Day: December 21, 2018

Fireplaces for a private house do it yourself

• half-open: adjacent to the wall;

• island: freestanding structures, can be located in any part of the room.

According to the methods of heat release, they are divided into:
• structures with one-sided radiation: simple enough, heat comes from the three inclined walls of the firebox in one direction;

• fireplaces with two- and three-sided radiation are less common; have a larger firebox with two or three open walls. however, although they give off heat in several directions, they have only one reflecting surface. therefore, the heat from them is less; used mainly because of the high decorative properties.

  Fireplaces for a private house do it yourself

Fireplace inserts, open from two and three sides

Depending on the type of fuel fireplaces are:
• working on solid fuel (wood, less coal);

Fireplace base

Brick weighs a lot, so the fireplace should be built on a solid and solid foundation, which does not have distortions. (more…)

Is it possible to warm the house with foam outside

The ignition temperature is 491 degrees – almost 2 times higher than that of wood or paper. It is no more dangerous than furniture, wood inserts, linoleum and other materials – with proper use.

Polyfoam is a relatively young material and it is difficult to objectively judge its durability. It all depends on its quality and production. Manufacturers guarantee a service life of up to 80 years, subject to compliance with all requirements and temperature fluctuations from -40 to +40 degrees. It is possible that in the middle part of Russia it will serve a fixed period. Destruction factors – UV radiation and mechanical impact.

Foam is not a toxic or toxic material. There were no cases when the builders, constantly working with him, had any diseases due to him. Styrofoam is biologically neutral. (more…)

How to insulate a log house

To provide the building with high-quality insulating coating it is important to follow certain recommendations of specialists:

  1. Acquired insulation for exterior walls should be stored in a dry place, in a package, so that moisture that has suddenly penetrated into it does not affect the performance of the material.
  2. It is possible to fasten plates not only fasteners, but also in another way. For this, the battens of the batten are closer to each other: their width should be 15-20 mm smaller than the sizes of the materials used.

And remember that when working with insulating raw materials, you must take care of your own safety by wearing glasses, gloves and a respirator.

  How to insulate a log house

How to properly insulate a house from a bar outside

Why is it more practical to warm a house out of timber

First of all, experts recommend to insulate the house of such material from the outside, as this option has several advantages. (more…)

How to better insulate the roof of the attic

Above the insulation, between the crate and the rafters, waterproofing is laid. The material is overlapped, laying starts from the bottom edge of the slope. Then the wooden countermounts are mounted – their thickness creates the required ventilation gap of the roof. Reiki can be fastened to the rafters with nails, but it is better to use screws. To the prepared construction from within between the rafters the insulation is laid and fixed.

  How to better insulate the roof of the attic

Truss foot, made of metal or wood, is a cold bridge, as its coefficient of thermal conductivity is much worse than that of a heat insulator.

For this reason, warming the attic, you should not limit the installation of a heat insulator between the rafters – on top of the already laid mats and rafters it is better to perform a continuous heat-insulating layer. (more…)

Extension to the wooden house of the veranda

The first option is used for extensions with a large construction weight, and the second option – for light summer terraces.

The columnar foundation is used for open light summer terraces, attached on the ground floor level and only along one wall.

  1. For such a foundation, square holes with a depth of up to 800 mm are excavated at the corners of a future extension, and a layer of sand 100 mm thick is poured to the bottom.
  2. Then the pillars are wrapped with a layer of roofing felt, inserted into the pits, and the space around them is poured with cement mortar. In this case, the roofing material plays the role of waterproofing and antiseptic protective layer. The height of raising the pillars above the soil level depends on the level of the foundation of a wooden house and must be consistent with it.
  3. Bars are placed on the pillars, which are set at the building level, better than the water level, and on top of them are laid logs for the floor board of the future terrace. This type of foundation is suitable for any dry soil, but it is not recommended to install it on the soil with high humidity. This is due to the fact that there is an air gap between the bottom of the floor and the ground, and the wooden structures of the terrace will absorb moisture from both the surrounding atmosphere and soil evaporations.


Do-it-yourself roof

  Do-it-yourself roof

If the structure has a small width, A-shaped trusses are installed without a ridge girder. The horizontal lintel (bolt) gives the structure rigidity and reduces the load on the spacer, which is transmitted to the walls. The attachment of truss legs in the upper part is enhanced by a wooden or metal plate lining.

The lower part of the rafters can rest on the mauerlat with the cut-off end – in this case, the truss system is performed without overhang. If the project provides for the construction of a roof with an overhang of rafter legs, a recess is cut in the lower part of the rafter so that the rafter of the horizontal part of the cutout rests on the power plate.

The construction of the roof of the house can be done without laying the wall cover on long walls. In this case, beams are mounted across the long walls, and the length of the beams exceeds the width of the building. (more…)

Electrician in the house with their own hands

After the complete installation of electrical wiring, you need to install all the planned machines, RCD and electrical appliances. After that, boldly invite a specialist from the energy supervision to check and commission the electrical equipment of your home.

Acceptance tests of your facility should end with the issuance of a positive conclusion about the safety of the wiring. the possibility of further use of equipment. With the “Act of admission to connect” you should contact the power supply organization. On this basis, it should connect your object to the support and draw up an agreement on the provision of services.

You should not save on consumables and tools – because in the future, well-done work will be the key to your peace of mind and comfort.

To make electrical wiring in the house on your own is a simple matter, but it requires attentiveness and scrupulousness. (more…)

Pile foundation of asbestos pipes with their own hands

To calculate the need to know the depth of soil freezing in your area, as well as the planned load on the foundation. The depth of freezing can be determined by reference data. The reference book indicates the depth of freezing of bare soil, without snow cover. If your area has high snow cover, reference data can be somewhat reduced.

Table – depth of soil freezing in the regions of Russia

It is necessary to add 0.3-0.5 meters to the reference value – this will be the required depth of the underground part of the piles. Above the soil level, the piles of pipes usually protrude by 0.3 meters, but if there is the possibility of flooding, they can also be made higher.

The diameter of the pipes depends on the weight of the building. For light arbors, it is enough to have pipes with a diameter of 10 cm, for log buildings it is better to choose pipes with a diameter of 25-30 cm. (more…)