Day: January 18, 2019

The construction of the stairs made of wood

When building a house, it is often necessary to build a ladder. After all, most of the projects imply the presence of the second floor. Stairs between floors can be built from different materials. However, the tree is one of the most simple, eco-friendly and convenient. A beginner can handle this stuff.

Of course, the work will take some time. However, the work will quickly pay off, because the design, made with the soul, will serve for many years to the joy of the owners. In addition, the construction of the stairs with their own hands – this is a significant savings.

Types of wooden stairs

In total, there are two main types of wooden stairs:

Marching stairs are the simplest, therefore, it is best to start building a construction for the construction of such a structure. Spiral staircases are very complex, they require careful calculations and measurements. (more…)

How to build a foam block house

Size chart of foam concrete and material consumption for laying.

Increasing the strength of the wall of foam blocks is achieved by reinforcement. Reinforcement is made by fittings with a diameter of 8 mm. The first installation of reinforcement is carried out on top of the first row of foam blocks. For this, two parallel channels 40×40 mm in size are cut along the wall on the surface of the blocks. Channels are formed around the perimeter of the house. The reinforcement is placed in the channels, then the next row of blocks is laid. The reinforcement is laid every 4-5 rows.

The overlap of door and window openings in the wall must be strengthened. To do this, steel corners with a size of at least 80×80 mm are installed above the openings. The corner is installed on both sides of the wall and should exceed the width of the opening by about 60 cm. (more…)

How to build a Finnish house with your own hands

  How to build a Finnish house with your own hands

Covering the frame walls of the house on the Finnish technology

4. Installation of frame walls

After that, the wall is installed in a vertical position and its connection to the lower ceiling. The most reliable is the fastening of the bar with pins. The walls after installation are interconnected by means of bolts passing through the holes in the corner bars of the frame.

Construction of the second floor of the house on the Finnish technology

On top of the walls of the first floor is mounted interfloor overlap. It should be borne in mind that the floor of the second floor is experiencing a slightly lower load than the floor of the first floor, so the beam section can be taken less, 245×50 mm. For the floor to be strong enough, the permissible spacing of beams is not more than 35 cm. The draft floor is sewn with plywood having a thickness of 18 mm. (more…)

How to make a rough floor in a brick house

All wooden elements of the floor construction should be twice treated with antiseptic.

Laying the subfloor in a wooden house is done with the help of boards, on top of which a waterproofing layer, material for thermal and steam insulation, spreads.

That’s all the basic options for installing a subfloor, which one is suitable, is up to you to decide, based on the final flooring.

  • how to paint a wooden floor in the house;
  • how to insulate the floor on the balcony with expanded clay;
  • how to make a polymer floor with their own hands.

The process of building a subfloor is presented in the following videos:

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How to make a rough floor in a wooden house: board, screed? (more…)

Sheathing frame house outside

Most often for these purposes apply such means:

  1. Ventilated facades, siding, vinyl blockhouse and other types of mounted structures. The low cost, ease of installation, high reliability and durability of these coatings made technology the leader in the construction market;
  2. Sheathing clapboard, blockhouse, wooden siding and other wood products allows you to create a complete resemblance to a wooden house made of timber or log, which is not only fashionable and solid, but also natural, beautiful and warm;
  3. Decorative facade plaster looks great and creates the effect of a Mediterranean cottage, in addition, this material protects the walls well and serves for a long time;
  4. Finishing with various panels imitating brick, stone, timber and other coatings is also notable for its democratic price and simple installation;
  5. Decorating with tiles, natural or artificial stone creates the impression of an expensive solid house, but at the same time it creates a large load on the walls and the foundation, and at a cost comparable to brick. However, it is used widely, especially for finishing the basement. corners, window and door openings and other parts of the structure together with other types of cladding.