Day: January 9, 2019

Partition in a wooden house with their own hands

The frame is performed using an aluminum profile. Wood bars are less commonly used, although the construction is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. With the direct installation of gypsum plasterboards, it is necessary to take into account that the construction will move slightly. If the sheets are mounted tightly butt – they will collapse. Small gaps should be left to compensate for expansion due to temperature and humidity. As a base for installation can be used:

  • wood walls,
  • wooden slats
  • wooden beams
  • crate made of wood
  • frame made of wood
  • the wooden wall itself or the floor.

There are several methods for fixing drywall on the rail itself. This will require dowels, screwdriver, screws, sawing, electric or mechanical drill. The role of the rails will go timber section of 50 × 100 mm or 50 × 74 mm. (more…)

How to conduct electrical wiring in a wooden house

December 28, 2014

In modern society, it is impossible to imagine a house without electricity, therefore, in every room it is necessary to have high-quality wiring. It is best to entrust the production of such works to professional electricians, but it is possible to do electrical installation with your own hands. To do this, you must be well informed in this matter.

Layout of electrical cable

Electrical installation begins with the preparation of the layout of switches, wires, sockets, meter and other devices. Having made such a project, you will be able to more accurately calculate the amount of material. In the future, you will be easier to make in accordance with the established standards and GOSTs installation of electrical wiring with your own hands. Schemes to draw work will not be. (more…)

How to make interior partitions

  How to make interior partitions

Ceramic bricks for internal partitions

This building material with a thickness of 11.5 cm is often used for the construction of interior partitions. This option is relatively inexpensive, it is cheaper than a wall of solid or hollow brick.

It also allows for faster construction of the structure than in the case of standard brick, due to the larger size (about 50 x 20 x 11.5 cm) and easier installation.

Such interior brick walls provide relatively good acoustic parameters indoors. Ceramic bricks are plastered, usually with plaster 1.0-1.5 cm thick. They can also be finished with gypsum plasterboard.

This building material allows heavy objects to be hung on the wall, but for heavy weights special spring pins should be used for porous bricks.

Interroom partition of luxferov or glass blocks

Sometimes use glass blocks or luxfery. (more…)

How to make automatic swing gates do it yourself

  How to make automatic swing gates do it yourself

One of the electric drives for swing gates

What could be the electric drive, which is installed on the swing gates? The type of fixture is selected, guided by the size of the gate and the opening side, i.e., in or out. In addition to its immediate function of “opening-closing” mechanism works as a reliable lock in the absence of electricity, which is important in modern conditions. Regardless of the type of automation, it is always equipped with an emergency unlocking option that allows you to push the flaps manually.

Electric drives designed for swing gates, according to the method of operation are divided into three types.

Worm. Devices for domestic use well serve small structures with a work intensity below the average. Their name is associated with the location in the body of the rod with a thread (the so-called worm). (more…)

PVC windows in a wooden house

The final installation of a plastic window in a wooden house can be done only after making an octagus. In order to independently manufacture this structure, which will hold considerable weight from the bearing walls of the building, it is necessary to prepare a high-quality wooden timber. The size of the latter is 10 to 15 centimeters. Using a construction chisel, on the basis of the need to make a cut to get a connecting groove, while its width should be 5 centimeters.

With the help of chainsaws make additional cuts in the longitudinal version. All bar manipulations are performed using the building level to prevent the construction from skewing. The main riser of the window frame is installed into the finished grooves, the necessary opening is formed. In this process, the construction level is also used. (more…)

How to do the wiring in the house

After the complete installation of electrical wiring, you need to install all the planned machines, RCD and electrical appliances. After that, boldly invite a specialist from the energy supervision to check and commission the electrical equipment of your home.

Acceptance tests of your facility should end with the issuance of a positive conclusion about the safety of the wiring. the possibility of further use of equipment. With the “Act of admission to connect” you should contact the power supply organization. On this basis, it should connect your object to the support and draw up an agreement on the provision of services.

You should not save on consumables and tools – because in the future, well-done work will be the key to your peace of mind and comfort.

To make electrical wiring in the house on your own is a simple matter, but it requires attentiveness and scrupulousness. (more…)

Roof of the house with a loft do it yourself

Roof slope in percent

Select the appropriate type of rafter system. Rafters, as noted, contribute to the uniform distribution of the load on the walls. Additionally, thanks to the truss system, the house is reliably protected from all sorts of adverse weather conditions.

How to calculate rafters on the roof

The simplest version of the attic roof is the construction of a triangular shape. The hardest thing is to make a mansard roof with a break. In the absence of appropriate skills, it is strongly recommended not to undertake the independent construction of complex roofs.

Step-by-step instruction on the construction of the attic roof

In the construction of the attic roof there are no super-complex stages. You just need to carefully read the instructions and step by step to follow all the recommendations. (more…)