Day: December 17, 2018

Laminate on wooden floors in a private house

In this case, the spike of one panel is inserted into the slit of another. Sheets should lie flat. Then they are joined to each other with a hammer and a bar. As in the above case, we calculate the width of the last row, taking into account the gap. Depending on this indicator, we saw the boards so that they are identical.

Laying laminate lock-lock

Start laying from the left corner. To the first panel from the front side, hold the second sheet, insert it into the groove of the previous panel and beat. So we pack the whole row. Starting the installation of the second row, remember that the joints need to be shifted to get chess order. The last row is laid with the help of a clamp, for which you will need to cut off the panel smoothly to fill the space left between the wall and the last but one sheet. (more…)

Laying laminate on an old wooden floor

Everything is quite simple. First, calculate the required number of panels, then, knowing the area of ​​the room and the area of ​​one panel determine their exact number. The stock must be taken at least 10%, since some of the panels will be cut off. For the very top layer of the substrate, from 3 to 5 mm thick, on which the panels will be directly laid, most often foam polyethylene is used, which is produced in rolls 105 mm wide.

  Laying laminate on an old wooden floor

This substrate is obligatory, as it performs important functions – sound insulation, additional smoothing of uneven ground, moisture protection of the bottom surfaces of the panels. Roll out the substrate perpendicular to the laying of the laminate sheets end-to-end without overlap, avoiding wrinkling and waviness. A gap of at least 50 mm should be left between the walls and the floor, so that with possible deformational expansions, the laminate plates do not rest against the wall and do not swell. (more…)

How to caulk a house from a log

There are two ways:

  How to caulk a house from a log

Scheme ways cauldron.

With the caulking method, the stretch of material is twisted into strands, which are subsequently wound into a ball for easy handling. From the yarns obtained, we knit loops and drive them into the gaps and cracks formed. The number of loops depends on the size of the cleft. The material for the cauldron is primarily driven into the upper edges, and then the lower ones. To give the seam a neat look, the tow is trimmed with the flattened end of the small nail puller.

A lot of attention needs to be paid to the corners, as they are caulk with special care. Covering the walls, the ends of the tow need to be released at the corners of 10-15 cm.

If the caulking iron fits in the finished house, the height of the log house is increased to 15 cm, therefore, in order not to damage the chimney, it must be freed from greasing solutions for the duration of the work. (more…)

How to make a tape foundation for the house

Faster, cheaper and more convenient to perform waterproofing with the help of fired lime, roofing material (roll type) and bitumen mastic. The technology of waterproofing the foundation is not as complicated as it seems. There are 2 common methods of waterproofing.

How to properly waterproof the strip foundation? Start from the allocated budget. The first method is the most difficult, but durable. The second method is simple, it is used mainly in budget construction projects.

  1. You need to coat the entire surface of the foundation with mastic. Initially, the mastic must be mixed with fuzz in a 1: 1 ratio and heated to a soft texture. Apply 5 mm of warm mastic and a sheet of roofing material on top. The action is recommended to be carried out in stages, repeating 2-3 times. It is recommended to begin to coat sheets from the side surfaces of the foundation, ending with the upper side.
  2. A sheet of waterproofing material is placed on the 5-8 mm layer of cement, and the actions are repeated 2-3 times.


How to properly strengthen the foundation of the old house

This method is considered the most convenient and easily accomplished. Piles can install any home craftsman who does not have special skills. A pile is a pipe with a helical platform, thanks to which it is screwed into the ground. At the same site is the redistribution of the load at home. How to strengthen the old foundation of the house? This photo shows (with screw piles).

  How to properly strengthen the foundation of the old house

Indented method

If the structure is very old, then all drilling operations are prohibited. The foundation can be strengthened only with indented piles. Such works are performed by professionals and require special equipment.


In order to strengthen the base with this method, it is necessary to prepare two-meter wells. Then they assemble the reinforcement cage and pour concrete. The beams are laid on the made piles, the repaired old house is located on them. (more…)