Day: December 19, 2018

Laying laminate on wooden floor

In this case, the spike of one panel is inserted into the slit of another. Sheets should lie flat. Then they are joined to each other with a hammer and a bar. As in the above case, we calculate the width of the last row, taking into account the gap. Depending on this indicator, we saw the boards so that they are identical.

Laying laminate lock-lock

Start laying from the left corner. To the first panel from the front side, hold the second sheet, insert it into the groove of the previous panel and beat. So we pack the whole row. Starting the installation of the second row, remember that the joints need to be shifted to get chess order. The last row is laid with the help of a clamp, for which you will need to cut off the panel smoothly to fill the space left between the wall and the last but one sheet. (more…)

Frame house on Canadian technology do it yourself

  Frame house on Canadian technology do it yourself

From above obreshetki the roofing material keeps within. Rolls need to be spread vertically. The material is fixed with nails.

As the material for the roof, you can use slate. Begin laying should be on the back of the building. In the first row it will be necessary to lay 4 sheets, in each subsequent one sheet less. In the last row should be only 1 sheet of slate.

Rows need to be made even. If the deviation of any of the rows is not detected in time, then all actions will have to be performed first. Slate is fixed with special nails.


To build frame houses on the Canadian technology is easy. Frame house with your own hands can be built in a few months. This design has a large number of advantages. The main advantages of Canadian houses:

  1. Low cost of construction.
  2. Low weight designs.
  3. Heat protection at home.
  4. The ability to build a structure in a few months.


How to build a shield house

It is necessary to carry out construction work in a clearly defined sequence in accordance with the construction project. You will be able to get the highest quality result and cope with the work in the shortest possible time only if you follow this rule. The procedure to be followed is as follows:

  How to build a shield house

Scheme of insulation of a frame-shield house.

  1. Laying the foundation, designed for a certain load exerted on him by the house. Before this, you must accurately determine the height of the house.
  2. Installation of frame boards of industrial production. This panel material is installed in special modules that must be specified and numbered in the project and delivered along with the frames to the construction site.
  3. The implementation of the insulating layer, which further allows you to save on heating.
  4. Gluing vapor barrier film designed to protect the insulating material from moisture, which can penetrate to it from inside the building.
  5. Installation of a protective membrane to protect against external moisture and wind.
  6. Installation of doors and windows.
  7. The construction of the roof, which can be covered with materials at your discretion.
  8. Exterior decoration of the house. Various materials can be used for this, from structural plaster to silicate bricks.
  9. Interior decoration of the house.


Do-it-yourself house building

In addition, do not forget that a copy of the project will need to be submitted along with an application for a construction permit. In conclusion, it is worth noting that the project of the house consists of several sections – this is:

  1. Engineering part, which includes: Electrician. Sewage system Water supply and heating.
  2. The architectural part – it includes drawings and sizes of structures.

After the project is ready we move on. Now it is necessary to equip our site: first we put a construction trailer on the territory – it is necessary so that at the first stages of construction there is where to change clothes, and also where to hide an expensive tool from the rain and not invited guests, except to cheer up with a warm tea when you are tired.

In the initial stages of construction, a construction wagon will serve well


Hardwood Cake Between Floors

Polyethylene film can be used as a waterproofing agent. Sheets overlap each other by 20-25 cm and are fixed with construction tape.

Clean floors

Finishing floors can be made of grooved boards. At a step of 60 cm support bars, convenient for laying mineral wool, 35 mm thick boards will be optimal. When using a smaller step, you can use a smaller thickness of the boards.

On top of the bars you can put plywood or OSB slabs with a thickness of 16-20 mm, on top of which is a topcoat.

Pie floor on the beams of the first floor has a multilayer structure. In order for wooden constructions to serve due time, it is necessary to observe the technical rules for laying each layer.

How to make an interfloor “pie” in a wooden ceiling

Good evening! Tell me, please, I want to make a room above the garage, the ceiling lags are wooden. (more…)

Frame walls construction principle

  Frame walls construction principle

The principle of the frame layers in the wall of the house

We can safely say that according to any of the modifications of the frame technology, it is possible to build a good house in terms of an inexpensive, warm and durable one, and such that the whole life in it will turn into anguish.

Light wall features

It depends on the understanding of the direct implementers of the technology, the desire or deliberate unwillingness to save on the materials used and the concept of such an elusive and incomprehensible punctual German “and so it will come down.” Since it is in frame houses everything depends on thoroughly correct implementation of all stages of construction work, the proportion of error is very likely. And on which of the stages of building a house this error will be detected, the cost of fixing it depends. (more…)