Day: December 7, 2018

How to make the foundation for the house

If there is a deep-freezing heaving soil on the construction site, then creating a strip foundation itself is impractical. He will not be able to withstand all the loads and will be quite expensive. The ideal option here is the construction of the column base. To build it will require the following:

  How to make the foundation for the house

Scheme of the pile monolithic foundation.

  • shovel;
  • asbestos-cement or metal pipes;
  • bars for reinforcement;
  • sand
  • cement;
  • pegs;
  • tank for mixing the solution;
  • roulette;
  • building level;
  • Master OK.

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Stage 1: Marking and Landwork

Here, as in the first case, you must first make a markup of the site according to the project documentation of the house. First of all, its perimeter is outlined, and then pegs are set in those places where it is planned to install supports. (more…)

Construction of a mansard roof do it yourself

The upper rafters of the attic roof can be an L-shaped structure. Truss legs between themselves can be joined end-to-end with the use of wooden or metal fixing lining, or by cutting in half-wood, using a bolted connection. It is recommended to fit the first pair of rafters in place, which is then dismantled and used as a template. Prepared trusses are installed in the standard order – first extreme, then the rest with constant leveling.

At the last stage of the creation of a roofing structure, the installation of the batten, the installation of waterproofing, the creation of a ventilation clearance, and the installation of a roofing covering are done by hand. On the inside, heat insulation and vapor barrier are fixed, and sheathing is mounted. In the video you can get acquainted with the technology works. (more…)

How to make a wooden partition with a door

The frame is performed using an aluminum profile. Wood bars are less commonly used, although the construction is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. With the direct installation of gypsum plasterboards, it is necessary to take into account that the construction will move slightly. If the sheets are mounted tightly butt – they will collapse. Small gaps should be left to compensate for expansion due to temperature and humidity. As a base for installation can be used:

  • wood walls,
  • wooden slats
  • wooden beams
  • crate made of wood
  • frame made of wood
  • the wooden wall itself or the floor.

There are several methods for fixing drywall on the rail itself. This will require dowels, screwdriver, screws, sawing, electric or mechanical drill. The role of the rails will go timber section of 50 × 100 mm or 50 × 74 mm. (more…)

Laminate flooring on wooden floor

After leveling the floor and cleaning it from debris, a springy damping tape is laid to damp sounds along the walls. So that the seams of the substrate do not fall on the joints of the boards, sheets or roll substrate roll out across the floor across the direction of the laminate lamellas.

It fits only the smooth side up and is interconnected end to end, without overlap. To avoid shearing the substrate, all sheets are fastened together with building tape. If the damper tape is not used, you can put the edges of the substrate a little to the wall a couple of centimeters. In the future, the excess is cut off. In order not to crush the porous material while walking, it is not recommended to lay the entire substrate at once – it is better to lay it out as needed.

Laying laminate step by step