Day: November 28, 2018

Frame house change with their own hands

In the event that you intend to make a change house completely from new procurement materials – the approximate amount of expenses may amount to about 20-25 thousand rubles, which is approximately twice as much as buying a finished trailer. In most regions of the country for the specified amount you can buy all the basic materials for construction.

If you want to save on building materials, you can always use the remnants of still usable old structures that are available at any dacha.

Watch the video about the construction of frame cabins:

How to make a frame cabins with their own hands

Change house – an indispensable thing for storing construction or dacha tools, while in it you can hide from the rain, take a nap or just relax. You can even spend the night in it, if there is such a need. (more…)

Iron stairs do it yourself

Designing a straight iron staircase with one march is as follows:

  • We measure the distance between the floor of the first and second floors – we get the height of the march.
  • We determine the distance between the beginning and the end of the structure – this will be the length of the march.
  • We calculate the number of steps, not forgetting the recommended height (for a staircase 4.7 meters long, the number of steps will be 14-15).

  Iron stairs do it yourself

The design process must take into account all existing generally accepted standards.

Simple calculations provided us with the opportunity to obtain the basic geometric characteristics of the iron ladder structure.

The process of making a staircase with two kosoura

So, for the manufacture of kosour we need a square shaped tube. As a support for the steps apply iron corners. (more…)

Electrical wiring in a private house do it yourself

Wiring in the apartment with their own hands – step by step instructions for use

  •   Electrical wiring in a private house do it yourself

    How to conduct the wiring in the house

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  • How can you conduct electricity in the house with your own hands

    Home »Wiring» In a private house »Wiring layout in a private house – what it is and how to make it

    Wiring layout in a private house – what it is and how to make it

    The first stage in the conduct of electrical work – drawing up the wiring diagram. This is necessary in order not to face obstacles in the course of work, as well as to speed up and simplify the installation process.

    Having made the scheme, we will be able to make an accurate list of the necessary materials and find out all the necessary parameters – the length and cross-section of the wire, the cross-section in different areas (it may be necessary to use a different section), the required number of sockets, switches. (more…)

  • The device of interfloor overlapping on wooden beams scheme

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    Proper construction of the walls of the frame house

  • How to make a wall decoration with a tree with your own hands

  • How to build a frame house with your own hands?

    Wooden beams

    When building a house, many prefer, instead of reinforced concrete interfloor ceilings, to arrange ceilings on wooden beams or logs.

    This is fully justified. After all, wooden floors in logs are much lighter than reinforced concrete, and with a small bearing capacity of the soil, it becomes possible to build less massive foundations.

    Also important is the cost of wood interfloor overlap. It is several times cheaper than reinforced concrete. The price of wood is much lower, there is no need to use cranes, and floor beams can be laid independently.

    Many ask the question “ How to calculate the floor beams? “,” What section should be at the beam? “,” After what distance to install them? ”


  • House with a basement with their own hands

    The important point is the device of a good waterproofing of the basement with a basement. A characteristic feature of basements, as a rule, is the lack of good ventilation and insulation. As a result, the basement has an increased humidity. Depth gives the risk of penetration of soil aquifers if their level is higher than the basement floor.

    Waterproofing the basement of the house with a basement

    The basement, depending on its size and purpose, is protected from moisture and water penetration by various methods:

    • The method of penetrating waterproofing. It is characterized by the penetration of a special solution through microcapillary channels and gaps into the surface, after which, crystallization of the mixture creates protection against water.
    • Injection waterproofing method. In principle, this type of insulation is a type of penetrating method. Its difference is that a special gel with fluidity is used as a material.
    • The method of waterproofing liquid rubber. This method of protecting basements from moisture penetration is based on treating the floor, walls and ceiling with a material known as liquid rubber.
    • The method of waterproofing liquid glass. The method is similar to the previous one, except that liquid glass is used instead of liquid rubber. It is a mixture of sodium silicate with soda and sand.


    Do-It-Yourself Construction

      Do-It-Yourself Construction

    Since the internal area after the building of the utility block will be divided into several separate rooms, it is required to arrange a window opening and doorways in the front facade. The width of each of them can be made the same. It may also vary. Between the third and second pillars, counted from the front frame, you need to set the diagonal braces.

    The skeleton of the rear facade is performed in the following sequence: there are already end posts, you need to set 2 intermediate 2400 millimeters in length with a pitch of 1800 millimeters and to make diagonals between the first two and the last racks. Perform top trim from a bar at a height of 2000 millimeters from the frame of the grillage. It will consist of segments that are equal to the distance between the vertical posts, and fastened to the screws through a reinforced steel angle. (more…)

    How to make a roof

    A rather popular option of arrangement is a sloping roof with an attic, which allows you to significantly expand living space and effectively use the available space. When building a roof with an attic, attention should be paid to the issues of high-quality insulation and lighting. In order to obtain comfortable conditions in the attic of the attic type, pre-installation of heat-insulating materials with low thermal conductivity is carried out. All the planes bordering the environment are subject to insulation.

    Also important is the question of choosing roofing materials, since the roof of metal tiles in summer heats up fairly, thereby creating uncomfortable living conditions in the attic. This, in turn, entails additional costs for ventilation, air conditioning and thermal insulation, so it is very important to consider all the features of the construction of the future attic and its intended purpose. (more…)

    Mauerlat for a shed roof

    Choosing the angle of inclination of the extension, you should pay attention to the following points:

    • the greater the angle of inclination of the rafters, the less risk of accumulation of rainwater or snow mass, “moved” from the main roof;
    • rafters of the extension located on the south side may have a smaller inclination than that of a similar structure on the north side, since the sun contributes to the intense evaporation of moisture.

    Rafters made of wood for single-pitch roofs are sensitive to moisture. The junction of the rafter legs to the wall or the main roof should be carefully sealed – for this purpose, the installation of a roofing apron.

    Thematic video allows you to learn how to properly mount nodes in the construction of a shed roof.

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