Day: November 18, 2018

Plastic windows in a country house

After that cut out the opening. Using the building level, marks are made to draw horizontal lines. Then, using a plumb line, the vertical lines of the future structure are drawn.

First, hold the bottom line of the opening. Then mark the top line.

The height of the opening for the installation of double-glazed windows should be 14 cm higher than the frame size. This is because from the lower border of the opening to the window frame 4 cm are left for mounting foam and a window sill, 4 cm for casing and 5 cm for building shrinkage over the frame.

Using a plumb line, vertical lines are drawn. The opening should be 12 cm wider than the size of the glass unit. At the same time, 1 cm on each side is left for the foam, 10 cm for the casing.

After that, with the help of a building level and a plumb line, horizontal and vertical lines are checked. (more…)

Do it yourself roof mounting

As needed, you will have to perform work on the replacement of individual tiles that have become unusable over time. Under the tiled roof also requires a fairly dense crate. This item is the most important in the installation of tile roofing, because this coating is too heavy, and that is why you can not do without a reliable foundation under the roof. To do this, it is necessary to ensure the slope of the roof at an angle of not less than 45 degrees.

The crate for a tiled roof is almost the same as a crate for a galvanized roof. Again, we will need:

  • wooden bars with a section of 500 mm or boards;
  • nails;
  • reiki.

  Do it yourself roof mounting

Methods of fastening tiles to the crate.

On the crate again, if necessary, lay the roofing felt or roofing felt, although it is in this version of the roof that is optional. The distance between crates or planks depends on the size of the tile used. (more…)

Fixing siding to a wooden house

Vinyl panels – this is the main material for finishing wooden houses. And it is quite justified – facing with vinyl siding has a number of advantages over other materials.

  1. light
  2. lasting
  3. plastic
  4. service life more than 50 years
  5. no additional processing required
  6. does not rot and is not subject to corrosion
  7. possible laying on any surface

Installing siding on a wooden house has its own characteristics. And the first thing you need to think about is the shrinkage of the wooden house. You should not do facing in the first year after construction, otherwise the probability of its deformation is great.

Before facing a wooden house, it is necessary to cover it with special compounds that will provide fire-resistant and antifungal protection. When choosing a material, it should be remembered that the metal does not keep heat, and cold facing next to a warm tree can cause condensation in the cold season. (more…)

Brick foundations

The type of cap depends on the type of foundation. So, the base of the ribbon base is its upper part located above the ground. At the column base between the pillars, a wall is built – a wad, which simultaneously plays the role of a socle and serves as a bridge between the supports.

The construction of a brick plinth is a very important process, since the wrong choice of material, illiterate laying and non-compliance with the technology can lead to its deformation and subsequent destruction of other structures. This part of the building, located between the ground (pavilion) and the outer walls, is exposed to mechanical and atmospheric influences more than the rest of the structural elements, therefore, brick masonry must be laid in compliance with building codes.

It is also necessary to competently approach the choice of materials. (more…)