Day: December 8, 2018

Concrete floors do it yourself

  Concrete floors do it yourself

The scheme of the assembly of the ceiling formwork.

Formwork technology involves placing plywood on horizontal supports. To find the right amount of materials, you need to know the area and volume of the planned floor. The thickness of the structure depends on the possible loads and the size of the span. Thus, the formwork is made of increased strength without allowing deformations, so that it can bear the weight of reinforced concrete for a long time.

Choosing boards for formwork, you should pay attention to their strength and thickness. Before installing the construction, the height of the span and the bottom of the floor are measured by the laser construction level. During the installation process, the improvised racks are customized in length to the height of the structure on which the first layer of the beam will be built. (more…)

Fixing plastic windows in a wooden house

If you decide to use the slopes of wood, then you get an attractive design of PVC windows. But when choosing a material, make sure that it compares favorably with the appearance of the whole house. In a wooden house look great slopes of wooden lining. Such a design option is in great demand today and for what reasons:

  1. Wooden lining is presented in a wide range of sizes and colors, so that for each case there is a good option.
  2. Lining is an environmentally friendly material, so worry about safe living in the house is not worth it.
  3. Lining has excellent strength characteristics, long service life while maintaining a presentable appearance.

The process of installing the wall panel is not difficult, so even an inexperienced person can cope with such work.

To do this, simply follow the following sequence of actions:


Construction of extensions to the house

The use of stone and wood in the arrangement of the extension

The extension of the foam blocks also provides a preliminary arrangement of the foundation. It can be monolithic or tape. It is also necessary to determine in advance the method of fastening a similar extension to a wooden house. The project usually provides all sorts of subtleties that affect the shrinkage of buildings made of various materials.

Experts will perform the correct calculation depending on the quality of the soil, the level of groundwater, as well as the shape of the extension and conclude that it is necessary to fix one building to another.

  Construction of extensions to the house

In the extension to the house equipped kitchen

About a month after the foundation arrangement, you can begin laying foam blocks. Do not forget about the laying of a layer of waterproofing, it will save the wall from excessive moisture. (more…)

Floor slabs for a private house

The optimal variant of reliable overlapping of a private house is determined at the stage of development of project documentation. The choice is influenced by the thickness of the walls, the height of the building, the size of the payload from communications, plumbing fixtures, heating equipment, household appliances, and furniture. Interfloor ceilings divide the house in height and serve as a floor or ceiling for adjacent rooms. Horizontal barriers impede the circulation of cold air and help conserve energy.

  Floor slabs for a private house

Overlap types and requirements

Types of horizontal structures in a private house by their location:

  • basement – isolate underground unheated premises;
  • basements – are the floor for the first floor;
  • garret – protect living rooms from the cold and heat of the roof space;
  • interfloor (mansard) – share the structure in height.


How to install plastic windows in a wooden house

The length of the screws is chosen in such a way that they enter the casing, but do not reach the opening in the wall.

  • After the screws are screwed into wood. slightly spray the gap between the frame and the casing from the sprayer. This is done in order to provide better adhesion of foam and wood. Then we apply foam into this gap.
  • After complete curing of the foam, we proceed to the installation of the window sill and the outflow.

Installation of a window sill

Proper installation of plastic windows in a wooden house with your own hands implies the installation of a window sill after the installation of the glass unit is completed.

Instructions for installing wood window sills are as follows:

  • In the lateral parts of the casing, at the level of the location of the future sill, special grooves are made to a depth of 1.5-2 cm.
  • The window sill is moved into the grooves.
  • In the upper part of the window sill is fixed with screws, which are screwed directly into the casing. In order to prevent the screw caps from being visible, sweats are pre-drilled before them, which are subsequently filled with wood putty.