Day: December 3, 2018

Ladder to the house with their own hands

– After installing the rack, the installation of steps. The distance between the steps should not exceed 20 cm. This is necessary for your safety. When installing and installing steps, count so that the last step of the stairs fits exactly to the floor of the second floor.

In the spiral staircase, as in the marching many decorative elements and details. And each set has its own decorations and different parts, and fastening elements. When installing and installing a simple mid-flight ladder, the calculation is different, the geometry of the opening is rectangular. The opening at the spiral staircase is a circle.

If you decide to order a finished wooden staircase, then contact a proven and reliable company with good reviews. Buy a finished wooden ladder or do it yourself with your own hands is up to you. (more…)

How to properly lay laminate on wooden floor

Creaking floorboards can for two reasons:

  • poor fixation of boards on draft flooring or logs;
  • friction of individual elements between themselves.

In the first case, the product is attached to the cross member with screws or nails. In the second case, with insignificant crevices, graphite is poured in, talc is filled and the gap formed is puttied.

To find out the condition of the wooden floor, it is recommended to remove the paint and expose the structure of the wood. Rotten and decayed floorboards check with an awl or knock with a hammer. When such parts are found, they are carefully removed and replaced with boards of the same thickness and width, driving them into the resulting gap.

If the floorboards are in good condition, but there are gaps between them, they make a wooden floor. The distance that occurs between the flooring and the wall is clogged with a piece of board. (more…)

Diameter of reinforcement for strip foundations

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  Diameter of reinforcement for strip foundations

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Frame house do it yourself step by step instruction 8×8

Piles should have the correct geometric shape and high-quality blades. From the corresponding table, you can select the appropriate piles.

Screw pile (pipe diameter)

On a note! In conditions when the soil is clay, work should be carried out in dry, not rainy weather. Piles are set strictly vertically.

How to install piles yourself?

In the case of the use of piles of large thickness, it is necessary to take the help of special equipment. If you choose the optimal diameter of the pile, then you can do your best. In this case, it is much easier to determine the same level of pile installation.

To begin with, the necessary markings are carried out at the site and the site is being prepared. It is desirable that it be horizontally flat and could serve as a peculiar guideline of the depth of the piles. (more…)

How to build a loft in a wooden house

You can build a loft with your own hands from various building materials, but if you look at it, then, in fact, such an add-on is nothing but a sloping roof, supported by load-bearing walls. Of course, each system of the attic floor is very different depending on the design features of its construction, but in general consists of the following standard elements:

  •   How to build a loft in a wooden house

    roofing system;

  • wooden crate on which the roof is fixed;
  • ridge girder – the upper part of the roof in the place where the rafters dock;
  • rafter system – suspended or hanging rafter beams;
  • Mauerlat – wooden beam, fixed on the outer perimeter of the walls of the house, the main purpose of which is to fix the truss beams;
  • bevels for the connection of rafters, longitudinal beams and vertical racks, which are designed to strengthen the truss structure;
  • internal support system – designed to give the attic additional stability in the case of a large area of ​​the room;
  • insulating cake, which consists of waterproofing, sound and vapor barrier materials, as well as high-quality insulation. This creates a favorable indoor climate.


Change house from a professional flooring with the hands

Inside the barns are usually sheathed with flat sheet materials, such as:

  • Plywood fc.
  • OSB mark 3.
  • Chipboard (used for floors).
  • GVL, GKL, GKLV + wallpaper and other types of finishing.
  • Hardboard
  • Profiled C8.
  • Smooth galvanized sheet (including painted).

Nothing prevents to apply here and piece materials, for example, lining from a tree, plastic, imitation of a bar, a board cut / rabbeted (on floors).

Obviously, all these materials must be certified for indoor use, where people are constantly or temporarily.

If materials with a thickness from 9 to 12.5 mm are used for cladding walls and ceilings of shelters made of corrugated flooring, it is necessary to use slabs with a thickness of 28-30 mm to create load-bearing flooring. And for finishing the floor, as a rule, linoleum is used, but it is offered as an option. (more…)