Day: December 6, 2018

Concrete Mixer DIY

Secondly, attention should be paid to the form – it should be pear-shaped. From above, so that water and mortar do not splash out, from below – so that the particles of concrete do not clog into the corners between the wall and the bottom.

An almost finished bucket is a plastic barrel of the right size – besides the fact that it fits the shape, its weight will be an additional advantage.

As an option, a concrete mixer can be made from a washing machine – if an old Soviet round washer is lying in the attic, then the laundry tank is removed from it, which is specially designed to have liquid spinning inside it. The bottom is strengthened, the top is narrowed and the tank is ready.

If there is nothing suitable, then a pear for a concrete mixer can be made of a steel sheet, with a section of 2-3 mm. (more…)

Finishing the facade of a frame house options

The most frequent defect in the facade is a crack

Let’s figure out where this damage comes from. The frame house is considered the easiest house which does not give almost shrinkage. As a result, you can choose the easiest and simplest foundation for it. It would seem, what am I talking about? And the fact that the choice of the foundation affects the shrinkage of the future home. Yes, the frame house is light, but the soils are different. Imagine that a house stands on moist clay soils. In winter, the water that is in the clay freezes, and its expansion occurs, resulting in a layer of clayey soil rises. Together with him, the foundation also rises, and not evenly. If the foundation is monolithic, then the skew of the building will be minimal. But for frame houses often choose a column base. (more…)

The technology of building a frame house with their own hands

  The technology of building a frame house with their own hands

Recently, screw piles have become widespread. Their main advantage is that their device does not require the involvement of construction equipment. Their device is capable of making three people.

Device of a rough floor

A waterproofing layer is arranged on top of the foundation. All boards of the frame are treated with antiseptics and fire-fighting compounds. It is very important to use high-quality and dry wood for the structure of the house. Boards are set on the ground strictly on the level, the slightest bias can lead to a violation of the geometry of the entire structure. It is also important to maintain the accuracy of the angles. The laser level will be a good helper in this.

Boards are fastened to the foundation with anchor bolts. After placing the lag, you can proceed to the insulation. (more…)

Plywood walls in a wooden house

It is better not to do the finishing of the walls with laminated plywood in this way. If there is a need for this operation, you should first clean the surface of the plywood with emery paper. Due to this, the surface grip will be of higher quality.

First of all, you should prepare the surface. They remove all the old finishing materials, remove dust, dirt. The surface can not be aligned, because after the construction of the frame it is still not noticeable. Choosing a sheet of plywood, you should pay attention to the height of the room. In this case, you do not have to attach small pieces of material with insufficient length of the sheets.

  Plywood walls in a wooden house

You should also prepare the rail for installation. They are treated with an antiseptic, which will protect the wood from insects, fungus, etc. First, 2 bars are fastened (near the ceiling and floor). (more…)

Hand drilling wells for water do it yourself

The listed types of wells (this does not apply to artesian or “lime” wells) can be drilled using the following methods (technologies):

  Hand drilling wells for water do it yourself

Auger drilling for water Auger drilling using auger drill.

Core drilling for water Core drilling (a ring-shaped drill is used).

Shock-wire drilling for water Shock-wire drilling. In this case, a drill bit is used, which is driven into the soil without excavation. The soil is simply compacted to the side of the axis of the bit. A chisel is driven by a tripod with a winch.

Shock-rotational drilling of a well on water Shock-rotational drilling. Work of the drill is supplemented with washing away of soil by water. The method is time consuming for individual use.

Rotary drilling of water wells Rotary drilling (provided by a mobile drilling rig).

The photo shows a small-sized drilling rig MGB50P-02S with a movable hydraulic rotator, produced by the company Horizontal. (more…)

Finishing of the frame house inside plasterboard

Interior decoration of the frame house OSB is produced most often in the case when there is no shortage in free space. Otherwise it is best to choose sheets of drywall.

  Finishing of the frame house inside plasterboard

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