Day: January 17, 2019

How to install windows in a wooden house

  How to install windows in a wooden house

The sides of the casing are pushed onto the spike as far as they will go, and the construction stapler checks how exactly each of the sides is installed vertically.

At last, the casing master is installed, who should fit snugly against the sides. The connection of the actor and the sidewalls is fixed with screws. The gap formed above the apernik is closed with a towel, from which the roller is formed and wrapped in a jute compactor.

Clearance Ahead

Window installation

Consider how to insert PVC windows in a wooden house. The frame without flaps is installed on the chips, so that there is a gap at the bottom and is aligned horizontally and vertically.

Then, at a distance of 30 cm from the corners of the frame, the casing is fastened using anchors. The holes in the casing make it so that as a result the dowel is flush with the frame. (more…)

Sheathing siding do it yourself

  Sheathing siding do it yourself

When covering your house with siding with your own hands, you need to remember that this material is highly susceptible to temperature distortions (they can reach 1%). That is why the slots for screws are oblong, thanks to which the panel can move freely during heating / cooling.

When installing siding is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • It is strictly forbidden to additionally attach the panel to the crate. This will make it impossible to compensate for temperature distortion. As a result, swelling of the panels is possible;
  • panels must be connected without tension;
  • when working in the winter period for cutting panels it is better to use the grinder, the material becomes very fragile;

In general, the installation of siding panels itself is quite a simple procedure. Much more attention, time and labor will be needed at the preparatory stage – the end result will depend on how smoothly the guiding elements are fixed. (more…)

How to build a cottage with your own hands

4) Do everything from the same material that was selected in advance. That is, do not build one part of a house from wood, and another from brick, also with a roof, do not cover one part with a roof, and the other with slate;

5) Do not try to transport bags of cement in your own car, its repair also costs money. And do not stock up on wood material in advance, because due to improper storage conditions, it does not remain in its original condition.

Stages of construction of the cottage

1) You should choose a plot for the cottage and then buy it. Also, you have to make design estimates. Now there are many offers for the sale of land plots and there are plenty to choose from. Over the project itself will have to work hard. If you have some skills in the design, then the project can be saved, and if there are no skills, then contact the company. (more…)