Day: November 23, 2018

How to make a slab foundation

  How to make a slab foundation

Formwork scheme for a monolithic slab

10. After installing the reinforcement layer, the platform is filled with concrete. It must have a sufficient degree of mobility, so that the rubble does not get stuck between the reinforcement bars.

11. The solution is prepared according to the recommendations of a specific cement manufacturer. 10 kg of cement is usually taken 30 kg of clean sand without admixture of clay and 50 kg of gravel.

12. The flooded solution is carefully leveled and left to dry.

The proportions of the preparation of the solution for the foundation of cement M400

Watch the video: the foundation of a monolithic slab do it yourself
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Part 2

The foundation “plate” with your own hands – step by step instructions

The slab foundation is sometimes called floating because it is located almost on the surface, the depth of such a base is insignificant, not more than 1 m. (more…)

Construction of aerated concrete blocks do it yourself

In our case, the height of the window sill is almost everywhere – 4 rows of aerated concrete. Reinforced window openings need one row below the window sill. When the perimeter of the third row is ready, it’s time to mark and reinforce the window. To do this, they used a tool called stratorez.

  Construction of aerated concrete blocks do it yourself

Shtrabenie wall of aerated concrete.

Stitched two parallel lines that extend beyond the future of the window by 30 cm on each side.

Preparation for reinforcement.

Laid reinforcement, fixed cement-sand mortar. Thus, we have strengthened the wall, which will have an opening for the window.

Armored window opening.

Further blocks are put as usual on glue. Do not forget to leave the window openings! We, fascinated by the process, have forgotten. When they came to their senses, the block was no longer torn off. (more…)

How to make a waterproofing foundation

  How to make a waterproofing foundation

The scheme of plastering waterproofing.

By choosing plaster as a waterproofing material, two problems are solved at once: leveling and protecting the foundation from moisture. This circumstance makes the plaster layer quite attractive when waterproofing the foundation.

All the necessary materials can be bought without spending a lot of money. Waterproofing such a plan is very easy to manufacture.

To conduct the work will need:

  • plaster;
  • components that increase resistance to water;
  • putty knife;
  • container for the mixture;
  • putty mesh;
  • screws, dowels;
  • screwdriver (better screwdriver);
  • perforator.

The first step is preparing a mixture, which consists of a solution of plaster with special waterproofing components. Then plaster mortar is applied on the foundation walls. Works are performed in the same way as applying plaster on the walls. (more…)

Garage from the boards with their own hands

Maximum speed and ease of work – the main advantages of frame technology. But, despite the simplicity, the construction of a frame garage requires preliminary preparation, development of the project, with the help of which it will be possible to calculate the required amount of materials and components. The project is calculated independently, with the assistance of experienced professionals or downloaded from specialized Internet resources. The size of the building should take into account the number of cars, the presence of an open carport for summer storage of cars and the attic floor, which many motorists arrange over the garage.

At the preparatory stage, the location of the future garage and the type of structure are established: detached, attached to the main task, the type of gate opening and combination with the common entrance area to the site. (more…)

Draft floor do it yourself

The final step is the floor covering. To do this, use grooved boards or special plywood that is capable of absorbing moisture. This material is used for further finishing the floor with linoleum or laminate. All surfaces must be carefully machined with a grinder to avoid unevenness or floor errors.

  Draft floor do it yourself

The way to dry screed subfloor in a wooden house with their own hands

In the presence of a concrete floor in a wooden house, the owners want to convert it to special floors. Of course, there is a transformation method using a dry screed or a self-ventilated flooring system. The first option is more affordable in construction. For the arrangement of the sub floor with your own hands it is recommended to use the following materials and tools:

  • expanded clay;
  • polyethylene film;
  • GVL plywood or chipboard;
  • damping tape;
  • PVA glue;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • marker, ruler and tape measure.


Frame house do it yourself

In general, it is possible to lay one beam 100-150 cm, but its price is much higher than two boards, which together give the same thickness, and correctly fastened two boards have a greater bearing capacity, although it takes more time to lay them. So that they work as a single timber, they are knocked down with nails in increments of 20 cm in a checkerboard pattern.

We put the strapping and logs

Next to the rail board is attached strapping. Its size is also 150-50 mm, but it is placed on the edge. It is leveled at the outer edge of the foundation, and is nailed with long nails (9 cm) to the sunbath every 40 cm.

  Frame house do it yourself

Installation of the harness: according to the instructions, the assembly of the frame house continues with the installation of the harness to which. will lag the floor

The next stage – installation and installation of the lag. (more…)