Day: November 17, 2018

Do-it-yourself house without construction experience

The material for the manufacture of the porch of a frame house must be selected according to the texture of the walls so that it harmoniously weaves into the overall architectural appearance of the house or cottage. For brick walls, the porch will be brick, for monoblock walls – from concrete, for wooden walls or walls lined with siding – from wood or similar siding.

  Do-it-yourself house without construction experience

If the entrance door is high above the ground, the porch area must be raised to its level. Due to seasonal fluctuations in soil density, the landing must be located 50–100 mm below the door.

The porch is the final stage of building a house. Now you can begin to arrange engineering communications.


Do-it-yourself house without experience in construction

Build your own home on your own, without help and inexpensively… (more…)

DIY wood floor repair

Process description:

1. If some floor boards have been rotting completely or partially, it is recommended to replace them with new ones. Therefore, the first thing removed boards and logs. If in the process of dismantling nails come across – they are thrown away, since it is necessary to mount a new coating on the screws.

2. If the condition of the floor requires the removal of all the boards and the lag, before the formation of a new floor will have to beat the horizon line. The beating is made in order to lay the boards parallel to the horizon, avoiding distortions.

3. Boards and logs before installation are treated with special compounds that protect the tree from fungi, mold and parasitic insects.

4. After complete drying of the tree, fasten the logs. To do this, we attach them to the walls with dowels 10 per 100 mm. (more…)

Build a 6×3 bungalow with your own hands step by step instructions

  Build a 6x3 bungalow with your own hands step by step instructions

The timber is fastened with a section of 100×100 mm on the crown strictly along the perimeter of the structure. On the middle beam strapping is not performed. After mounting the bottom trim, a 50 mm step should appear along the entire inner edge of the base.

Setting lag on the floor

For a log, a 50×100 mm bar is needed; they are mounted with its edge downwards, onto 3 longitudinal beams of the crown, and inserted into the cuts with a size of 30 mm in the bottom trim. Step taken 60 cm.

The arrangement of the subfloor

An optional step that extends the life of the dog house and slightly warms it. The gaps between the pillars around the perimeter overlap with heavy permeable material (debris, for example), and the floor itself is covered with clay with clay from sand to lag.

Installation of vertical corner racks of timber 100×100 mm

Before further final fixing, the racks are leveled with the help of level and temporary bilateral rail braces. (more…)