Day: January 16, 2019

How to put roof on your own hands

Further, under all the rafters with the exception of the extreme set of racks and bolts (Fig. 6). If the roof is built mansard, racks will be the frame of the side walls, and the bolt – to serve as ceiling beams.

  How to put roof on your own hands

Strengthening the truss farm, we begin to deal with gables. First, we put additional racks that will be the frame of the gable (Fig. 7). The accuracy of the installation is controlled by a cord stretched over the bottom of the rafters. Then we make a window opening (fig. 8). Its size and configuration can make any, whatever you want. Please note that in the picture, the rack standing in the center of the window (the ridge bar supporting the beginning) was simply cut. It already carries almost no load. Having finished with the frame, we sheathe the pediment with a inch (for example, 25×150 mm) (Fig. 9). (more…)

How to conduct the wiring in the house with their own hands

When using electrical equipment in the house, you should follow the recommendations of the following benefits:

  1. “Rules for the use of electricity.”
  2. “Rules for the technical operation of electrical installations by consumers.”
  3. “Safety regulations for operation of electrical installations by consumers.”

The fulfillment of these regulations is mandatory. Responsibility for the state of the entire network and safety in operation lies entirely with the owner. Control of compliance with safety regulations and operating rules fully falls on the energy supplying organization with which the relevant contract is concluded.

This organization conducts systematic checks of the state of the power grid, its rules of operation and compliance with all the rules of network use.

Calculate the cost of wiring

  How to conduct the wiring in the house with their own hands

In order to find out the exact cost of wiring in the house, it is necessary to first calculate the amount of cable. (more…)

How to make a waterproofing in the basement

The most reliable thing is to make the protection outside, then the rising liquid will press it towards the building, providing reliable isolation. If necessary, the barrier from inside from seepage through small pores or cracks use two types of insulation – vertical and horizontal. The quality of the barrier is influenced by errors in the performance of work:

  • processing only walls and floors, without overlaps;
  • lack of natural ventilation.

Vertical waterproofing basement walls

If the waterproofing of basement walls is required from inside from groundwater, a vertical method of protection is applied. It is used in a situation where the fluid seeps through cracks, the joints of the foundation, while the walls of the basement room are at the level of the aquifer. For the vertical barrier against flooding, the following methods are suitable: