Day: November 21, 2018

A gas-block with his own hands at home

Manufacturing forms. You can buy them (prefabricated), but you can do it yourself. You will need boards, in which one of the parties must be carefully brushed. A “pencil case” is knocked out of them, into which bridges are inserted, dividing it along the entire length into compartments. Such “inserts” can be cut from moisture-proof puff plywood. Previously in the boards, according to the previously produced marking, cuts are made under the “inserts”.

  A gas-block with his own hands at home

The dimensions of the cells determine the dimensions of the future blocks, so they are selected depending on what parameters the artificial stone should have. To speed up the process of production of aerated concrete, several different forms should be prepared, for all the necessary sizes.

To prevent the mixture from sticking to the boards, the internal surfaces of the cells are abundantly oiled with waste oil diluted in water (3 parts) (machine oil – 1 part). (more…)

Build a house frame with your own hands

Scheme: arrangement of the roof of the house

Options are selected based on the parameters of the house and its design features. Step-by-step installation is carried out as follows:

  1. Perform a detailed installation diagram of the truss system. Calculate the step, based on the size of the rack, determined with the size of the spans, based on the cross-sectional area of ​​the beams. At the same time, the normal pitch is 40-100 cm, the span is 2.5-5 m.
  2. Mount the rafters, securing them with roofing nails, plates, corners. The support of the rafters is a rigidly fixed maurlet 10 x 10 cm. Toothed joints are used to connect the rafter legs.
  3. Arrange the crate. Its appearance depends on the choice of roofing material. If it is a metal profile, then a 5 x 5 cm timber is used. They are fastened every 0.5 m. A continuous OSB crate is made under the flexible shingles.


How to make a roof with your own hands

A rather popular option of arrangement is a sloping roof with an attic, which allows you to significantly expand living space and effectively use the available space. When building a roof with an attic, attention should be paid to the issues of high-quality insulation and lighting. In order to obtain comfortable conditions in the attic of the attic type, pre-installation of heat-insulating materials with low thermal conductivity is carried out. All the planes bordering the environment are subject to insulation.

Also important is the question of choosing roofing materials, since the roof of metal tiles in summer heats up fairly, thereby creating uncomfortable living conditions in the attic. This, in turn, entails additional costs for ventilation, air conditioning and thermal insulation, so it is very important to consider all the features of the construction of the future attic and its intended purpose. (more…)

Shallow foundation with their own hands

To keep the building as long as possible, the following mistakes should be avoided when laying the foundation:
• before starting work it is necessary to completely remove the entire plant layer of the earth (turf) by 15-20 cm; otherwise, the plants, and behind it the lags will rot;

• it is prohibited to fill a shallow foundation without preliminary filling with sand-gravel mixture capable of passing water; otherwise, wet ground, having frozen to concrete in winter, will simply “pull” the tape upwards; This is especially dangerous in the absence of insulation;
• A common mistake is the incorrect binding of reinforcement in the corners of the foundation with overlapping in the shape of a cross; for a perfect connection with rods running along, its ends must be bent through 90 ° ;

• to tie the foundation of the porch or veranda to the main one is forbidden; they must be separated by a deformation seam. (more…)

Building a house with your hands

The floor should be laid in two layers. For laying the first layer, you can use raw wooden material.

Boards should be laid in such a way that due to them the marking of the future location of the walls is indicated. Be sure to treat the wood with a special antiseptic, it will help to avoid further rotting of the material.

Be sure to use level when laying floorboards. With it you can make a flat floor. It is on how the floor is laid that the whole geometry of the future house depends.

Then anchor bolts, attach the boards to the foundation. The distance between them should be approximately two meters. But that’s not all. Further lags are placed on top. In between it is necessary to place insulation material – foam or mineral wool.

At the end a second layer is made. Smooth boards with dimensions of 5×15 cm are attached to the logs. (more…)

Terrace in the country with their own hands

The main attention should be paid to the location of the terrace. It is best to place it near the main entrance to the house and, as a rule, the terrace is not suitable too shaded places, as there will be a lack of light and heat.

  Terrace in the country with their own hands

If it is not possible to attach a terrace to the house, then it can be placed on the site as a separate summer house.

The terrace can be given any shape: rectangular, triangular, semicircular or trapezoidal. But, if you want to build an inexpensive terrace, it is best to stay on a rectangular version.

Traditionally, the terrace is a place to relax, so choose a comfortable and lightweight furniture. If the design and area allows, you can equip it with a set of furniture in a modern style, fragrant flowers in containers.

Garden trees and shrubs near the terrace will create a lush green background and protect it from prying eyes. (more…)

How to make a window frame at home

A well-proven material in construction is glued wooden bar. Of course, you can use its simple version of solid wood, but here the probability of losing the shape of the frame due to precipitation will increase.

  How to make a window frame at home

To avoid the loss of the shape of the tree and cover with a special protective solution.

And now we describe the sequence of all steps in this process:

  1. First you need to make a window box. For this purpose, in the board chosen by us 5Х15, a groove is cut in such a way that in the profile the board looks like the letter “G”. This kind of comb is needed for the integrity of our future window.
  2. Next, we need to calculate the exact dimensions of our wooden window frame and start sawing boards, each of the boards should be divided into 4 parts of the desired size, after which they will be connected to each other. The most reliable option for this type of assembly would be the use of spikes and grooves. In order to make them quickly, you will need a chisel, hand saw and hammer. The grooves are made on the vertical part of the frame, and on the horizontal – spikes. After production, these parts need to be lubricated with carpentry glue and the parts of the box should be joined, while not forgetting that the angle of 90 ° is observed.
  3. Next you need to strengthen the wooden frames in the corners of the specially purchased window squares. You can buy them in the store or on the market. They are necessary for stiffening our wooden window box.
  4. At this time, our glue is dry, and now you can begin to manufacture the frame for the movable part. Here, the beam should have a smaller section than a window box, so the section is reduced so that the gap is about 0.1


Draft floor in a wooden house with their own hands

  Draft floor in a wooden house with their own hands

Log laying: installation

1. The distance between the logs should be 60 cm, with the use of boards of greater width or logs of significant diameter, the distance can increase to 1 meter.

2. After laying the logs proceed to the next step. We use bars with a section of 50×50, which serves as a support, and fasten with screws on each side of the log.

3. It is recommended that the bonding procedure be carried out carefully, since the structure may be fragile and fall apart during the work. To do this, fasten all fasteners carefully and securely to avoid harm to themselves.

Some self-made builders buy boards with dimensions of 15×40, and then divide them into several parts, as they produce bars of 50×40, which is a good alternative to the previous process.

Bonding of bars and laying the subfloor: features of work

The feature of fixing the bars on the logs should be calculated on the additional space for the use of insulating materials. (more…)