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How to lay mineral wool on the ceiling

Laying mineral wool in a wooden house

How to insulate the ceiling with mineral wool? After all, the success of the result depends on competently carried out work: whether it will be warm in your house in cold weather, when you don’t even want to go outside, or not.

The ceiling in your house – the internal method of insulation

If you plan to insulate with your own hands the ceiling surface in a private house from the inside, then it is more rational to purchase mineral wool in the form of slabs. In combination with metal frame and plasterboard lining, there will be an insurmountable obstacle to the heat that escapes through the ceiling.

All work on insulation is divided into the following stages:

  • Layer waterproofing. For this purpose, a special waterproofing film, glassine and other insulating materials are suitable.
  • Build the frame. How it will be, metal or wood – you decide. The frame is assembled and fixed with a punch and dowel-nails.
  • Laying mineral insulation. At this stage, the mineral wool is glued to the ceiling. To do this better glue for tiles (it is he who provides instant adhesion of the ceiling surface and insulating material). If necessary, fit the second layer of mineral wool.
  • At this stage, a waterproofing material is laid over the already glued insulation.
  • Now you can sheathe the whole thing with a flooring of boards or drywall.


Partition of the rails with their own hands

  Partition of the rails with their own hands

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How to fasten partitions from wooden boards (vertically)?!

Hello! Also lit up with such an idea) Here they made such a partition. She stopped at this version. The ceiling will be a little build up plasterboard. Wooden bars in a horizontal position, I think, nailed to thin perpendicular slats, lift the structure, set in the thrust to the drywall and fasten to it through these very slats. Caps of self-tapping screws paint / posts / 26317 / namechtala-koridor-i-kuhnya /

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Other questions on this topic

One wall in the kitchen will be lined with brick. The plinth is glued on three walls, and the brick goes to the ceiling? Or how? Tell me, please.

in the left corner of the bearing almost none. (more…)

How to build the most frame house

  How to build the most frame house

The frame of the house with a window

Inserts are small pieces of timber used for additional strength of the frame.

Cross-bars – is a timber laid horizontally in a strictly horizontal position between vertical posts. They are fixed on the rack.

Corners of a frame house with hacks

Racks should be knocked down with nails of 80 mm, at a distance of 450 mm from each other. They are nailed to the trim by 2 nails 120 mm from the top and 2 from the bottom. Using metal corners, the design can be made stronger. All materials used in construction must be treated with a septic tank.

Special attention must be paid to the corners. There is mandatory reinforcement racks.

Frame Wall Cake Scheme

Do not forget to check the geometry of the house after each stage – all horizontal bars should lie horizontally, and the vertical bars should be exactly up. (more…)

Hand-made frame buildings

How to properly frame the frame house, read here.

The frame should be assembled from corner posts. They are a wooden beam, coupled with strapping. You can make a frame of the board, but this is undesirable. Racks must be reinforced with struts. The rest of the vertical bar to strengthen the struts is not necessary, since the rigidity of the racks attached to the horizontal jumper.

Racks are installed at a distance of about a meter from each other. A wider distance is done only in the area of ​​door and window openings, strengthening the frame with bolts. The bolt also allows you to more evenly distribute the load on the foundation. Details on the frame house assembly can be found here.

  Hand-made frame buildings

The frame house wall is sketchy with a window and a bolt under it

What cant to take for the frame? This should be a timber of high quality wood. (more…)

How to make a crate

  How to make a crate

The single-layer sparse obreshetka is made of edged boards 3×10 centimeters, with a step of rafters from 0.8 to 1 meter. If the board is thinner (2.5×10), then the step is reduced to 0.8 meters. Are there any features of the installation? Preliminary it is required to make a hydrobarrier from an anti-condensate micro-perforated film. Above has been given a description of its facilities. Board crates, the first from the eaves, one height of the wave tile should be higher than the boards in the composition of the main coating.

It is nailed under a hydro-barrier, to the very edge of the cornice. The next one is nailed to the counter-crate so that the distance between the edge of the eaves board (first) and the middle of the second one is similar to the width of the tile. The remaining boards are nailed at a distance corresponding to the wave step of the selected metal tile. (more…)

How to make a vapor barrier walls

During the construction of the house, special attention should be paid to high-quality vapor barrier walls, because dampness, which entails the formation of mold and mildew, can cause structural failure.

Moisture may occur due to the fact that the wall insulation technology has been violated or the formation of condensate at the boundary between heat and cold. Therefore, to get rid of raw air, it is necessary to provide high-quality ventilation. Unfortunately, in the winter season this method is irrational, as it will be too cold in the room (exceptions are houses made of bricks and wood). In all other cases, the provision of a vapor barrier is required.

  How to make a vapor barrier walls

Why do we need vapor barrier walls

Breathable materials that are used for wall insulation may cause the formation of the effect of a moisture condenser. (more…)

The better to warm the log house outside

But it was believed that the sawn wood absorbs moisture more strongly, swells and rot. And the wood in logs that are treated with an ax, as if clogged under his blows and does not absorb moisture.

Houses were built without nails, there were several ways to cut logs. The cups were cut down strictly according to the shape of the logs that fit in them, in the crowns they made a longitudinal groove for better log house density. Carefully caulked the joints of the logs.

All this gave the effect of solidity. The thickness of the logs in the log house was sufficient to maintain heat.

  The better to warm the log house outside

House with a male roof, nineteenth century.

Another feature was the construction of a log house under the very roof, the construction of which in this case was called mats. This type of structure was especially widely distributed in the north of Russia. (more…)

Ground floor overlap on wooden beams

The allowed deflection of the flooring shall not exceed 1/350 of the beam length, that is, the length of the deflection shall not exceed 10 mm per 3.5 m of the beam length. If the span is large, and the cross section to create the necessary strength is not enough, you can install vertical columns and build additional bearing walls. At installation of additional columns or bearing walls use special punched fixture.

In places of contact came down with the bearing elements, you need to lay insulating materials, which, for example, include a damper tape. You can use several layers of rubber or sheet rubber, which will also serve as waterproofing.

  Ground floor overlap on wooden beams

Perforated bar support

Often they began to use special brackets made of perforated metal, thanks to which the installation of the beams can be performed end-to-end with a supporting wall, assembled joints of crossbars and short bars. (more…)