Day: November 15, 2018

Bored piles with their own hands

The foundation erected on piles during operation will experience compressive and tensile stresses. In order to withstand the compressive stress that emanates from the main structure of the house, the piles are laid to a considerable depth above 1.5-2 m. In addition to the depth, you need to calculate the required number of piles themselves, which will be required for each specific building on the selected soil type. If these two requirements are met, the piles will completely cope with opposition to compressive loads and will not be deformed.

The situation is quite different if the laying of bored piles occurs on heaving soil, which is very common. In this case, the piles will experience heavy tensile loads. Observing the required depth for piles and setting the required number of them does not solve this problem. (more…)

Doing the tape foundation with your own hands

In addition to concrete, the foundation will need:

  • 20 mm thick planed board for formwork;
  • Steel bar 8-12 mm and wire for the reinforcement of the foundation;
  • River sand for sand pad.

Before you properly fill the strip foundation, it is necessary to order in the design and construction company a geodetic study of the site to determine the type of soil and the depth of its freezing in the winter months, as well as the depth of the groundwater. After the research, the company will make calculations and carry out the design of the foundation device. For the construction of a cottage, these works are not recommended to be performed independently, the calculation of the foundation for a small house, bath or garage can be performed independently, taking into account the recommendations of SNiP II-B.1-62 or use the table. (more…)

Sandwich Panel Houses

Many, many years ago, technology was invented in Canada that allows building houses from sandwich panels. About 40 years have passed, and such know-how has come to our world. This latest technology allows you to quickly and efficiently build a house. Such technology is increasingly gaining massive popularity, and the demand for it is rapidly increasing, as it meets all the demanded quality standards of housing construction.

Sandwich panels are building boards that consist of three levels of expanded polystyrene (polyurethane foam) and oriented strand board (OSB). Basically, the standard sizes of their sheets are 1.25m / 2.50m / 40kg. Surprisingly, even with such a light weight, the plates withstand vertical loads up to 8000 kg, easily cope with the wind with a capacity of up to 50 kgf / m², any earthquake. (more…)

Foundation block house

When planning the building you should always consider the type of soil on the site. The foundation of the FBS blocks with the condition of compliance with the technology can be performed on any type of soil. The best for the construction are rocky and sandy soils that contain gravel and gravel.

  Foundation block house

Ready block foundation

Soil waters should be at a depth of at least three meters. If these conditions are met, the precast block foundation will be durable, and the basement will be completely dry and comfortable.

But if the construction of the house is carried out on clay soils or near groundwater, it is important to apply measures to protect the foundation. Even with high-quality waterproofing of water from the soil will give moisture and moisture in the basement.

To protect the foundation from these factors, the following methods are used: