Day: January 6, 2019

How to make concrete

  How to make concrete

The type of cement used in the process of manufacturing a concrete solution is determined by the individual indicators of its scope. Most often, cement grade 500 is used. Lower quality grades are used to prepare concrete for surfaces that are not subjected to high loads.

Portland cement is used to improve adhesion between all components at both high and low temperatures. However, the minimum temperature for using a concrete solution is fifteen degrees. If concrete is still used at low temperature, then special substances in the form of additives and plasticizers should be present in its composition. A substance in the form of slag Portland cement is used if the work is carried out at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius.

The amount of impurities in the cement substance should not exceed twenty percent. (more…)

Hardwood floors between the floors do it yourself

If necessary, the carrying capacity of the beams can be increased by fastening special linings of thick boards. A method is often used when the ends of the plates, like the beams, lie on supports.

Instead of boards you can use steel channels. These linings are attached to the side of the beam with bolts, while you can only strengthen one side of the beam, but still more reliable to strengthen both sides.

The easiest way to increase the carrying capacity is to install additional beams. But such a process is more laborious and expensive. Additional bars cover the spans between the main beams.

As you can see, in old houses the beams are laid with a small step and have a sufficient cross-section, which indicates a high-quality construction.

It is very important to check the condition of the beams and floors, and in cases of damage by pests or moisture, it is imperative to reinforce them. (more…)

How to decorate the walls in the house

  How to decorate the walls in the house

This option is not only inexpensive, but also widely available. To mount such a finish will be quite simple, as it has special fixings. With their help, it will be possible to create strong connections, and the surface will turn out beautiful and smooth. This interior wall covering is ideal for rooms with high humidity, such as a bathroom or kitchen. You can not care about the moisture of the material, as the manufacturing process uses raw materials with 12 percent of its level. Depending on the purpose of the room, it is best to choose a specific kind of wall paneling. Linden, birch or ash for the living room and bedroom. But for the bathroom or kitchen is better not to use coniferous lining.

Additional benefits of lining

If you are faced with the question of how to sheathe the walls in a wooden house inside is inexpensive, then you can choose a wall panel, which is environmentally friendly. (more…)

How to build a foundation for home

In order to obtain high-strength concrete, and hence a high-quality strip foundation, it is necessary to make it rigid, while making maximum efforts with mixing with a shovel. If construction is carried out in the winter, which is undesirable, concrete requires warming when setting. This is done with straw, sawdust, glass wool, or you can simply warm up. It is impossible to pour concrete from a height of more than 1.5 m, otherwise the mixture will separate.

If butobeton is used as a mixture, it is necessary to follow the joining of rubble stones, they should fit tightly to each other. This choice will take considerable time, especially if done with your own hands, as the stones are precisely selected and adjusted. This technology is reduced to the alternation of operations for laying layers and their compaction, and between them is poured concrete binder, which should be finely filled. (more…)

Hardwood floors between floors

The device overlapping the second floor on the wooden beams, as you can see – the procedure is simple. It is possible to assemble such a design, including independently. But, of course, performing the installation of the ceiling, you should strictly adhere to the established technologies. In this case, the design will be reliable and durable.

  Hardwood floors between floors

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Never do this in church! If you are not sure about whether you are behaving properly in a church or not, then you are probably not doing the right thing. (more…)

How to make a concrete mixer yourself

This article is suitable for any amateur builder who, in his spare time, is trying to arrange life at the dacha. In the construction of concrete can not do. Even if you make a house from wooden bars, you will definitely need a reinforced concrete foundation or piles. And having mixed hands a couple of times with a concrete solution in a bucket or trough with a drill or spade, an inquiring mind begins to look for less labor-intensive methods.

  How to make a concrete mixer yourself

Do you need a concrete mixer?

There are several options. You can order home delivery and the next day the mixer truck will deliver the required number of cubic meters. Perhaps this option is not quite economical. More industrious owners can buy a concrete mixer, it is compact and equipped with an electric motor for mixing the solution. Throw in it cement, sand, water and crushed stone in the right proportions, and only manage to release the concrete mixer, pouring the solution out of it. (more…)

Making the stairs with your own hands

Probable mistakes made in the manufacture of wooden structures, it will be easier to fix.

Those who wish to make the stairs on their own, no one advises to start with a complex screw type. If the limited dimensions of the room do not allow you to choose a simple flat option, it is better to purchase a ready-made set of modules or contact the builders.

A sloping “inter-floor communication tool” will take a lot of space, but the ascent and especially descent along it will be the most comfortable. Optimally, the angle of inclination does not exceed 37º. The inclination of 45º automatically converts the structure to the category of auxiliary. Going down it will need to back forward. The steepness of 40º is also not very convenient for descent.

  Making the stairs with your own hands

Sloping staircase with a slope of no more than 37 degrees – the most comfortable


How to make a floor in a frame house

Before you make a concrete screed, it is necessary to carry out a series of preparatory work. This is a layer under the concrete screed. It should consist of the following layers:

  1. The very first layer is a coarse-grained soil.
  2. Next, you need to pour the sand, which must be tamped.
  3. We cover the sand with large rubble, which we also tamp. The thickness of this layer should be at least 10 cm.

  How to make a floor in a frame house

Draft screed on the ground

If the foundation is high, then the sand should be filled and tamped down gradually, each layer falling asleep and tamping separately. Use a rammer or vibro-compactor that will visibly facilitate your work. Moisten the surface of the sand with water, only not much, it will help to seal the sand more strongly. This is a very important stage of laying floors on the ground, so it’s best not to hurry and allow the sand to settle for some time after mechanical compaction. (more…)