Day: December 30, 2018

Ground floor overlap on wooden beams

The allowed deflection of the flooring shall not exceed 1/350 of the beam length, that is, the length of the deflection shall not exceed 10 mm per 3.5 m of the beam length. If the span is large, and the cross section to create the necessary strength is not enough, you can install vertical columns and build additional bearing walls. At installation of additional columns or bearing walls use special punched fixture.

In places of contact came down with the bearing elements, you need to lay insulating materials, which, for example, include a damper tape. You can use several layers of rubber or sheet rubber, which will also serve as waterproofing.

  Ground floor overlap on wooden beams

Perforated bar support

Often they began to use special brackets made of perforated metal, thanks to which the installation of the beams can be performed end-to-end with a supporting wall, assembled joints of crossbars and short bars. (more…)

Bituminous mastic for waterproofing the foundation with their own hands

Bitumen for waterproofing the foundation before work is heated to a temperature of 160-180 degrees, which requires the presence on the site of heating devices. High temperature is necessary for the complete removal of moisture from the substance. Differs material low price per square meter. Often in the composition there are various additives to improve elasticity.

Mastic is made on organic solvents and applied in a cold state. These include:

  • Normal bitumen mastic on solvents. The most popular means for waterproofing the base. It is distinguished by low cost, but the durability of the protective film is small.
  • Bituminous mastic with the addition of polymers. It increases elasticity, improves adhesion with the base, increases the temperature range of use. Does not require complete drying of the wall. (more…)
  • How to build your house

    We make sewers and plumbing using plastic pipes. The issues of heat and hot water are perfectly solved by a modern and inexpensive double-circuit gas boiler.

    Pay special attention to electrical wiring inside the house. Its installation is better to entrust experts. Houses often burn because of problems with wiring.

      How to build your house

    Interior decoration – no limit to the imagination

    Here everyone chooses for himself those design solutions that he likes the most and fit the price limit. Walls are cheaper to glue wallpaper. Linoleum is laid on the floor or inexpensive carpet. The bathroom is decorated with ceramic tiles. Materials for interior decoration a huge amount. Study, analyze, compare and make your final choice.

    How and from which it is cheaper to build a house: we compare materials and technologies

    Building a new home is always a big expense. (more…)

    How to level a wooden floor

    Wood floor leveling with plywood without lag

    With a slight difference in floor levels, plywood sheets are attached directly to the wooden base with screws. Alignment is performed at the highest surface height. In places of lowering the level of plywood pads are substituted.

    To implement this method, using plywood with a thickness of up to 8-10 mm is sufficient. If necessary, you can apply sheets in two layers. Laying squares is made in rows; and each subsequent row is shifted relative to the previous one by not less than ΒΌ of the sheet width.

    The first row of plywood should be separated from the wall by a distance of up to 8 mm, for which a plank of an appropriate width is fixed.

    Between squares recommended clearance of about 3 mm. The caps of the screws should be recessed into the material. (more…)

    Hardwood floors in a brick house

    For such purposes, it is recommended to choose softwood or larch wood, since such material has the best strength relative to hardwood. Bars, boards or logs must be dry – humidity not exceeding 14% is allowed. Usually, lumber acquires such moisture in a year when the proper storage conditions are created.

      Hardwood floors in a brick house

    Wood moisture measurement

    Beams should not have a large number of knots, it is advisable to reject the forest, which has pronounced obliquity or tiltedness – the fibers should be placed along the bar or board. It is good if the lumber was treated with an antiseptic and a composition that improves the fire resistance of the wood.

    Depending on where wooden floors are used, it is necessary to make a choice of bars or boards according to the dimensions of the section, on which the reliability of the structure depends. (more…)