Day: November 20, 2018

DIY truss system

Not only rafters are made of logs, but also puffs, and for puffs that compensate for spacer loads, you must select the highest quality wood material. The prepared logs are faceted in length.

The maximum length of standard roundwood is 6.5 m. For this reason, in order to overlap large spans, the inhaling should be made of two or three logs connected in length.

At rafter legs, struts and racks made of logs, it is required to finish the ends and cut the heels using the templates prepared in advance. Installation of the truss system, the elements of which are made of logs, is usually carried out using laminated wooden dowels. This type of fasteners is made of solid wood (oak, less often – birch) and allows you to build fully wooden houses from logs and other buildings.

Rafter system of the frame house

The construction of a frame house involves the construction of load-bearing structures of wooden beams with their subsequent lining with sheet material or panels. (more…)

House of yusbi panels

Their length should ensure the planned height of the ceiling of the residential building.

If the assembly will be made by OSB-3 or OSB-4 boards, then a heater will be needed, which is not required for sandwich panels. they already have it. Waterproofing is also not needed, because this building material has a high degree of moisture resistance.

Installation of the wall starts with a corner. The thorn-groove system is used as the corner joint, and wooden dowels should be used as fasteners.

In order to avoid distortions of the structure when exposed to loads, braces are necessary, which are installed after laying the insulation. They must be from the same material from which the frame racks are made. Metal fasteners should be avoided because glued panels made of wood that are in contact with metal will be subject to strong rotting. (more…)

Constructions of wooden stairs do it yourself

  Constructions of wooden stairs do it yourself

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Wooden staircase drawings do-it-yourself: choosing the type of ladder. Design parameters

Many people in our country prefer to do the things for which the specialists would have to pay a lot of money. If for this there is knowledge, skills and experience – why not? (more…)

Hardwood floors in the house

The permitted deflection of the flooring shall not exceed 1/350 of the beam length, that is, the length of the deflection shall not exceed 10 mm by 3.5 m of the beam length. If the span is large, and the cross section to create the necessary strength is not enough, you can install vertical columns and build additional bearing walls. At installation of additional columns or bearing walls use special punched fixture.

In places of contact came down with the bearing elements, you need to lay insulating materials, which, for example, include a damper tape. You can use several layers of rubber or sheet rubber, which will also serve as waterproofing.

  Hardwood floors in the house

Perforated bar support

Often they began to use special brackets made of perforated metal, thanks to which the installation of the beams can be performed end-to-end with a supporting wall, assembled joints of crossbars and short bars. (more…)

How to lay tiles in a wooden house

Laying tiles begins with the second row of the wall. Need to move in small areas. It is recommended to increase the layer of glue, causing it not only on the walls, but also on the tile itself, this will provide him with additional space for movement. Fix the seams with crosses; on average, their thickness should be 3 mm. Seamlessly laying in a wooden house – taboo. In this case, the elements can come over each other when the volume of the base changes. The first row fits last, often it consists of threaded elements. Seal the joints with silicone sealant, and seal the joints with grout.

Facing a bathroom or kitchen with a tile in a wooden house is not a problem if you know all the details of doing this kind of work. At observance of the norms and rules, the coating will be reliably fixed on the surface and will not worsen its condition over time. (more…)

Overlap on the wooden beams

The device overlapping the second floor on the wooden beams, as you can see – the procedure is simple. It is possible to assemble such a design, including independently. But, of course, performing the installation of the ceiling, you should strictly adhere to the established technologies. In this case, the design will be reliable and durable.

  Overlap on the wooden beams

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