Day: January 14, 2019

How to make a parquet with your own hands

The production of the floorboard itself consists, in fact, in cutting the wood of noble species into slats of the same size (typically 10x70x500 mm). They are laid on a glue base on the glue with the most accurate fit.

After the board is laid, there are still a few more operations:

  • Scraping;
  • Putty clearances. For it, you can use acrylic putty matched to the wood or home-made putty made from sawdust and PVA glue;
  • Grinding;
  • The application of the final coating – varnish or impregnation.

Repairing the floorboard with your own hands consists in scoring, in the process of which the top layer of the board is removed with signs of wear and re-varnishing. If necessary, in this case, gaps formed due to drying out of the board can also be plastered.

  How to make a parquet with your own hands

Scraping worn parquet.

Base Requirements

Self-laying of parquet of any type begins with the preparation of the base. (more…)

How to make wooden steps

  How to make wooden steps

Before we take the steps to the porch, let’s look in the dictionary. Porch: what is it? Ozhegov, Shvedova: “Exterior flooring in front of the front door of a house, usually under a shed, with a step or a ladder. Climb to the porch, come down from the porch, porch with railings. ”

We looked into the dictionary for good reason, this is a ready technical task!

Here’s what to do:

Drawing and diagram of the porch

Yes, a lot, in addition, you may need a foundation. But can we do without a porch? Yes, if the house is without foundation.

How to build a porch with your own hands: make a lift, its fencing and shed

Stairs or steps to the porch have strict design requirements. First of all, to ensure safety. Knowing about them, determining the best option, you can save time and money. Let’s take a look – on the basis of norms – how to make a porch with a beautiful and reliable lift. (more…)

How to make a concrete mixer

Now it is necessary to cut off the top of the tank – about a third of its diameter, and then proceed to the assembly. To do this, take two housings with bearings – their outer diameter is the same, and the inner one is different. Bearings with a large diameter need to plant sections of steel pipes – bunker hangers, one end of which is welded to the tank (for more convenient unloading of the finished solution).

Insert the shaft through the suspensions into the inner bearings, additionally welding several blades inside the tank (four will be enough) made from a steel angle and positioned so that there is no uncovered working mass at the bottom of the tank.

The shaft itself is connected to the engine of the washing machine by means of a gearbox and tensioning belt. The level of its tension is regulated due to the mass of the electric motor, which allows to protect the motor from overload. (more…)

How to attach a veranda to a wooden house

  How to attach a veranda to a wooden house

Transparent roof will add light and lightness to your veranda

Polycarbonate roofs are sewn onto the base of the metal profile. An unequivocal answer to the question of how to build a porch with your own hands does not exist. For different purposes you need different designs. But self-built veranda will be as close as possible to the owner, besides, it will significantly save the budget.

It depends on the veranda. I made a veranda as part of the room – I have a warm floor there, and plastic windows. And I warmed the veranda outside, it is more efficient than warming it from the inside. Insulated with mineral wool – quickly, reliably and efficiently. They say that even polystyrene turns out pretty well. Of course, in severe frosts on the veranda it is cool, but at an average temperature it is very cozy. (more…)

How to make sawing wood with your own hands

But, in order not to disturb the harmony of the garden path, sawn along chubuki are used.

Step 5 – filling the second layer of sand cushion

  How to make sawing wood with your own hands

Sand bedding Sand is used as the second layer. Total height of the pillow is 50-100 mm.

In order to seal the sand well, a technique such as watering it with water is used.

The material is prepared for the site

Step 6 – the scheme of laying wood cuts

The order of installation of the cuts of the tree does not matter. Pattern formation depends on the preferences of the owner.

It can be positioned so that the space between the saws is as small as possible. And you can, on the contrary, have them widely.

The main thing at this stage is to slightly “drown” the saw cut (rammed), and also level them up.

Laying saw cuts Tamping saws Installation of tree cuts under the path Leveling cuts


How to insulate a log house for winter living

The plates of “Penoplex”, due to their high strength, can be laid both vertically and horizontally. The structure of their surface allows you to apply plaster.

Insulation “Penoplex” is a material having a uniform structure, which consists of small, closed cells (size 0.1-0.2 mm).

The main properties of PENOPLEX plates are:

  • low thermal conductivity
  • low vapor permeability
  • lack of water absorption
  • high compressive strength
  • resistance to burning and biodegradation
  • ecological purity
  • easy and convenient installation
  • durability

When using penoplex plates, you should be aware that this material, like other types of extruded polystyrene foam, has a low chemical resistance to such substances as:

  • Aldehydes (formaldehyde, formalin)
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, xylene)
  • Ketones (acetone, methyl ethyl ketone)
  • Esters (diethyl ether), you can not use solvents with ethyl acetate, methyl acetate,
  • Gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel
  • Polyester resins (hardeners of epoxy resins and coal tar should not be used),
  • Oil paints.


Penetrating basement waterproofing from the inside

For the treatment of the walls of the basement inside the roofing material is not used. First, it lags behind the surface as a result of the pressure of the water outside. And secondly, with its application in the future it will be problematic to perform a fine finish. However, waterproofing the basement floor from the inside using roofing material can be quite a good solution.

In order for such protection against moisture to turn out to be of high quality, first excavation is carried out to a depth of about 20 cm. Next, rubble and sand are laid into the resulting pit with careful tamping of each layer. Roofing material is laid on top with an overlap on the walls to a height of 20 cm. Further, the material is coated with bitumen mastic. Then another layer of roofing material is laid. At the final stage, the basement floor is filled with a cement screed with a thickness of at least 5 cm. (more…)