Day: December 2, 2018

How to conduct wiring in the house

  How to conduct wiring in the house

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Instructions on how to conduct the wiring in the house with their own hands

The need to conduct electrical wiring in the house may arise in some situations – when repairing, building a new home, replacing outdated electrical equipment. The main requirement for installation is to have experience working with electrical networks and tools used.

Ignoring safety and negligence in handling electrical appliances and equipment can lead to serious consequences. (more…)

Laminate flooring

First you should check the horizontal level of the floor, conduct a visual inspection of the boards, as well as tap the flooring in order to detect cracks or chips. All the data obtained allow us to make a complete picture.

  Laminate flooring

It is advisable to lay the laminate on the wooden floor with his own hands, if he:

  • consists of whole, strong boards, in which no cracks or rot are found; has no cracks and looks good;
  • able to withstand operation for a long time;
  • does not bend while walking or under the influence of other loads (with the exception, perhaps, of heavy cabinet furniture);
  • no sound;
  • It has an ideal horizontal surface without flaws (knots, chips), and the permissible deviation from the horizon should not exceed 2 mm by 2 m.

If the wooden base meets all conditions, you can proceed to the installation of laminate. (more…)

DIY sandwich panels

The first reason. The process of manufacturing a CIP panel requires precise adherence to the process flow time: unpacked glue must be used within a maximum of 5 minutes. After this, its fast flowing polymerization occurs. Hardened adhesive is not washed off by any of the existing solvents. Cleaning equipment and tools in this case is performed by mechanical method or by heating to 400… 500 ° C.

The second reason. Polymerization of glue occurs with abundant foam release and a multiple increase in its volume. At this moment it is necessary to squeeze the parts to be glued together, which is done with the help of a special powerful press capable of creating a force of about 18 tons. Otherwise, bonding will not occur. Thus, it becomes obvious that the production of sandwich panels in an artisanal way, without special equipment, is impossible in principle. (more…)

Cheap DIY foundation

This type of base is suitable for the construction of buildings of any type of materials on heaving soil, sand, clay and loam. It is considered traditional. The sole of such a foundation should be located below the 15/20 cm level of soil freezing and not less than 1 m from its surface.

Recessed design allows you to equip the basement, warm underground, garages. Thinking about how to make a cheap foundation, please note that the cost of such a tape base per 1 meter long is quite high, along with materials – 9/10 thousand rubles.

Finely recessed monolithic tape

  Cheap DIY foundation

Finely recessed foundation.

If the building will be erected from timber or frame-panel structures, on its basis you can save a decent amount without damaging the quality of construction.

It will be enough to build a shallowly embedded foundation. (more…)

Cellar under the house with their own hands

Traditionally, to warm the cellar, you have to make a lot of effort. So that in the winter cold the temperature in it does not fall below zero, the overlap must be carefully warmed; Often, a cellar is built on top – an analogue of an attic in the house, a kind of buffer for heat.

Wait a minute! But after all, we already have a warmed ceiling, above which a positive temperature is maintained throughout the winter. It was decided: we are building a cellar under the house.

  Cellar under the house with their own hands

Cellar in a wooden house.

How to dig a pit in space bounded by four walls?

The problem has two solutions, and one of them will definitely not please the reader.

  1. The cellar is torn off and concreted before building the walls of the house. With the help of heavy machinery, work is done within a couple of working days.
  2. When it comes to building a cellar in a rebuilt and lived-in house, the only solution is to arm yourself with a pick, a shovel and a bucket. In one of the rooms the floor is opened – and after many, many hours of hard and dirty work, a small trench is ready.


How to make a wooden staircase

Bowstrings are attached to the floor with screws using a screwdriver and galvanized metal corners.

6. Cut a step with a circular saw from a board with a minimum width of 250 mm. The thickness of the steps depends on the width of the span, but not less than 25 mm.

The ends of the steps for better connection with the string are processed with a grinder.

Connect the steps and the string with wood glue, spreading the ends of the steps and grooves in the string.

7. Assembling a wooden ladder in our case requires that it be tightened with galvanized rods with threaded connections at the ends, on which nuts are screwed with wide gaskets.

8. In the above example, demonstrating the installation of a wooden staircase, the distance to the wall allows you to arrange excellent wooden shelves for things and books that are suitable for the design. (more…)

How to build a roof with your own hands

A rather popular option of arrangement is a sloping roof with an attic, which allows you to significantly expand living space and effectively use the available space. When building a roof with an attic, attention should be paid to the issues of high-quality insulation and lighting. In order to obtain comfortable conditions in the attic of the attic type, pre-installation of heat-insulating materials with low thermal conductivity is carried out. All the planes bordering the environment are subject to insulation.

Also important is the question of choosing roofing materials, since the roof of metal tiles in summer heats up fairly, thereby creating uncomfortable living conditions in the attic. This, in turn, entails additional costs for ventilation, air conditioning and thermal insulation, so it is very important to consider all the features of the construction of the future attic and its intended purpose. (more…)

Frame house change homemade drawings

  Frame house change homemade drawings

The timber is fastened with a section of 100×100 mm on the crown strictly along the perimeter of the structure. On the middle beam strapping is not performed. After mounting the bottom trim, a 50 mm step should appear along the entire inner edge of the base.

Setting lag on the floor

For a log, a 50×100 mm bar is needed; they are mounted with its edge downwards, onto 3 longitudinal beams of the crown, and inserted into the cuts with a size of 30 mm in the bottom trim. Step taken 60 cm.

The arrangement of the subfloor

An optional step that extends the life of the dog house and slightly warms it. The gaps between the pillars around the perimeter overlap with heavy permeable material (debris, for example), and the floor itself is covered with clay with clay from sand to lag.

Installation of vertical corner racks of timber 100×100 mm

Before further final fixing, the racks are leveled with the help of level and temporary bilateral rail braces. (more…)