Day: December 28, 2018

How to install a door closer on the front door

The template is printed on both sides of the sheet. On one side – for opening the doors “on oneself” – on the hinge side (in the photo above), on the other side – “from oneself”.

Template installation

There are two perpendicular red stripes on the pattern. Horizontal align with the upper edge of the door leaf, the vertical – with the axis of the hinge.

  How to install a door closer on the front door

With the upper edge of the door leaf, everything is clear, but in order not to make a mistake when installing, the line of the hinge axis must be drawn. If you install a closer from the hinge side, there is no problem – with the help of a long ruler and a pencil, move the middle loop line upwards. If mounting is done on the other hand, measure the distance from the edge of the web to the middle of the loop. Mark this distance on the other side and draw a line. (more…)

We build a frame bath with your own hands

For the roof we take soft tile or metal tile. In extreme cases, profiled. But before that you need to do the warming. We work from the outside, we start with the following list of materials:

  1. Vapor barrier.
  2. Insulation.
  3. Wind-moisture protective membrane.
  4. Tile or professional sheet.

Note! Three items from the list are perfect for work and with the walls of the bath.

Read more about dvukhskatny version of the roof on the frame:

Construction of floors, roofs with explanations.

Work is performed by sector between the rafters. And after installing the protective membrane put a tile with a tile. Example for a landmark:

What to take in the decoration of the walls in addition to wood

To use modern materials for cladding is now more profitable, more beautiful and sometimes faster. Yes, and with good lumber with such an abundance of competitive goods more difficult. (more…)

Fittings for strip foundations

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The length of the bars in the longitudinal zone should be equal to the length of the side of the house. The rods are threaded into the ring and fixed with a knitting wire at the corners of the yoke and in its central part. The step between the clamps is 30 cm. At the exit, you must have 4 component parts of the frame – 2 equal to the length and 2 smaller, equal to the width of the house. Next, the frames are laid in a trench and their connection is curved at an angle with reinforcement bars in accordance with the above scheme.

  Fittings for strip foundations

Bending cable clamps

When installing the frame inside the trench, you must observe the following rules:

  • the frame must be raised above the bottom of the trench with the help of stands of 5 cm – the requirements of the SNiP do not allow the use of fragments of bricks for this purpose;
  • laying should be performed strictly on the horizontal level;
  • the frame must be fixed relative to the side walls of the trench with the help of pins driven into its walls so that the reinforcement does not move when concreting.


Foundation for the home of

If you are building something with the expectation that the building will last for many years, then it is imperative for it to build a foundation. It does not matter whether it is a residential house, bath, garage, fence or greenhouse.

Articles in the category dedicated to foundations for a house will allow you to independently begin building your own house or any other structure that requires a reliable foundation. Even if you are not a fan of doing your own hands or you simply have no time, the information provided will allow you to monitor the progress of construction work carried out by hired workers.

Types of foundations for the house: which one to choose?

The construction of the foundation must be approached with all the responsibility, because otherwise you will not only constantly wait for various kinds of trouble during the operation of housing, but it may well happen that all this will end with the dismantling of the building, and subsequently the construction of a new foundation. (more…)

Floors in the frame house with their own hands

If one of the conditions for a safe floor is also its heating, then it is necessary at the very beginning to consider all types of its heating and choose the most suitable option for you. Heated floor can be made both in the whole house, and be only in a certain place (in separate rooms or rooms where it is important or necessary).

Heated floor is a whole system of pipes, preferably plastic, which is placed over the entire area of ​​a room or house, depending on the places where the floor is being insulated. If your frame house will be fully equipped with a floor heating system, then you need to take care of managing this heating system; this will require one control center, which is most convenient to be placed somewhere aside so that it does not interfere with anyone. It is better if it is an inaccessible and inaccessible place, such as a basement. (more…)