Day: November 24, 2018

How to insulate a house outside with foam plastic

The device foam on the wall begins with the installation of the starting profile. Its width is equal to the thickness of the sheet foam. Sometimes for these purposes, the UW-50 or 100 profile is used. These are the most popular sheet sizes for insulation.

Nuance: Special starting (basement) profile is better to use, because there is a perforation in it, which allows the fixture to securely fix the profile, and at the same time allows its movement due to thermal expansion.

The start profile is mounted on the previously marked markup. Its use allows laying the first row of sheets absolutely smoothly. In addition, there is a popular belief that a metal starting profile will help protect the sheet from rodents.

To level the thermal expansion of the metal, between the adjacent profiles you need to leave a gap of about 5 mm. (more…)

Build a house of foam blocks do-it-yourself projects

To calculate, we take a one-storey house measuring 10 by 10 m, 3 m high, and we calculate the cost of the walls.

  1. To begin with, we will calculate the perimeter of the walls: 10 + 10 + 9.40 + 9.40 = 38.8 m (rounded up to 39 m). The total length of the perimeter is 39 m.
  2. Then we calculate the area of ​​the walls: 39 x 3 = 117 sq. m. Further from this number we subtract the area of ​​window and door openings. For example, it is equal to 15 square meters. m. 105 – 15 = 90 square meters. m. We calculated the net area of ​​the walls without window and door openings.
  3. Find out how much we need foam blocks per square meter. We calculate the area of ​​one foam block: 0.6 x 0.2 = 0.12 square meters. That is, on 1 square. m. walls we need: 1 / 0.12 = 8.3 foam block.
  4. Now we will determine how many blocks it will take to build the outer walls of the house: 90 x 8.3 = 747 blocks.
  5. Using the same formula, we determine the number of blocks required for the main wall: its length is 9.40, its height is 3 m. 9, 40 x 3 = 28.2 square meters. – the area of ​​the main wall. Subtract the area of ​​the door, let it be 6 square meters. m = 22.2 square meters. round to 23. 23 x 8.3 = 190.9 pieces.
  6. Now we add the number of blocks required for the construction of the outer and capital walls: 747 + 191 = 938 pieces. Thus, it turns out that for the construction of our house 10 x 10 m, we need 938 foam blocks.
  7. The approximate price of foam blocks is about three thousand rubles per 1 cu. m. In 1 cu. m. – 27.7 pieces. So, 938 is about 34 cu. meters Now 34 x 3 thousand = 102 thousand rubles. Thus, 102 thousand rubles. need to invest to build the walls of our house.


Build a house of foam block with your own hands

For this and subsequent rows, a special type of glue is used. The blocks are laid in staggered order, starting from the corner. The technology provides for the displacement of elements of each top row by 10–20 cm. This will allow building a more solid wall. Dressing is also used for docking external walls and internal partitions.

  Build a house of foam block with your own hands

In the process of a dense arrangement of blocks, “cold bridges” are formed. Builders in certain places make gaps for seams:
• a narrow board with a square section of 1.5 cm is placed on the block;
• put a layer of mortar or glue on top and let it dry;
• remove the rail and get a hollow space in the middle of the block filled with solution.

Places of the expected openings (doors) are determined immediately after the foundation is poured, or after the first row of masonry. (more…)

Insulation for the walls of the house inside

Distinctive features of the internal insulation of the walls of a private house, regardless of the material of the latter are:

  1. The presence of two additional layers – hydro – and vapor barrier. The first reduces the likelihood of moisture on the insulation outside, the second – from the inside (from the rooms).
  2. Rapid change in room temperature when opening the vents, windows, doors.
  3. When using some heaters, the appearance of “cold bridges” is possible – sections of the walls where condensate with cold air is concentrated.
  4. If possible, you should use environmentally friendly material for lining the inside.
  5. You can save on wall insulation, which cannot be said about outdoor work.
  6. Work inside the house in comfortable conditions all year round – the process will not be affected by natural factors.
  7. The presence of assistants is not necessary – all stages can be easily performed independently.


Mastic for the roof do it yourself

  Mastic for the roof do it yourself

To remove small holes and cracks, defects are poured with bitumen mastic, a piece of roofing material is glued, and then an additional layer of bitumen is applied from above. The joining of diverged joints is carried out as follows: the material is lifted, the space under it is dried with a burner, then bitumen is applied to the dry area, and the material is lowered again. Problem joint once again handled mastic.

Overhaul of soft roll roofing is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • removed worn coating;
  • cement screed is restored and, if necessary, heat, steam and waterproofing is laid;
  • fit new roofing material.

To exclude possible accumulation of water on the roof surface, it is necessary to fill it with water, mark areas where the water is not glass with chalk. Drain water and dry the roof, after which marked places should be poured with hot mastic or put an additional layer of roofing material not more than 1 mm thick. (more…)

Country house do it yourself

Why is the project of a frame house attractive for building a country house with your own hands?

You can build a country house quickly in one season. You do not need to stretch the construction for several years, when in the classic version for a brick country house in one year the foundation is poured, then the box is erected, then this structure must be spaced to shrink, then you need to do finishing work. In addition, such a house can be built almost all year round (up to a temperature of -15 degrees).

  Country house do it yourself

You can build a house with your own hands. For the construction of such a house is enough two people who can fully build such a house in 2-3 months. If preliminary work is done to study the intricacies of building a frame house, to fully determine the project and calculate the consumption of materials, then it is quite possible to build such a country house over the summer for any summer resident. (more…)