Day: January 12, 2019

The construction of a frame wall with insulation

Also, when installing such materials, the use of an additional layer of insulating material is often practiced.

The following materials can be used as interior decoration of the room walls: plaster, drywall, wall paneling and many others. In a word, in this case the choice of decorative finishing of internal walls completely depends on personal preferences of future tenants, and also the basic budget of construction.

So, summarizing the above, it should be noted that at the present time frame construction is becoming increasingly popular due to its simplicity and accessibility.

However, in order for such a house to serve as long as possible and the materials used as building materials are not subject to damage and do not lose their basic qualities, it is necessary to strictly observe all the norms and rules for the construction of a building on the basis of a frame frame. (more…)

How can you build a house cheap

We make sewers and plumbing using plastic pipes. The issues of heat and hot water are perfectly solved by a modern and inexpensive double-circuit gas boiler.

Pay special attention to electrical wiring inside the house. Its installation is better to entrust experts. Houses often burn because of problems with wiring.

  How can you build a house cheap

Interior decoration – no limit to the imagination

Here everyone chooses for himself those design solutions that he likes the most and fit the price limit. Walls are cheaper to glue wallpaper. Linoleum is laid on the floor or inexpensive carpet. The bathroom is decorated with ceramic tiles. Materials for interior decoration a huge amount. Study, analyze, compare and make your final choice.

What to build the cheapest house – 4 ways

Living in your own home has many more advantages than even in the most fashionable apartment. (more…)

How to fill the floor in the house

Concrete floor is attractive for its reliability, practicality, functionality, durability, simplicity in execution and low cost.

At its discretion, in the future, you can lay any coverage. It should be noted that the concreting of the floor in a private dwelling can be performed on various surfaces: on soils, on old floors made of wood and concrete, on floor slabs. To get a high-quality concrete floor in a private house, you need to purchase and use only high-quality materials and strictly observe all the technological stages of its device.

The scheme of the concrete floor on the ground with thermal insulation.

  • determining the level of the future gender
  • soil preparation
  • padding
  • hydro and thermal insulation works
  • reinforcement cage
  • formwork installation
  • installation of guides
  • pouring floor base with concrete
  • finishing the floor: cleaning and leveling
  • leveling screed
  • cutting deformation seams.


The thickness of the walls of the frame house

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09/24/2014 at 21:37

My husband and I had an argument about the thickness of the wall. We made two bars, each 50 * 50 mm in size, plus internal and external lining of 20 mm, for a total of 140 mm. I thought the wall would be too thin and cold. We used ordinary glass wool as a filler. In general, they did everything on their own. And after reading this article, I realized that we did everything as it should, so it was very warm in the house in winter.

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