Day: November 25, 2018

Build a roof with your own hands

  Build a roof with your own hands

If the structure has a small width, A-shaped trusses are installed without a ridge girder. The horizontal lintel (bolt) gives the structure rigidity and reduces the load on the spacer, which is transmitted to the walls. The attachment of truss legs in the upper part is enhanced by a wooden or metal plate lining.

The lower part of the rafters can rest on the mauerlat with the cut-off end – in this case, the truss system is performed without overhang. If the project provides for the construction of a roof with an overhang of rafter legs, a recess is cut in the lower part of the rafter so that the rafter of the horizontal part of the cutout rests on the power plate.

The construction of the roof of the house can be done without laying the wall cover on long walls. In this case, beams are mounted across the long walls, and the length of the beams exceeds the width of the building. (more…)

Installation of PVC windows in a wooden house

It is also necessary to sustain the stock for shrinkage at home. It is about 6 cm in height, 2 cm in height and on the sides of foaming, 4 cm under the window sill.

Depending on the time of year and the current stage of construction, the order of double-glazed windows is either preceded by dismantling, or becomes the final stage. Few people want to put a window in a wooden house and change it in a year or two, so some points must be taken into account. The buyer should decide on the number of flaps, the direction of their opening, the shape, size, color of future products. And, of course, it’s worth making an order with reliable manufacturers.

  Installation of PVC windows in a wooden house

Installation instructions for PVC windows

The ideal distance from the floor to the window sill will be 80-90 cm. This is just above the desk. The user must rest freely on the window sill, bending the case as little as possible. (more…)

DIY foundation

The main advantages of the monolithic slab for the foundation are:

  • ease of manufacture of the plate. If the developer is a little versed in construction work, he can use unskilled workers to build a foundation slab;
  • low cost. You can avoid buying expensive concrete pump and pour concrete directly from the trays of concrete mixers;
  • resistance to heavy loads. The large area of ​​the slab, reinforced with a reinforced skeleton and a support in the form of soil, allows the monolithic reinforced concrete slab to withstand sufficiently large loads on the base of the house. For example, the Ostankino Tower. The 63 m high column rests on a foundation 1 m thick;
  • integrity of the walls during local soil heaving. Such a guarantee is given thanks to a solid monolithic sole. Reinforcement of the slab of reinforced concrete creates a rigid foundation for the construction of columns and walls. In the winter season, with the swelling of the soil, the whole building will rise and fall evenly. In concrete there will be no destruction;
  • ideal for construction on difficult soils. Choosing as a foundation monolithic slab, you can greatly reduce the excavation. This is especially true for soils with a high level of freezing and high levels of groundwater.