Day: December 27, 2018

Floor installation on logs

In cases where the distance between the ceiling beams is too large, fix the two layers of beams, perpendicular to each other. This, however, will not be necessary if the finish is wide thick boards.

Fixation methods

The methods of fixing the lag to the base depend on its type. The traditional method of fixing a log on concrete or reinforced concrete beams using long nails is already outdated. Yes, and he did not provide a long use lag.

Most often, builders use U-shaped fasteners or corner of galvanized steel. On one side, the corner is fixed to the concrete base with dowels, and on the other side it is screwed to the timber with screws. The fastener enters the lag by 3-5 cm. Similarly, the bars are attached to the brick posts on a dirt base.

  Floor installation on logs

If the length of the beam is not enough to cross the entire premises, often, prefabricated structures are used. (more…)

How to level a wooden floor with plywood

It is recommended to use the following schemes for fastening sheet material with self-tapping screws:

  • the order is a step in rows of 15–20 cm, the distance between them is 40–50 cm, positioning along the short side of the sheet;

  How to level a wooden floor with plywood

An orderly plate fixing scheme.

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  • cross – the same step, the location around the perimeter and along the diagonals of the rectangle.

    Diagonal mounting scheme.

    Important! In contrast to the grooved and edged boards, self-tapping screws are screwed into sheet materials strictly perpendicularly. It is better to drill a blind blind hole for a hardware head with a countersink, not a drill of larger diameter, the sharpening angle of which does not coincide with the screw configuration.

    Therefore, two power tools are usually used – a countersink is clamped into a power drill, and screws are screwed in with a screwdriver. (more…)

  • Formwork device for foundation

    Aesthetics is not important in the arrangement of strip foundations. Shields are knocked out of the board and bars. Given the design height of the base of the building is determined by the number of boards in the shield. Boards are laid out on a flat surface and sealed in bars in 1 m increments. Nails or screws are used for fastening.

    Sheathe structural elements of waterproofing film can be immediately or after installation in the trench. The film will prevent the outflow of the wet component of the concrete mix and will facilitate the dismantling of the shields after the concrete has hardened. If a waterproofing device is not planned, the shields are treated from the inside with hydro-barrier substances: reverse emulsions, milk of lime, waste oil, etc. After preparing all the external and internal shield elements, proceed to their installation. (more…)

    Pile tape foundation for home

    Like any foundation, the pile foundation has its drawbacks and advantages. Its advantages:

    • application of the base on the site with a strong slope;
    • the possibility of its construction on weak ground;
    • during the construction of the base a small amount of building materials is used;
    • high resistance to ground movement and heavy loads;
    • relatively low cost;
    • the ability to build a foundation completely with your own hands, including the use of concrete prepared by yourself.
    • for arranging such a foundation, it is necessary to carry out complex calculations that only specialists must do;
    • heavy walls erected on a pile foundation is not recommended;
    • Equipment under the building on a strip foundation on stilts of a basement or basement is problematic.

    Types of pile foundation

    Such a foundation is built on screw and bored piles. (more…)

    Frame construction of the house with their own hands

      Frame construction of the house with their own hands

    At this stage, you need to build a communications system and arrange ventilation. After that, all the walls are sheathed with two layers of drywall.

    Outside the house can be sheathed with siding, block house. You can make a plaster on the reinforcing mesh, using special putty. Interior decoration is no different from the improvement of ordinary apartments and houses.

    The construction of a frame house can be completed in one season, without waiting for its shrinkage. Building a house with this technology is currently the most economical option.

    Frame house do it yourself. Step-by-step instruction of construction stages

    Due to a number of advantages, frame and modular houses confidently lead in the rating of prefabricated structures, suitable not only for country use, but also for permanent residence. (more…)

    The correct foundation for the house

    To build a foundation without waterproofing means to get wet internal walls, reducing the resource base. The technology allows to protect the porous base material from surface (thawed, storm), groundwater. Therefore, the waterproofing layer must be continuous. There are several ways to protect the base from moisture:

    • mastic coating – a budget option that requires periodic updates;
    • rolled materials – sheets of roofing material with an overlap of 15 cm in two layers are glued onto the bitumen;
    • penetrating insulation – primers are expensive, but due to the deep penetration into the concrete there are no maintenance costs, subsequent repairs at home;
    • sprayed waterproofing is a universal technology that provides comprehensive protection against mechanical damage, water penetration, and heat loss.


    Ribbon finely foundations on the bottom in the section

    Starting any capital construction, initially you have to perform work on the manufacture of the foundation. Today there are a huge number of different types of this type of structures, each of which has certain properties and operating conditions.

    At the same time, it is much easier to create such a view as a shallow-tape foundation with your own hands and it is often used for small private houses.

      Ribbon finely foundations on the bottom in the section

    Visual aids, representing a fine-grained ribbon foundation according to SNiP in section, with various versions

    Production and scope

    Use shallow-depth ribbon foundation under the house of aerated concrete, under the construction of wood or under construction with a small load. At the same time, it has a lot of advantages over a full-fledged type of base, as it allows saving on material and on physical labor during installation. (more…)

    How to put the laminate on the wooden floor

    • damage caused by fungus.
    Old wooden floors are better to disassemble to the support bars. It is possible that over the years of operation, they are overgrown with mold and fungi. In this case, the damaged lags are replaced with new ones, and all remaining twice are treated with an antiseptic.

      How to put the laminate on the wooden floor

    Rotten logs need to be replaced.

    Remove and replace and all damaged floorboards. The gaps between the boards are filled with a special putty for wooden floor. Small differences in height, including those formed by layers of paint, can be eliminated with an electroplane or a scraper. In small areas, the nodules are removed by sandpaper.

    Painted floor scraping

    If the floors were laid recently, they can not be removed. In this case, only the fasteners are checked, the loose fixes are replaced.

    Important! (more…)