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How to whiten the ceiling whitewash

Before painting with water-based paint, bleached ceiling is primed. You should use a special means of deep penetration. After the primer dries, you need to test the old coating for strength. To do this, simply try to scratch the ceiling with a spatula. If the old coating is easily removed – it is better not to risk it and still remove it. If the chalk or lime soaked in the primer is held firmly, you can start painting.

  How to whiten the ceiling whitewash

Sometimes the owners of apartments and houses trim the whitewashed ceilings with a water-based emulsion without prior priming. This is also permissible. But only if a very high quality paint from a good manufacturer is used.

Basic rules whitewash

Of course, before starting such an operation as whitewashing the ceiling for the old whitewashing, the room needs to be prepared. (more…)

How to fix siding on a wooden house

The panels should have a gap of about 5 mm between them. as the material tends to expand when heated. If siding is made during the cold season, the gap should be left more.

If it is necessary to expand the panels, the connecting H-profile is used. It is possible to stack siding and overlap, blocking the previous panel by 2-2.5 cm.

Around the openings slats are inserted into the locks.

The installation system is quite simple, siding panels have locking parts and finished holes for screws or nails, so they are easy to dock with each other and fasten to the base.

Required Tools

  How to fix siding on a wooden house

For wall siding with your own hands you will need the following tools:

  • knife (vinyl panels are easy to cut)
  • jigsaw (allows you to speed up the process of cutting panels)
  • drill punch
  • screwdriver
  • level (it is more convenient to use modern laser)
  • roulette

A set of these tools certainly have every owner of a wooden house. (more…)

How to mount imitation timber inside the house

Installation of imitation timber inside the house will also involve decorating corners, for this purpose special internal and external elements are used. They are purchased with panels. But between the walls and the ceiling should be installed baguettes. For the bottom of the room you need to buy a plinth. Once you have finished the finish, you can sand it and apply varnish on the surface. In some cases, carry out toning, but this approach is “an amateur.” It is best to install painted panels on the ceiling, this will save time and effort.

  How to mount imitation timber inside the house

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7 body parts that should not be touched. Think of your body as a temple: you can use it, but there are some sacred places that cannot be touched. (more…)

Sheathe house metal siding do it yourself

For metal it is 1.9×10 -5 / o C, and for polyvinyl chloride (50) · 10 -6 / ° C.

The starting level is fastened in 300-400 mm increments.

2. Installation of complex internal and external corners, as well as complex strap H-connector

If you prefer to use complex additional elements to metal siding – then they should be installed after the starting bar. The pitch of mounting screws or nails – 200-300 mm. This is due to the fact that the parts have a rather complicated structure (geometry) and to ensure their reliable fastening will help more frequent drilling of self-tapping screws.

  Sheathe house metal siding do it yourself

H-connector complex H-connector complex

The corner is external difficult

The corner is internal difficult The corner is internal complex

Good to know. Angle sizes may vary by manufacturer.

The installation of the H-connector and complex angles is shown in the figure. (more…)

How to get water on the site with their own hands

  • Well on the sand. More common this type received due to the low cost of work and the ability to perform work manually. From a structural point of view, a sand well is a single column with a bottom filter (see diagram). Debit wells ranges from 5 to 100 cubic meters. per day. The depth of drilling is limited to 10 meters (with machine drilling 30 m). For pumping out water, a hand pump is used (a hand column for a well) or a pumping unit. Service life is 10-15 years.

  How to get water on the site with their own hands

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  • Well on limestone or artesian well. It is much less common. The reason for this may be: the high cost of the work and the need to agree on a drilling project in local licensing organizations (such as KP Vodokanal). Well construction solution is more complicated. It consists of two columns – casing, and working. (more…)

Wall frame house technology

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  Wall frame house technology

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Any frame wall is a base, which in the next stage is sheathed and filled with various materials. In our case, a tree is used for the base.

The technology of building frame walls of wood

The frame is a rack, the cross section of which may be in the range of 38 * 150 mm. (more…)

How to insulate the walls of the house from the inside

Insulation for walls inside the house allows you to increase the thermal performance of the design. Works are carried out from inside the premises. Warming from the inside – unconventional technology. Usually use outdoor. But there are situations when there is no other way out.

  How to insulate the walls of the house from the inside

Internal insulation is recommended when it is not possible to conduct external insulation.

Most often, the interior wall insulation experts recommend in extreme cases, when there is simply no other way out. Also, the option is relevant for apartment buildings. It helps not only to increase the comfort of housing, but also to prevent the occurrence of such troubles as mold or fungus.

Warming the walls from the inside with their own hands has a number of drawbacks. For this reason, the method has many opponents. Ways of wall insulation from the inside cause such problems as:


How to insulate a log house outside with your own hands

  How to insulate a log house outside with your own hands

House with a male roof, nineteenth century.

Another feature was the construction of a log house under the very roof, the construction of which in this case was called mats. This type of structure was especially widely distributed in the north of Russia. The logs were raised to the very roof, they built the triangle of the pediment, on which they fastened the slings for tesa.

So, we see the following features that did not allow traditional wooden houses to be made in Russia:

  1. wall thickness sufficient to maintain heat;
  2. solidity of the walls, achieved by the density of logs and caulking slots;
  3. low level of hygroscopicity of wood due to its processing with an ax.

Consider these features as applied to modern homes from timber.

Modern house of timber

Modern house from a bar with a section of 150 mm. (more…)