Day: January 10, 2019

How to build a house cheaper

First of all, do not try to do this due to the quality of the purchased materials. After all, it directly depends on how your house will turn out. It also will not work to “fake” paperwork (documenting and obtaining a building permit). This procedure, unfortunately, will require a lot of personal time and certain costs.

All design should be undertaken before you start building something. Otherwise, at the end of the work you will have at least a painful procedure to legitimize your samostroya. In addition, properly and timely executed documents – a pledge of installation and connection of utilities in the optimum time.

Reliability – at the forefront

It will also not be possible to save on pouring a quality foundation. This is the case when good quality and reliability are fundamentally more important than any economy. (more…)

Wall cladding in MDF wooden house

Immediately, we note that the most suitable option would be wooden lining. It is an affordable material with an attractive appearance, eco-friendly and natural, easy to install and maintain. Thin slats are used for the ceiling and walls. If you want to create a log house effect, choose a block house that simulates a round log. One surface of the block house is semicircular, and the other is flat.

Lining – the best combination of price, quality, appearance and environmental friendliness. But if you are ready to pay, choose elite natural wood materials. These are cork panels and panels from an array.

  Wall cladding in MDF wooden house

Cork coating – modern materials that are environmentally friendly, high quality, durability and durability, luxurious appearance. They perfectly tolerate high humidity and are suitable for each type of room. (more…)

Heat-insulated floor in the frame house

Foundation requirements

The surface of the foundation must be checked for evenness of the surface. The height difference should not exceed 1 cm per 1 running meter. Otherwise, you must additionally use the cement-sand screed.

In the process of pouring the concrete foundation, when it has not yet hardened, anchoring mounts should be installed for laying down in increments of 2 m.

Prior to the continuation of construction work, you should also take care to properly waterproof the foundation. This will ensure its durability, protect it from gradual destruction, protect the ground floor and basements (if any) from fungus, dampness and the multiplication of insects.

It is possible to waterproof the foundation with the help of various versions of roll, coating, sheet and sprayed materials. You can also use concrete with special hydrophobic additives that increase the degree of water repulsion. (more…)

How to insert a window in a wooden house

In addition to the option of expanding the size of the opening to correct skew, there is such an option as an increase in the parameters of the window frame.

The special design, which is a wooden box without a lower crossbar, the purpose of which is to securely fix the window and preserve the shape of the window frame, regardless of the degree of shrinkage of the house, is called a casing or a shank.

There are several types of this design:

  1. Integral. It is made from specially processed whole material.
  2. Glue. Separate components are made of composing boards, connected by means of micro grooves and glue. All burrs and small knots are removed.
  3. Mixed Part of the casing is made whole, and the other – using glue. Upon completion of installation, okosyachku varnish. This type is suitable for use with large window sills.