Day: December 1, 2018

House cladding clapboard outside with their own hands

We also recommend installing steam and waterproofing between the insulation and the cladding material. This will be a good barrier to moisture and save the tree from rotting. And remember that the film is placed smooth with its side to the insulation, and rough – to the skin.

  House cladding clapboard outside with their own hands

Sheathing clapboard at home outside with their own hands

One of the best options for exterior trim is clapboard at home outside. With this material, your home will begin a new life, in a new guise. Although it is different from the inside. but still such a decoration will not only give the building a beautiful appearance, but also improve sound and heat insulation. But for proper work, you need to know how to choose the lining, and how the lining is performed.

Types of lining

First you need to explore the varieties of this material. (more…)

Clay foundation

The basis of any building is the foundation that determines the service life of the construction object. The cost of arranging the base is one third of the total estimated costs and it is not reasonable to save on it. Not always high-quality building materials guarantee durability. Equally important is the surface on which the construction is carried out. The foundation on clay soil is fundamentally different from the base casting in chernozem regions.

Building a solid foundation on a heaving basis is a serious task. After all, it can behave unpredictably, which is associated with the ability to retain moisture, push the building. Insidious clay is easily eroded by water, loses its integrity, opens access of moisture to the elements of a constructed building.

Before building on problem soil, study its properties, determine the type of construction. (more…)

Build an extension to the house with their own hands

If flexible roof tile is selected to cover the roof of a new structure. Plywood sheets, or frequent lathing, are completely laid on the rafter. Waterproofing is also required. If the selected roof – large sheets, then under them fit the truss system itself. Waterproofing is mounted on it, then the roofing sheets themselves are put overlapped (and fixed with fasteners).

Then they begin to insulate the walls and floor inside the extension itself. Mineral wool is very good for insulation. It is placed inside the frame structure, between the bars. On top of it, with braces, a special vapor barrier film is mounted on the bars.

In conclusion

When building a frame extension with our step-by-step instructions clearly shows the sequence of actions. At the final stage, at the very end of the work, the walls are trimmed with OSB, plywood or gypsum plasterboard. (more…)

How to make a staircase in the house

Allowable tilt steps for maximum comfort.

It is also necessary to take into account that the angle of inclination depends on the number and height of the steps. The most acceptable ratio can be traced by the table.

  How to make a staircase in the house

Size and tilt angle table

  1. Once you have decided on the size, the slopes – it’s time to break to the image of all this on paper. A drawing that reveals the question “how to make a staircase in a private house?” Should not be intricate and do not necessarily follow all the rules. We do not build a house after all.

The simplest example of drawing stairs, revealing all the questions.

As experience shows, making the stairs in the house is not such a difficult task for a man. Pleasant is the fact that it will always please the eye, well, and the price of manufacturing is not so biting. (more…)

Frame house on the Finnish technology do it yourself

  Frame house on the Finnish technology do it yourself

Covering the frame walls of the house on the Finnish technology

4. Installation of frame walls

After that, the wall is installed in a vertical position and its connection to the lower ceiling. The most reliable is the fastening of the bar with pins. The walls after installation are interconnected by means of bolts passing through the holes in the corner bars of the frame.

Construction of the second floor of the house on the Finnish technology

On top of the walls of the first floor is mounted interfloor overlap. It should be borne in mind that the floor of the second floor is experiencing a slightly lower load than the floor of the first floor, so the beam section can be taken less, 245×50 mm. For the floor to be strong enough, the permissible spacing of beams is not more than 35 cm. The draft floor is sewn with plywood having a thickness of 18 mm. (more…)

How to fill a warm floor in a private house

Almost all systems of this type use a circulating pump. It is necessary because the heating elements are located below the floor level, and it is impossible to make a contour drift of hot water. And since it will always be mixed, cold areas will appear.

  How to fill a warm floor in a private house

There are craftsmen who strive to make the pump unit themselves, while spending a lot of work and time. Professionals in this field advise buying a ready-made device, in which, besides a pump with the required capacity, there are also additional mechanisms assembled into a part of the system. See also: “How to make a warm floor with your own hands – mounting options with examples.”

Acquired pumping unit is required only to be installed in the right place according to the developed project or manual.

There are also ready-made collector assemblies, which include mixers, bypass and valve. (more…)

DIY brick foundation

The principle of construction of the foundation for such a structure is the same as for a residential building. Most often, the foundation of brick with their own hands for a bath is poured in the form of a continuous tape. However, if the walls are supposed to be made shield, you can save money and get along with a columnar base. For the basement of the strip foundation of the bath is better to use red brick. Silicate is afraid of moisture. Also, when arranging the base under the walls of the bath, maximum attention should be paid to waterproofing.

How to make a brick foundation with your own hands for the gazebo

In this case, it will be enough to build four columns at the corners of the structure. Under very light gazebos, such foundations are sometimes not even deepened. For large structures of this type, 6-8 pillars are installed. (more…)

Monolithic foundation plate do it yourself

The technology of the device of the monolithic foundation is indeed the simplest and does not require much experience from builders. That is why it is often chosen by those who are forced to do on their own. After all, with the observance of the instructions, serious errors are practically excluded, and at first no one is considered to be spending.

But on the construction of a monolith can be, and sometimes you need to save. To do this, make a calculation of the thickness of the slab foundation on the basis of the construction scheme. The monolith should be powerful enough to resist bending loads in the gaps between the walls. Partially the “lever arm” can be reduced by forming ribs on the slab.

At the same time, the foundation of too large a thickness will not only be material-intensive and expensive, but also increase the pressure on the ground due to its weight. (more…)