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Concrete strip foundation

The device block foundation. When laying pillow blocks, some areas remain empty. They are concrete after installation

When installing concrete blocks of any type, the same rule is used as when laying bricks: the seams should not be the same. To do this, they are placed so that the seam of the previous row is overlapped by the body of the block in the subsequent row. The gaps (vertical joints) between standing next to the elements are filled with cement-sand mortar.

To give the structure greater strength and to bundle all the blocks into a single system, fittings are laid over each row. Depending on the type of soil and the weight of the building, a bar of Class A-I-A-III is used. The number of bars is determined by the calculation in the design, they can be from 2 to 5 pieces. When laying and connecting the rod, all rules of reinforcement of strip foundations are observed – the corners are tied together, the walls are made according to the same scheme. (more…)

Drilling a well for water do it yourself

  Drilling a well for water do it yourself

Drilling a well is a time consuming process, because its length can vary from 8 to 260 meters. The depth of the hole depends on the localization of the limestone layer. Therefore, before carrying out work, it is necessary to study the structure and location of soil layers, which can only be done by specialists.

It’s not difficult to drill a well with your own hands. it is hard enough to get into a certain layer of soil and create strong walls for the hole. Water drawn from a well most often goes for ingestion. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, then you should not risk your life and health, your relatives and friends – it is better to entrust drilling to experienced people in such matters.

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Types of designs

The volume of work performed depends on the level at which the necessary water lies and on the composition of the soil:


How to make a concrete mixer at home

The majority of owners of individual houses, household plots and small cottages, sooner or later face the tasks associated with the repair or construction works, which, for the most part, are aimed at improving the improvement or the construction of new outbuildings.

For this, various cement mixtures are mainly used, as the most affordable building material today. If the amount of work is small, then the cement mortar can be prepared using a construction mixer or in a small bucket, mixing it with a shovel.

But if you need to pour a concrete platform in front of the house and footpaths, build a stone shed or make a fence with a concrete base and brick columns, then it is desirable to have a mechanism at hand that will ensure the preparation of cement or concrete mix. In we tell you how to make a concrete mixer with your own hands and what materials for this will be required. (more…)

Foundation under the house stove

Fixed formwork made of expanded polystyrene can be used, it is excellent for building a warmed base, the thickness of which is up to 25 cm, as well as for arranging a “warm” blind area around a residential building.

Step 6. After the formwork is installed, you can begin to bind the reinforcement. The distance between the layers of the reinforcing mesh is 10-12 cm. After that, between the layers are installed “fungi” – special clamps designed for reinforcement.

In order to carry out the installation of reinforcing mesh with your own hands, you will need special scrap, and you will also need to use a jack. It is important that the number of valves in the plate of the fittings be the minimum – the smaller, the more reliable the binding will be.

  Foundation under the house stove

Step 7. We make reinforcement of the end ends of the monolithic slab with special elements in the shape of the letter “P”. (more…)

How to make laminate on wooden floor

After leveling the floor and cleaning it from debris, a springy damping tape is laid to damp sounds along the walls. So that the seams of the substrate do not fall on the joints of the boards, sheets or roll substrate roll out across the floor across the direction of the laminate lamellas.

It fits only the smooth side up and is interconnected end to end, without overlap. To avoid shearing the substrate, all sheets are fastened together with building tape. If the damper tape is not used, you can put the edges of the substrate a little to the wall a couple of centimeters. In the future, the excess is cut off. In order not to crush the porous material while walking, it is not recommended to lay the entire substrate at once – it is better to lay it out as needed.

Laying laminate step by step


How to calculate the reinforcement on the foundation

3.14×200 = 628 mm.

On one pile you need 3 strapping:

3×628 = 1884 mm (rounded 1.9 m).

The total length of the connecting elements at 16 points:

  How to calculate the reinforcement on the foundation

Foundation installation diagram.

The calculation of the longitudinal reinforcement for the grillage is similar to the calculation for the strip footing. In total, 152.4 m is needed. But the transverse rod, taking into account the height of the grillage of 400 mm, will be required somewhat less. The total length of four profiles for one bundle will be:

4x (400-2×50) = 1200 mm = 1.2 m.

At 119 connections you need:

For piles with a cross-sectional diameter of less than 200, you can take 3 rods. Increasing this size increases the amount of reinforcement required.

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Calculation for monolithic base

Monolithic reinforced concrete slab is placed under the entire area of ​​the building. (more…)

How to pour a solid foundation slab

Independently perform the calculation without the relevant knowledge is quite difficult. In addition to the load on the foundation, the calculation of a monolithic plate takes into account possible deformations, shrinkage, rolls, distribution of loads on the plate, etc. The calculation is carried out in accordance with the established norms. Work “by eye” is only suitable for the construction of a garage or a small house. Therefore, it is better to turn to geologists and designers.

The next stage is earthworks. Excavation is carried out over the entire area of ​​the future concrete slab. After that, geotextile materials are laid out to create a barrier that will prevent sand from escaping into the underlying clay.

A sand cushion is being prepared – filled with rubble or sand with the obligatory layer-by-layer tamping by vibrating plate. (more…)

How to strengthen the foundation of the old house with your own hands

One of the most frequently used methods to strengthen the basis of brick cottages is a pile method of reconstruction. It will be necessary to drill wells into which piles will be inserted. The depth of drilling is calculated in accordance with the characteristics of the soil. Wells are made with a diameter of up to 25 cm.

The pile frame is mounted from different types of materials. Depending on which piles are used, the method of their installation is selected. The most simple and frequently used in the installation – screw piles. They are installed by hand. No expensive equipment and a long time period are required, as, for example, for bored constructions. Screw piles are pipes with a helical platform at the end, with the help of which the base load is redistributed.

Brown injection piles are made of reinforcement. (more…)