Month: November 2018

Installation of reinforcement for the foundation

Usually used simple crossing. without additional reinforcement vertically and horizontally, which does not ensure the strength of the entire foundation.

To prevent this from happening, additional reinforcements should be used in the form of U-shaped or G-bent rods, which are used at the joints of the reinforcement. There are many schemes for their location.

Cross rods are placed twice as often as in the middle.

If it is necessary to reinforce an obtuse angle, then several L-shaped rods should be used. arranged in a certain way. The design is reinforced with additional crossmembers.

  Installation of reinforcement for the foundation

Connection methods

There are two ways to connect steel rods together.

Welding is a quick and not difficult process, but it has several disadvantages:

  1. Due to the high temperature, the properties of the metal change.
  2. In order for the welding units to be strong , high qualification of the welder is required.
  3. Welding enhances the rigidity of the structure. thereby increasing the probability of violating its integrity when pouring concrete.


Ceilings in the house between floors

If necessary, the carrying capacity of the beams can be increased by fastening special linings of thick boards. A method is often used when the ends of the plates, like the beams, lie on supports.

Instead of boards you can use steel channels. These linings are attached to the side of the beam with bolts, while you can only strengthen one side of the beam, but still more reliable to strengthen both sides.

The easiest way to increase the carrying capacity is to install additional beams. But such a process is more laborious and expensive. Additional bars cover the spans between the main beams.

As you can see, in old houses the beams are laid with a small step and have a sufficient cross-section, which indicates a high-quality construction.

It is very important to check the condition of the beams and floors, and in cases of damage by pests or moisture, it is imperative to reinforce them. (more…)

Depth of the shallow strip foundation

Modern technologies and the quality of the material (reinforced concrete) make it possible even to apply shallow-deeper foundations on problematic soils. This significantly reduces the construction time of buildings, and their cost (the foundation of the building can cost 25% of the cost of a house).

If certain rules are observed, the shallow-tape foundation can be laid at a depth of only 50 cm, even on heaving soils. Mandatory conditions are:

  • use of reinforced concrete for the monolithic base of the brand M200 or M300;
  • heat insulation (polystyrene foam plates) must be laid in the trench, under the foundation tape, and sprinkled with non-abrasive materials;
  • ram and level a drainage pillow from sand and crushed stone not less than 2 cm thick;
  • the side area of ​​the base is waterproofed and insulated (polystyrene plates);
  • cavities fall asleep with any non-pileable material (a mixture of gravel and sand, sand, crushed stone).
      Depth of the shallow strip foundation


How to build the roof of a private house

A rather popular option of arrangement is a sloping roof with an attic, which allows you to significantly expand living space and effectively use the available space. When building a roof with an attic, attention should be paid to the issues of high-quality insulation and lighting. In order to obtain comfortable conditions in the attic of the attic type, pre-installation of heat-insulating materials with low thermal conductivity is carried out. All the planes bordering the environment are subject to insulation.

Also important is the question of choosing roofing materials, since the roof of metal tiles in summer heats up fairly, thereby creating uncomfortable living conditions in the attic. This, in turn, entails additional costs for ventilation, air conditioning and thermal insulation, so it is very important to consider all the features of the construction of the future attic and its intended purpose. (more…)

Installing PVC windows in a wooden house

If you decide to use the slopes of wood, then you get an attractive design of PVC windows. But when choosing a material, make sure that it compares favorably with the appearance of the whole house. In a wooden house look great slopes of wooden lining. Such a design option is in great demand today and for what reasons:

  1. Wooden lining is presented in a wide range of sizes and colors, so that for each case there is a good option.
  2. Lining is an environmentally friendly material, so worry about safe living in the house is not worth it.
  3. Lining has excellent strength characteristics, long service life while maintaining a presentable appearance.

The process of installing the wall panel is not difficult, so even an inexperienced person can cope with such work.

To do this, simply follow the following sequence of actions:


Laminate in a wooden house

The choice of substrate depends on the financial capacity of the owner of the apartment, the type of foundation. As a substrate for wooden floor is better to use natural raw materials that breathe. The ideal option would be cork. More accessible material is izolon.

Instructions from manufacturers of laminate advises laying the substrate no thicker than 0.3 cm.

  Laminate in a wooden house

Thanks to the substrate, you can improve the heat and sound insulation properties of the floor

Fix the obvious defects of the wooden floor substrate can not. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy too thick material. In addition, a thick substrate can cause many troubles and shorten the life of the laminated coating. So, with the substrate thickness of more than 0.3 cm, when walking, the load on the laminate locks will be created. This can lead to squeaks, deformation of the coating, the appearance of cracks. (more…)

Building a house with a loft do it yourself

The upper rafters of the attic roof can be an L-shaped structure. Truss legs between themselves can be joined end-to-end with the use of wooden or metal fixing lining, or by cutting in half-wood, using a bolted connection. It is recommended to fit the first pair of rafters in place, which is then dismantled and used as a template. Prepared trusses are installed in the standard order – first extreme, then the rest with constant leveling.

At the last stage of the creation of the roofing structure, the installation of the batten, the installation of waterproofing, the creation of the ventilation clearance, the installation of the roofing covering are carried out with their own hands. On the inside, heat insulation and vapor barrier are fixed, and sheathing is mounted. In the video you can get acquainted with the technology works. (more…)

Frame house change with their own hands

In the event that you intend to make a change house completely from new procurement materials – the approximate amount of expenses may amount to about 20-25 thousand rubles, which is approximately twice as much as buying a finished trailer. In most regions of the country for the specified amount you can buy all the basic materials for construction.

If you want to save on building materials, you can always use the remnants of still usable old structures that are available at any dacha.

Watch the video about the construction of frame cabins:

How to make a frame cabins with their own hands

Change house – an indispensable thing for storing construction or dacha tools, while in it you can hide from the rain, take a nap or just relax. You can even spend the night in it, if there is such a need. (more…)