Day: December 9, 2018

How to warm a log house outside

Recommendations for laying insulation:

  1. Carrying out the installation of outdoor insulation of the house from a timber, it should be noted that insulation plates are not allowed to be stored outside, because when they are wet, they can lose their thermal insulation qualities quite significantly.

  How to warm a log house outside

Warming scheme: 1 – insulation, 2 – diffusion membrane, 3 – siding

  • If the step of the obreshetka bars along the horizon is 15 mm smaller than the size of the insulation mats, then in this case, you can do without the use of fixing materials – this will give the opportunity to stack them.
  • When working with insulation, you need to remember that you should use personal protective equipment (respirator, goggles, gloves).
  • Attention! If mineral wool is used as a heater, then a diffusion membrane should be used to protect it from moisture. (more…)

    How to do the wiring in the house with their own hands

    When using electrical equipment in the house, you should follow the recommendations of the following benefits:

    1. “Rules for the use of electricity.”
    2. “Rules for the technical operation of electrical installations by consumers.”
    3. “Safety regulations for operation of electrical installations by consumers.”

    The fulfillment of these regulations is mandatory. Responsibility for the state of the entire network and safety in operation lies entirely with the owner. Control of compliance with safety regulations and operating rules fully falls on the energy supplying organization with which the relevant contract is concluded.

    This organization conducts systematic checks of the state of the power grid, its rules of operation and compliance with all the rules of using the network.

    Calculate the cost of wiring

      How to do the wiring in the house with their own hands

    In order to find out the exact cost of wiring in the house, it is necessary to first calculate the amount of cable. (more…)

    How and what to insulate the ceiling

    Unlike stone, slag wool is produced from blast furnace slags and other wastes of metallurgy. The coefficient of thermal conductivity averages 0.47 W / (mK), which, together with its high hygroscopicity (the ability to absorb moisture), makes slag unsuitable material for insulating ceilings. In addition, it has a residual acidity, because it should be kept away from metal pipes, beams and other products.

      How and what to insulate the ceiling

    Glass wool ranks first in thermal insulation quality among mineral watts – 0.03 W / (mK). It also features a very low price. The disadvantages are the fact that the particles of this material can cause harm to a person getting on the skin, eyes or lungs. But this is more or less characteristic of all types of mineral watts, so when working with them it is necessary to wear gloves, goggles, a respirator mask and closed working clothes. (more…)

    Than to warm the walls of the house from the inside

    There are more modern insulation for walls from the inside – polyurethane foam, insulating plaster, polyethylene foam and even thermal paint based on ceramics. Among them, attention is worthy of perhaps the first material; other options are actually unsuitable for insulating the apartment from the inside. Polyurethane foam is a conventional foam, similar to the assembly, which is applied to a heat-insulated surface using a special sprayer.

    The material is good in that it reliably engages with any surface, penetrates all cracks, is monolithic and vapor-tight. It quickly hardens and does not form any cold bridges. However, polyurethane foam is quite expensive, and working with it yourself will not work.

    Thus, if it is necessary to make wall insulation from the inside, it is best to use polystyrene foam. (more…)

    Housekeeping DIY drawings

      Housekeeping DIY drawings

    The timber is fastened with a section of 100×100 mm on the crown strictly along the perimeter of the structure. On the middle beam strapping is not performed. After mounting the bottom trim, a 50 mm step should appear along the entire inner edge of the base.

    Setting lag on the floor

    For a log, a 50×100 mm bar is needed; they are mounted with its edge downwards, onto 3 longitudinal beams of the crown, and inserted into the cuts with a size of 30 mm in the bottom trim. Step taken 60 cm.

    The arrangement of the subfloor

    An optional step that extends the life of the dog house and slightly warms it. The gaps between the pillars around the perimeter overlap with heavy permeable material (debris, for example), and the floor itself is covered with clay with clay from sand to lag.

    Installation of vertical corner racks of timber 100×100 mm

    Before further final fixing, the racks are leveled with the help of level and temporary bilateral rail braces. (more…)