Day: November 30, 2018

Building a foundation under the house with your own hands

5. Installation of valves. It is better not to weld the armature, but to bind with the help of a wire, since there will be weak spots in the places of welding. It can be knitted by hand or with the help of a special pistol that is tucked in with a wire bay. For tightening more convenient to use a special hook.

  Building a foundation under the house with your own hands

Crochet pattern

6. Pouring concrete. Alignment To achieve a monolithic ribbon of concrete, the solution must be poured as thoroughly as possible. With large volumes, you can use the finished solution.

For work using concrete M200-M400. When using the M200 grade, the quality of the sand (its class) should be higher. The proportions of the solution can be calculated using the table below.

Filling is done in layers no more than 20 cm. After the trench is filled with concrete, it is trimmed with a bayonet spade or by tapping on the frame of the reinforcement or formwork. (more…)

How to pour a slab

For staircases of internal communications there is an opening. It can be partially filled with a board for comfortable walking when pouring, leaving a small hatch with a temporary ladder. Using multilayer plywood reduces installation time, but the estimate is doubled.

At the last stage the contours of partitions and walls are placed with paint. This will improve the accuracy of the passage of electricians, other engineering systems.

Install side shields

Flanging overlap is made by hand from a board with a thickness of 4 cm minimum, you can use a board 5 cm, bought at the initial stage. In order to avoid deformations on the external planes of the walls, pieces of timber are mounted, which are the stops for the formwork side shields.

The maximum strength of the interface plates / walls get the following way:


Frame garage of timber

The floor in the garage can be performed by different technologies. For example, you can make it wooden, concrete or use self-leveling floor technology. Walls can be treated with construction paper, and a hardboard is attached on top of it. But you can apply other finishing materials. As mentioned at the beginning of this description, outside we suggest installing decking on the facade. For this, it is necessary to make a small crate from a 40 × 40 mm bar. The ceiling can be hemmed with wooden boards.

To keep the roof under the weight of snow not sagging, it is recommended to fix the fillets on the side of the walls to the rafters. Also, this will allow you to make the filing of the eaves and roof overhang more attractive.

For wall cladding it is better to use sheets of 3 m. Thus, the design will be airtight without unnecessary joints. (more…)

How to make an interior partition

Do-it-yourself room dividers

  How to make an interior partition

Interior partitions will help make the apartment redevelopment to your taste. They do not belong to the supporting structures, but only divide the space of the apartment formed by the main walls. At the moment there are several types of partitions, they can be made from any materials, regardless of what the house is built from. During the redevelopment should take into account the requirements that apply to each type of buildings. In this article you will learn about the features of self-erecting interior partitions and you can see detailed video instructions for working with brick, gypsum concrete, wood, gypsum cardboard and glass.

Room dividers from which is better

6 conditions that must be considered before the construction of interior partitions

  1. Partitions for mansards, 2 and 3 floors should have a small weight.
  2. In rooms with high humidity the walls must be made of moisture-resistant materials, otherwise you need to veneer moisture-proof material.
  3. If you plan to conduct additional communications, the partition should be made thicker than usual.
  4. The partition, which separates the heated and unheated premises, should be insulated.
  5. A glass partition will help preserve natural lighting indoors.
  6. Finished structures should be durable, reliable and safe.


Roof structures roof systems

At the heart of each roof is a large number of beams, rafters, racks and girders, which are collectively called the truss system. Over the centuries-old history of the types and methods of its organization, a lot has accumulated, and each has its own peculiarities in the construction of knots and pieces. In more detail about what can be the rafter system of a dual-sloped roof and how at the same time rafters and other elements of system have to fasten we will talk in more detail.

The design of the truss system gable roof

In the section, the dual roof is a triangle. It consists of two rectangular inclined planes. These two planes are connected at the highest point into a single system with a ridge bar (girder).

  Roof structures roof systems

Gable roof layout

Now about the components of the system and their purpose: