Day: January 8, 2019

How to make a cellar in the house with their own hands

Usually waterproofing of walls, floor and ceiling is made using roofing material. This rolled material is recommended to be laid in two layers. The overlap between the sheets should be no less than 10-12 cm, and each subsequent row should be perpendicular to the previous one. Under the waterproofing it is necessary to pour a gravel-sand pillow with a thickness of not less than 100-150 mm.

Diagram of the waterproofing cellar

Correctly build a cellar under the house with high-quality waterproofing of walls is possible in the process of laying the foundation.

In this case, the work will not interfere with other structures and elements of the building. In the process of building walls, bitumen mastic is applied on their outer surface, on which, in turn, the roofing material is glued. When performing this operation, the sheets are arranged vertically with an overlap of 8-10 cm. (more…)

How to fill the floors in the house with their own hands

There are two ways of laying floors in a private house: concreting on the ground or on beams and slabs. The technology of work is fundamentally different, the choice of the desired method depends primarily on the groundwater level and dryness of the soil. The first option is cheaper, it is easy to do it yourself, pouring is suitable for all types of foundations, except for pile foundations. In this case, the concrete floor is a reinforced screed over rammed soil, heat and waterproofing layers of building materials, each of which has a different thickness and its functional purpose. At observance of requirements of technology the equal, strong and durable covering turns out, completely suitable to a flooring of decorative finishing furnish of any type and withstanding considerable operational loadings. (more…)

How to conduct electricity in the house with their own hands

  How to conduct electricity in the house with their own hands

Always follow safety guidelines when carrying out. In order not to get confused, it is better to do it yourself, but if you have a partner, then help should be minimal – feed, bring, do not bother. You will need the following tool:

  1. Multimeter
  2. Perforator.
  3. Bulgarian.
  4. Screwdriver.
  5. Pliers.
  6. Nippers
  7. Figured and flat screwdrivers.
  8. Level.

If you carry out repairs in the old apartment and in parallel change the wiring, you need to pull out all the cables so that they do not interfere. For this work useful special sensor detection wiring.

Wire Layout

On the wall, put labels on which you will lay the wires. Pay attention to whether the position of the wires. After you have marked the places where electric cables will pass, you can mark sockets, boxes, shields and switches. Please note that the new apartments for the installation of the shield has a niche. (more…)

Homemade stoves for a bath

Manufacturers offer a variety of stoves for baths that run on gas, wood or liquid fuel. Some models have additional features. They cost dearly, and not everyone can buy a heat unit. In this case, there is nothing left but to make the heating structure independently. Self-made stoves for a bath turn out not worse than industrial products, if, of course, to approach their production responsibly. There is nothing difficult in this work.

  Homemade stoves for a bath

Modern appliances are very different from the old stoves. Previously, they were built without a chimney, and carbon monoxide escaped from the room through the door. Now during the construction of the furnace chimney construct necessarily. Those constructions looked like this: a dome-shaped hearth was laid out of clay bricks, in which stones were placed on metal rods. (more…)