Day: November 26, 2018

Device pool in a private house

The main difference between the internal basin and the external one is that special technical and engineering communications must be equipped for the operation and proper functioning of the system.

  Device pool in a private house

It is not only a separate water supply system, but also heating and heating systems, ventilation. sewer and power supply.

In some cases, an emergency discharge system is also provided. All these communications significantly increase the network load, so all electrical equipment must be well strengthened.

In this connection, sometimes they even equip their own separate substation.

It will be quite problematic to make such changes in an already finished house, so it’s best to think about the pool already at the stage of housing design.

How to build a pool: additional equipment

Modern companies that install pools, today provide for their products various additional options. (more…)

How to make a window out of wood

The window, which is referred to here, does not fog up even after a year, and if you need to replace the glass, it will not cause too much difficulty. Such windows can even be installed in rooms with high humidity (that is, in the bathroom or in the kitchen).

Additional information.

Holes for screws can be closed with decorative handles. When using standard screws, you can also scrape the paint out of their grooves.

For reliable sealing, experienced craftsmen insert glass, having previously applied a sealant to its joints with the design. To make the window more resistant to weather conditions, you can apply window putty on top of it after the sealant has dried. It is important to know that some modern putties can be difficult to remove from glass, therefore it is much easier to work with traditional window putties. (more…)

Hardwood floor second floor

There are 3 types of ceilings for houses of different heights:

  • basement (basement, bottom);
  • attic (upper);
  • interfloor.

Any of them consists of 2 structural elements: supports (beams) and plating (flooring). Depending on the purpose of wooden floors for their devices use different materials. Since they are all made of wood, installation work can be done by hand, without involving complicated lifting equipment.

  Hardwood floor second floor

Wooden floors can be built only if the width of the span between the structural elements of the building is no more than 8 m.

Beam selection criteria

The following materials are used as supporting elements:

  • solid timber;
  • knocked down boards;
  • peeled logs.

The standard cross-section of the beams is 150/150 mm or 20/150 mm for timber, 140/240 or 5/20 mm for boards. You can use glued laminated timber. (more…)