Day: December 16, 2018

How to break a well for water with your own hands

All the above-described technologies for self-drilling of water wells have common features. After the well has reached the aquifer (water appears in large quantities in the rock), they continue to drill for some time, going deeper into the aquifer by 1-2 meters. Then the entire drill string is disassembled, and the casing is installed inside the well.

It is necessary to understand the casing. Choose a diameter depending on the size of the hole you have drilled and the type of pump you plan to use. We must carefully consider the choice of material. For some time asbestos pipes were used for the casing. But they are very harmful – the strongest carcinogen. Do not use galvanized pipes – zinc is not excreted from the body, it accumulates. And poisoning them has very bad consequences.

There is not so much choice – pipes from steel and stainless steel, as well as plastic – HDPE and PVC. (more…)

How to level the wooden floor under the laminate putty

Leveling wooden floor with putty

If you decide to repair the old wooden floor. then on the building materials market you can find different mixtures for leveling wooden flooring and putty materials:

  • cement;
  • gypsum;
  • on the basis of polymers (acrylic).

The putty itself can be:

  • leveling (starting);
  • finish;
  • universal.

  How to level the wooden floor under the laminate putty

As the name implies, you should be interested in leveling putty. It is very durable and has a large grain and adhesion. This putty is called starting, as it aligns the main surface irregularities. Finishing is applied with a thinner layer and prepares the floor for laying decorative finishes.

There are many ways to level the wooden floor under the laminate putty. One of the modern and quite interesting options is the use of PVA glue for puttying. Need sawdust. PVA is mixed with wood production wastes to produce a mixture, which becomes very strong when dried. (more…)

Rough floor in the house

It is necessary to process the antiseptic beams, rims, logs, floor boards. We must not be lazy, and do it twice, with a break of 5 hours. Pre wearing protective equipment.

Laying the subfloor in a wooden house is done with the help of boards.

There are several methods for laying boards:

  • In the grooves of the beams. The beams resemble the shape of the letter “H”
  • Laying on the shoulders beams. In this embodiment, the beam is similar to the letter “T”
  • Laying on the cranial bars. The most common method, because the easiest. Bars nailed to the edges of the beams, and lay the boards on them.

Instead of boards, you can also use slab. He is able to withstand the load from the insulation.

On top of the boards mounted waterproofing, insulation, and in the end – vapor barrier. Rough floor ready. (more…)

DIY foundation building

If you are building something with the expectation that the building will last for many years, then it is imperative for it to build a foundation. It does not matter whether it is a residential house, bath, garage, fence or greenhouse.

Articles in the category dedicated to foundations for a house will allow you to independently begin building your own house or any other structure that requires a reliable foundation. Even if you are not a fan of doing your own hands or you simply have no time, the information provided will allow you to monitor the progress of construction work carried out by hired workers.

We build a quality foundation with our own hands

Ivan, in this case, you need to build on a 10-liter bucket. Fill a full bucket with sand and add 1/3 of cement, mix everything 10 liters. (more…)

How to make a well on the site

With a pump that will pump water to the surface, you must decide in advance. The choice of pumping equipment allows to solve the problem with the diameter of the future well and the core pipe. Pumping equipment must pass freely into the pipe. Therefore, between the diameter of the pumping equipment and the inner diameter of the pipe the difference should be at least 5 mm.

Drilling principle

  How to make a well on the site

The descent and the subsequent lifting of the equipment – this is the process of drilling a well. The bar turns and simultaneously with it hit on top. Working together, it is much easier to do this work. One person turns the gas wrench, the second strikes the bar from above, punching the rock.

Using a winch can significantly simplify the drilling process. Using it, lowering and lifting drilling equipment is noticeably easier. (more…)

Extension of the veranda to the house

The veranda attached to the house allows you to expand the living space, get a place for a comfortable rest. Closed (glazed), it also reduces the heat loss at home. The best part is that you can do it yourself. And there are options that require substantial costs, there are inexpensive ones. There are a lot of varieties both in structure and in the materials used, you can arrange in any style.

What are

According to the method of the device, the porch attached to the house can be closed – with glazing – or open. The open ones are used mainly in the warm period, while the closed ones can serve as a place for recreation all year round. The veranda attached to the house can be of two types at once: the part can be glazed (closed), the part – open.

  Extension of the veranda to the house

On the covered veranda you can relax all year round. (more…)

House of aerated concrete with their own hands

When laying blocks it is necessary to comply with the technology and construction parameters. Then you can not disassemble and redo the masonry – just break.

The basis of the successful construction of a house of aerated concrete – quality masonry. It is enough to follow a few of the most important rules for everything to turn out as it should.

  • we build the house, not sparing construction mix or glue;
  • the foundation and its material is selected depending on the type of terrain of the future house;
  • check the level of masonry level after each row;
  • it is important to preserve the blocking of blocks. That is, the middle of the block of the next row should fall on each vertical seam;
  • Grease the vertical seams most thoroughly, since it is in these places that gaps form most often after shrinkage.