a thoughtful design.

For the manufacture of models with marches apply bowstrings and kosoura. The bowstrings are the support under the steps, and the bowstrings are located on the side. For conventional structures, two side bows are used, to which the steps are attached. When the string will be connected to the steps, you need to install the bars for support. They are placed on uniform lengths under the ladder. (more…)

How to insulate the mansard roof

So, if you decide to insulate the roof of the attic from the inside with your own hands, then you need to familiarize yourself with the details of the installation. In order for the room to become livable, it will be necessary to form a certain roofing pie under the roof consisting of several layers.

Consider it in detail, starting from the inner surface:

  1. Drywall This material is almost always used to decorate the walls of the room.
  2. Vapor barrier layer. It provides condensate discharge to the outside. It is recommended to perform vapor barrier with a special membrane. She laid overlap (about 10 cm), and glue on top with scotch tape. The vapor barrier must be solid, containing no gaps or gaps.
  3. Crate. This is the next layer of roofing pie. It performs several functions at once. Crate supports insulation. In addition, it is the basis to which vapor barrier membrane is attached. And it is this layer that provides an extremely important gap for ventilation under the roof.
  4. Insulation. It is located above the crate. Depending on the selected material, as well as the planned end result, the insulation can be laid in one or in several layers.
  5. Waterproofing layer. It is designed to protect the insulation from getting wet. The layer is important enough. When planning how to insulate the roof of the attic from the inside, be sure not to forget about the need for waterproofing. So you protect the insulation from premature damage.
  6. Crate. This layer is necessary to create a ventilation space between the waterproofing film and the roof. Such a gap allows moisture accumulated on water-repellent membranes to erode. However, it is important to provide for the possibility of evaporation of condensate. For this purpose, special holes are made at the base of the slopes. Their size completely depends on the selected material for the roof. For example, the roof, covered with tiles, corrugated board, need holes, approximately 25 mm. And for roofs with flat materials, the size of such holes increases to 50 mm.
  7. Windproof vapor barrier. It is mounted above the second crate. It allows you to provide warmth and comfort in the room, even with strong winds. This insulation fits over the rafter legs and is carefully fixed with slats.
  8. Roofing. This is the finishing layer of the roofing pie.