Day: November 22, 2018

Do-it-yourself roof covering

Wavy sheets, as a rule, are more popular as a roof covering material, since they are simpler to install and reliable during the entire operational period, and the amount of wood required for sheathing using slate will be needed less. The standard angle of inclination of the slate roof is 25 – 33 degrees.

When dealing with how to block the roof with your own hands, using asbestos cement sheets, you should follow the following rules:

  • corrugated asbestos cement sheets must be mounted on a crate, the basis of which is made up of wooden bars with a cross section of 50 × 50 millimeters, keeping the rafter step equal to no more than 1.2 meters. Another variant of the device of the batten is a section of 50 × 60 millimeters with a step of up to 1.5 meters;
  • crate boards must have a cross section of 120 × 40 millimeters or poles having a diameter of 70 – 80 millimeters. The step distance between the crate bars should not be more than 525 millimeters;
  • overlapping the roof of the veranda requires reducing the slope of the slate roof to 10 degrees, but in this case it will be necessary to seal the transverse and longitudinal sheet joints;


How to make a tape foundation

It should take at least three hours to grab the concrete, after which its surface is filled with shavings, sawdust or sackcloth closes, and richly moistened with formwork. So the concrete should be watered with an interval of 3-4 hours for two to three days in hot weather. Then you need moisture for seven days, 2-3 times a day. The number of irrigations can be reduced if the wet concrete is covered with a polyethylene film.

Formwork is used for casting one of two options:

  • solid (constant) cross section;
  • with step expansion to a bottom.

For formwork most often used:

  • small or large shields;
  • contractions;
  • fittings and parts for fasteners.

If the method of constant cross-section is used, the beacons are first installed, which serve to determine the level at the bottom of the foundation and in the plan. (more…)

Building a house with your own hands

Building your own home is a difficult process, which is often only under the power of professional builders, but once you are on this resource, you are not afraid of difficulties, or maybe you just decided to prove to yourself and those around you that you are a real man who must do 3 things one of which is to build your own house (And with the help of our website, also build a bath:)). We fully support you in this choice, and we want to say that in most cases they are engaged in building houses – contractors who can hardly explain why and why they are doing this or that thing, often their work is reduced only to the physical efforts for which get very good money. That is why we believe that even if such people can build a cottage, then why are we afraid to start building a house from scratch? (more…)

Brick types and sizes

Disputes about which material is best suited for building a house can be considered finished. All reconciled facing bricks, which pleases the developer of high strength, a variety of color palette, shape and texture.

  Brick types and sizes

The inner part of the bearing wall can be folded “from anything”: ordinary clay or silicate brick, arbolitovyh or shell blocks, foam or aerated concrete. The appearance of the facade in any case would be ideal if you lay a facing brick in the outer mile of the masonry. The gap between it and the main wall is filled with effective insulation. So it turns out a three-layer constructive “pie”, which does not require additional exterior decoration.

Agreeing with the arguments of the builders, the customer is left to make a difficult choice: which facing brick for the facade should be purchased. (more…)

Is it possible to lay tiles

There will be no need for very laborious, expensive, dirty and noisy work on dismantling the old coating.

In addition, the removal of old tiles will necessarily entail large-scale work on the repair of the foundation, the installation of a new waterproofing, leveling with cement screed, etc.

In some cases, laying the tile on the old tile base is also the most expedient from the point of view of the impossibility of removing it due to the water supply or sewage utilities, capitally installed plumbing equipment.

  Is it possible to lay tiles

However, it should be remembered that this technology is not always applicable:

If the old coating is heavily loosened, cement-glue mixture crumbles under it, then it will be necessary to carry out a complete dismantling.

Laying a new tile on the tile on the floor above the fragile base is simply doomed to failure – such a floor will not last. (more…)

How to make a cellar under the house

Usually waterproofing of walls, floor and ceiling is made using roofing material. This rolled material is recommended to be laid in two layers. The overlap between the sheets should be no less than 10-12 cm, and each subsequent row should be perpendicular to the previous one. Under the waterproofing it is necessary to pour a gravel-sand pillow with a thickness of not less than 100-150 mm.

Diagram of the waterproofing cellar

Correctly build a cellar under the house with high-quality waterproofing of walls is possible in the process of laying the foundation.

In this case, the work will not interfere with other structures and elements of the building. In the process of building walls, bitumen mastic is applied on their outer surface, on which, in turn, the roofing material is glued. When performing this operation, the sheets are arranged vertically with an overlap of 8-10 cm. (more…)

Build a house do-it-yourself projects

What to make:

  • Tree. Despite all kinds of processing, wood is exposed to moisture, microorganisms. On average, such a framework serves up to 60 years and is inferior to metal counterparts in strength, lightness, and resistance to destructive environmental factors.
  • Metal. For the manufacture of applied lightweight profile. Its advantages are excellent fire resistance, low weight, corrosion resistance. Metal parts are not subject to attacks of mold and mildew. All this can increase the life of structures up to 100 years.

What is cheaper to build? In the preparation of estimates a clear advantage will be for a wooden frame. However, if you “look into the future” and take into account the higher performance properties of a thermal profile, then its service life pays for it.

The foundation can be chosen tiled, columnar or tape, depending on the type of soil. (more…)

How to make a rough floor in a wooden house

Plywood can fit:

  1. On a cement base, but it is necessary to ensure the flatness and horizontal base, or apply the adjusting rack.
  2. Mount on the logs. Here the difficulty is lagging to ensure that the joints of the sheets fall on them. Lags must be set so that their upper surface provides one horizontal plane. In the logs hiding engineering communications, insulation and insulation fit.

  How to make a rough floor in a wooden house

Laying plywood on logs

Important! Laying plywood in one layer, it is necessary that its thickness is not less than 15 mm, if in two layers, then you need to choose at least 9 mm for the layer.

Before the final installation of plywood it is necessary to remove all dust and debris from the base. It is also desirable to perform the priming, that is, to make treatment with a special primer.

Plywood is recommended to mount on glue, but is allowed without it. (more…)