Day: December 12, 2018

The foundation on the concrete piles do it yourself

After the completion of drilling operations, it is necessary to make devices for the arrangement of wellheads. For this, cylinders are made from the roofing roofing material on the inner diameter of the hole with a length of about 250-300 mm. These devices will serve as formwork and casting guides. After that, the cylinders are inserted into the wells with their own hands.

The failure of the above formwork promises a lot of trouble in the form of leakage of concrete milk, increasing the roughness of the outer surface of the supports and the loss of strength of the pile tip. After the device heads are made and lowered into the well the reinforcement cage of the future columns. The skeleton is knitted with knitting wire, and it consists of 3-4 vertical rods of construction (8-12 mm) reinforcement, connected by transverse horizontal ties with a step of 0.5-0.6 m. (more…)

Making stairs of wood with their own hands

  Making stairs of wood with their own hands

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What is it like to be a virgin at 30? What is interesting, women who have not had sex almost until reaching middle age.

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Never do this in church! If you are not sure about whether you are behaving properly in a church or not, then you are probably not doing the right thing. (more…)

Do-it-yourself construction of aerated concrete houses

Knot support truss construction on the wall of aerated concrete blocks with metal brackets.

If there is a gap in the first row of masonry, you should install an additional block. Cutting aerated concrete can be done with a special hacksaw, hand or electric saw. Sawn base can be leveled out with a plane. The end parts of the finishing blocks will need to be completely smeared with adhesive mixture.

To perform the laying of the blocks, you must use an adhesive solution consistency of thick cream. The adhesive mixture is applied with a trowel or ladle with curved edges.

After applying the solution will need to level with a spatula. After laying the initial row of gas blocks, you need to level the base of the masonry with a special plane. Dust and other dirt can be removed with a brush.

The alignment of the masonry is repeated after laying out each row of gas blocks. (more…)

Laying tiles on wood

Video workshop for independent tile handlers

How to reconcile ceramics with a wooden base?

Due to the organic origin of wood, it cannot be classified as “unshakable” building materials. It shrivels from a lack of moisture, swells from oversupply. A new wooden floor for a year or two still shrinks after construction, and after the expiry of the term set for post-construction shrinkage, the movements still occur. Invisible to the human eye, the movement adversely affects the solidity of the tile-coated surface. Structural bonds are broken, tiles get unstuck and crack. As a result, not only all the work goes down the drain, but also a lot of money invested in the decoration.

This means that the task of the home-grown finisher is to create a kind of damping layer that absorbs the characteristic movement of wooden elements. (more…)

How to make a staircase with your own hands

To independently make a wooden staircase in the house, we will need the following materials and tools:

  • boards;
  • bar for kowers (250 * 50 mm);
  • beams for treads and risers with a thickness of 30-40 mm;
  • ready railings;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • hacksaw for wood;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • set of screwdrivers;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • 2-3 lines of various lengths;
  • bench fitting;
  • hammer;
  • chisel;
  • plane;
  • hacksaw;
  • sandpaper;
  • anchor bolts;
  • studs;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • stainless steel screws.

  How to make a staircase with your own hands

Installation of the mid-flight ladder.

The construction of a wooden structure in the house begins with the installation of kosur. Based on the length of the ladder is trimming timber. And you need to take into account the thickness of the bottom tread. In kosoure cut openings designed to accommodate the steps.


How to make a frame house

In general, it is possible to lay one beam 100-150 cm, but its price is much higher than two boards, which together give the same thickness, and correctly fastened two boards have a greater bearing capacity, although it takes more time to lay them. So that they work as a single timber, they are knocked down with nails in increments of 20 cm in a checkerboard pattern.

We put the strapping and logs

Next to the rail board is attached strapping. Its size is also 150-50 mm, but it is placed on the edge. It is leveled at the outer edge of the foundation, and is nailed with long nails (9 cm) to the sunbath every 40 cm.

  How to make a frame house

Installation of the harness: according to the instructions, the assembly of the frame house continues with the installation of the harness to which. will lag the floor

The next stage is the installation and installation of the lag. (more…)

Construction change house do it yourself drawings

12 things you should not buy in second-hand Check out the list of things that should always be new, and never buy them in second-hand.

  Construction change house do it yourself drawings

What is it like to be a virgin at 30? What is interesting, women who have not had sex almost until reaching middle age.

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How to look younger: the best haircuts for those over 30, 40, 50, 60 Girls in 20 years do not worry about the shape and length of hair. (more…)

Warmth up the walls of mineral wool outside with their hands technology

The “wet” method is suitable for “stone” walls: concrete, brick. If the walls are frame or wood, then the insulation should be carried out in another way.

The ventilated facade system is suitable for various types of external walls – from aerated concrete (see. Load-bearing walls from aerated concrete: masonry with their own hands), wooden, brick, concrete. According to the technology, the skeleton is made; squares of mineral wool are placed in its “cells”, which need to be laid with maximum density.

The plates are glued to the wall with special adhesive masses and additionally fixed with an anchor plug. The advantage of this technology is that it is not necessary to seal the layer with a vapor-insulating material. The gap, intentionally left between the facing layer and the insulation material, ventilates the air and shifts the “dew point” beyond the walls and the insulation layer. (more…)