Day: November 19, 2018

Options for finishing frame house outside

If you have decided that your frame house externally should seem brick, then one of the options is covering it with natural brick. The main requirement here is the presence of a gap of 30–50 mm between the wall of the house and the inside of the brickwork and the air vents that ensure air circulation in this gap.

If this is not done, then moisture will inevitably condense on the inner surface of the brick during the cold season, which ultimately will lead to its accelerated destruction. Nor will she be spared by the outer enclosing material of the frame itself, which is often OSB or plywood.

  Options for finishing frame house outside

Naturally, both the width and the bearing capacity of the foundation with this type of finish are adjusted upwards. In general, these are two different systems of housing construction and you should, when combining them, try to avoid hard ties between the frame that does not give shrinkage and the brick coat that sits down during the year. (more…)

Building a house on your own

Welding of non-weldable class fittings (without the letter C in the designation, for example, A400, not A400C), leading to a decrease in its tensile strength and fracture.

Connection of non-weldable reinforcement with overlap without obligatory clearance between the rods (tacking the rods towards each other with a binding wire), insufficient overlapping of the rods along the length.

Fastening of the working reinforcement on the scrap of reinforcement stuck into the ground, which accelerates the electrochemical corrosion of the reinforcement cage.

The use of smooth, dirty, painted reinforcement, reducing the adhesion of concrete to steel.

Non-observance of the dimensions of the protective layers of concrete between the reinforcement and the external environment, which leads to accelerated corrosion of steel. (more…)

Build a house roof with your own hands

  Build a house roof with your own hands

Depending on the design, there are the following types of roofing:

  1. flat;
  2. pitched (with and without an attic).

If everything is more or less clear with a flat roof, the situation with a sloping roof should be clarified. First of all, the arrangement of the roof with an attic room has many advantages:

  • an opportunity to receive additional utility room, where you can organize storage of things;
  • over time, you will be able to re-equip the attic into the living room (the so-called attic);
  • the level of general ventilation of the building increases significantly during the construction of attics;
  • The attic is an additional layer of thermal insulation between the living quarters and the environment, therefore, during its construction, special attention is paid to the insulation of this room.


How to insulate the ceiling mineral wool

The floor must be cleared of debris and metal particles that can break the delicate cloth.

First, using a level, you need to measure all the angles in the room, as this will affect the profile docking. As soon as the zero level is determined, you can begin to mount the profile rail on the wall with dowels or self-tapping screws. As a result, we get a room with a fixed profile around its perimeter.

Before installing the canvas room must be heated with a heat gun. It is necessary to ensure that the indoor temperature was around + 40 ° C. Only after that you can gradually unwind the film, making sure that it is not too close to the heat source. The material is removed from the packaging, not forgetting that it should be taken with clean hands.

At the stage of fastening the canvas should be heated to + 60 ° С. (more…)

House of foam blocks with their own hands

When the foundation pit is dug, install a drainage pipe . She must drain water from the walls to the drain well.

Further at the bottom, formwork for the basement floor is collected. The soil surface in the formwork is covered with mats, leveling the surface and increasing the waterproofing. On top of this layer is placed a reinforcing mesh with cells ten by ten centimeters. If such reinforcement is not used, then the basement floor will be unnecessarily fragile, which will reduce the period of its service.

Further, the creation of a basement base with his own hands under the house of foam blocks continues casting concrete. The most convenient will be the use of a concrete mixer with a feed hose. In this case, it remains only to lead the sleeve and evenly pour the concrete on the grid, and then level it. (more…)