Day: December 14, 2018

Floor plate do it yourself

For staircases of internal communications there is an opening. It can be partially filled with a board for comfortable walking when pouring, leaving a small hatch with a temporary ladder. Using multilayer plywood reduces installation time, but the estimate is doubled.

At the last stage the contours of partitions and walls are placed with paint. This will improve the accuracy of the passage of electricians, other engineering systems.

Install side shields

Flanging overlap is made by hand from a board with a thickness of 4 cm minimum, you can use a board 5 cm, bought at the initial stage. In order to avoid deformations on the external planes of the walls, pieces of timber are mounted, which are the stops for the formwork side shields.

The maximum strength of the interface plates / walls get the following way:


Finnish house with their own hands

  Finnish house with their own hands

Construction of houses on the Finnish technology

Insulation for the walls of the frame house

Multilayer sandwich panels used in the construction of houses using Finnish technology contain an environmentally friendly mineral wool insulation. Since it does not decompose, the life of the building increases by 3-4 times compared with houses built using Canadian technology.

Expanded polystyrene, which consists of organic insulation, decomposes over time. During its decomposition polymeric compounds are formed, which release harmful substances into the environment.
Sandwich panels, having in their composition a heater of organic origin, should be changed every 25 years of operation. In houses built using Finnish technology, expanded polystyrene is absent.

Finnish glued laminated timber

If the manufacturing technology of laminated veneer lumber was maintained, then it turns out an excellent building material, which is part of all the supporting structures of the frame house according to the Finnish technology. (more…)

Device tape foundation do it yourself

  Device tape foundation do it yourself

Foundation casting

For foundations, it is desirable to use ready-made concrete. In this case, it is possible to carry out winter works, since for these purposes a special brand of mortar hardening in the cold is used. Brand is selected depending on the type of building:

  • M100 – for wooden houses and outbuildings;
  • M150 – for buildings of foam concrete;
  • М200 – for one- and two-storey cottages with light floors;
  • M250 and M300 – for buildings up to 5 floors, as well as for monolithic floors;
  • M400 – for high-rise buildings (up to 20 floors).

It is not recommended to pour a layer of not more than 60 cm at a time. Deep-laid foundations are poured in several stages, maintaining a break between them for no more than 2 hours. The concrete can be poured in 12 hours, but the surface film is brushed off or removed with water pressure. (more…)

Electrical wiring in a country house with their own hands

After the complete installation of electrical wiring, you need to install all the planned machines, RCD and electrical appliances. After that, boldly invite a specialist from the energy supervision to check and commission the electrical equipment of your home.

Acceptance tests of your facility should end with the issuance of a positive conclusion about the safety of the wiring. the possibility of further use of equipment. With the “Act of admission to connect” you should contact the power supply organization. On this basis, it should connect your object to the support and draw up an agreement on the provision of services.

You should not save on consumables and tools – because in the future, well-done work will be the key to your peace of mind and comfort.

To make electrical wiring in the house on your own is a simple matter, but it requires attentiveness and scrupulousness. (more…)

Do-it-yourself private house project

Each concept of the comfort of their cottages. It depends on the needs of the family, their well-being and status. To some, the size and zoning of a room’s space of 12 square meters will seem optimal, and for some it will be unacceptably cramped.

  Do-it-yourself private house project

Planning a two-storey cottage with a garage

The average data confirms that a family of two adults and two children lives quite comfortably if there are rooms of the following sizes:

Thus, the optimal size of the building spot is 9 x 9 meters. if the house is two-storey or one-storey with an attic.

The layout of the house with a mansard 9 × 9

If you put the house with a base of 8 x 8. then some rooms will have to be abandoned, and the rest to make a little more compact. The network contains a lot of ready-made projects and layouts for houses of this size. (more…)

Frame house shield hands

The floor should be laid in two layers. For laying the first layer, you can use raw wooden material.

Boards should be laid in such a way that due to them the marking of the future location of the walls is indicated. Be sure to treat the wood with a special antiseptic, it will help to avoid further rotting of the material.

Be sure to use level when laying floorboards. With it you can make a flat floor. It is on how the floor is laid that the whole geometry of the future house depends.

Then anchor bolts, attach the boards to the foundation. The distance between them should be approximately two meters. But that’s not all. Further lags are placed on top. In between it is necessary to place insulation material – foam or mineral wool.

At the end a second layer is made. Smooth boards with dimensions of 5×15 cm are attached to the logs. (more…)

How can we insulate wooden windows for the winter

This is one of the most effective ways to insulate using a compactor. The difference lies in the technology of its installation. In this case, before you install the seal, you need to make a groove in the frame and place the seal in it.

As you can see, the Swedish technology is, in fact, a partial restoration of a wooden window. And, ordinary wooden frames in their heat-saving properties are close to metal-plastic.

The Swedish technology of insulation of wooden windows is in demand in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where residents of old houses that are part of the historical heritage. Many do not want to switch to plastic and try to warm wooden windows with high quality without changing their appearance.

Warming of wooden windows with sealant or silicone

Transparent sealant (acrylic) or silicone (silicone sealant) is applied either between the window frame and window sill, or between the frame and glass. (more…)

Laminate on wooden floors in the apartment

After leveling the floor and cleaning it from debris, a springy damping tape is laid to damp sounds along the walls. So that the seams of the substrate do not fall on the joints of the boards, sheets or roll substrate roll out across the floor across the direction of the laminate lamellas.

It fits only the smooth side up and is interconnected end to end, without overlap. To avoid shearing the substrate, all sheets are fastened together with building tape. If the damper tape is not used, you can put the edges of the substrate a little to the wall a couple of centimeters. In the future, the excess is cut off. In order not to crush the porous material while walking, it is not recommended to lay the entire substrate at once – it is better to lay it out as needed.

Laying laminate step by step